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Gur'ta Ak-rinnon

An orc assassin and spy, cultivated to be Queen Rosa Dream's right hand. Currently a work in progress.

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a character in “Right To Rule: Reborn”, as played by Abraxas_Axis


(NOTE: Managed to find an image with the right face that wasn't overly fanservice-y. If someone finds it offensive, please notify me and I will take it down. Put it on a link, because when I put it full size it looked creepy.) ... 33akxl.jpg

Name: Gur'ta Ak-rinnon

Age: 26

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Orc

Affiliation: Independent - Prize assassin of Queen Rosa Dream

Appearance: See picture for a basic description. Warning: Slightly Fanservice-y in the belly area. If anybody finds this offensive I will be more than happy to take it down. No ogling.
Gur'ta appears as a beautiful young orcish woman. She has olive green skin with long ears tapered at the ends like an elf's, and her eyes have lime-colored schlera with yellowish pupils and irises. Her moss green hair is kept in long, flowing dreads. She has a large, glyph-like tattoo that covers the entirety of her back. It is a Blessing, or a magical glyph that enhances the powers of the one who has it.
Gur'ta wears tight black clothing fitted with leather pieces covering any weak spots. It is lightweight and flexible, good for maneuverability and stealth but with some protection. She wears a mask that covers the face.

Personality: Gur'ta is fiercely loyal to Queen Rosa Dream. She would fight to the death for her. This is mostly because she is not all too level-headed, and often explodes with anger. She is a very dangerous combatant, who is able to both use rage and control in tandem. She also is rather cocky, and often believes she can do most anything thanks to her Blessing - which she often can. As well as being physically strong, she is also mentally strong, and can resist most threats or interrogations. She also has a powerful force of personality, being able to both seduce or intimidate with relative ease, depending on the person. However

+ Queen Rosa Dream +
+ Power +
+ Bloodlust +
+ Her Blessing +
+ Herself +
+ Weaponry +
+ Men +
+ Killing +

- Queen Violet Flame -
- Weakness -
- Being in a Situation in which she has no Power -
- Not having access to her Blessing or Weapons -
- Those who try to bind her -

X Sparring X

X Being forced to do something she doesn't want to do X
X Not being able to protect Queen Dream X

X She left her people's tribe because she had shamed them by trying to go against the flow. She holds a bitter hatred against them. X
X She is completely and blindly faithful to Queen Dream, who often exploits her X

A kantar, a long thin blade with a curved edge.
A couple bolas.

Her weapons and assassin armor.

Her Blessing - a tattoo scarred into her flesh - gives her extraordinary abilities. Among them are: enhanced strength, agility, dexterity, combat prowess, stamina and perception. However, if the Blessing is at all marred by a cut, then the powers go away until the cut heals.
As an assassin and spy to Rosa Dream, she is trained at stealth, killing, spying and espionage. She is quite skilled with the blade, and she knows how to survive in the wilderness thanks to her heritage.

Gur'ta was originally born to an orc tribe. She'd always harbored a great anger. She wanted to become a soldier, but the elders said no. They feared that her anger would consume her and turn her into an unstoppable killing machine. Thus, they tried to make her a mate, teaching her weaving, cooking, and attempting to marry her off to a young dashing orc warrior. However, their efforts to cultivate her failed. After she killed someone in a heated argument, she was banished from the tribe. She wandered the land, doing all sorts of things, such as training in the blade, getting her Blessing from a wandering sorcerer, and growing into a hard, angry young woman. When Queen Rosa Dream happened upon her, she knew this was an opportunity she couldn't pass up. She trained Gur'ta as an assassin, spy, and effectively her right hand. Gur'ta became blindly devoted to Dream, who exploits her to her own gain.

So begins...

Gur'ta Ak-rinnon's Story