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Kalan Dervas

"I don't get it. Why can't everyone just get along?"

0 · 441 views · located in Purplexia

a character in “Right To Rule: Reborn”, as played by Abraxas_Axis



Name: Kalan Dervas

Age: 18

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Human

Affiliation: None (Doesn't understand the different sides and why they are fighting.)

Appearance: Kalan Dervas is a young man with a boyish face. He has soft lines, a thing jaw and slender nose, cheekbones and eyebrows. He is maybe 5'6", and is lean and wiry - not full-out muscular, but not lanky or gangly, either. He has wavy, peach-colored hair that he often muses over, and large, effeminate cherry red eyes. His complexion is pale, perhaps a light bisque or cream. And he always smiles. For clothing, he wears a leather vest dyed black over a cream cloth shirt, with trousers that seem to always be dirty from his many exploits in the woods and soft boots.

Personality: Kalan is a very kind and friendly person. Nothing can keep him down in the dumps. Often times, though, it is because he isn't paying attention to what goes on around him. He is a kind soul, but very naïve, not really understanding the things people do. He tends to say whatever is on his mind, and you couldn't wipe the smile off his face if you smacked him one hundred times. That said, he is very respectful and understanding and will give people time to cool off if they need it. He also likes to play; he will do his work when needed, but he loves swimming, running, and exploring the woods in his village near Purplexia.

+Having fun+
+Running around+
+His friends, family and community+
+Nice people+
+Friendly arguments+
+A good book+
+Going outside+
+Grape juice "Truly the ambrosia of the gods above!"+

-The War/Rebellion "Why can't they all just get along?"-
-When people fight (including his parents)-
-Loud noises, especially when they are directed at him-
-Things that are scary or gross (i.e. ghosts, skeletons, spiders)-
-Inappropriate things-
-Mean people-
-Being touched in a rude, harmful or inappropriate way-
-Getting hurt (doesn't like the sight of blood)-
-Orange juice "Too much pulp."-

X Sword fighting, but not very good at it. "Take that! Yaaaaaah!" *trips over root* X
X Swimming X
X Playing in nature X
X Drawing X
X Reading X
X Running X
X Exploring the woods X

X Being harmed or beaten X
X Spiders X
X Blood X
X When the people fighting each other end up tearing the world apart X

X His parents fight. One supports Queen Violet, the other supports Queen Dream. It grates on him to have to hear his parents fight. X
X Some of the children in his village bullied him as a kid for looking like a girl, for being pansexual, for having trouble paying attention and because his father didn't like Queen Violet. They still bully him to this day, mostly because he's an easy target. (OOC Note: Will keep profanities to a minimum in the RP for the bullies.) X
X He hates seeing the different sides fighting, and wishes they could all just get along. X
X He can't fight. He never can. He will never raise his fists or his voice, because he hates seeing people hurt. That made him an easy bullying target. X

None, unless you count his survival knife (which he will not use as a weapon under any circumstances).

His clothes, and a small "adventuring" pack containing some trail food, water, a map, compass and survival knife. He also carries a small golden amulet with a diamond at the center, given to him by his grandmother. It can shine a bright light if activated.

None. He's just an ordinary human. He does have a magical amulet (see Equipment), and his weakness (see Secrets), but other than that he's an everyday Joe.

Kalan Dervas was born in a small village nearby Purplexia. From the beginning, he was a bright and happy baby. He learned his words, letters and standing quickly, and he was (and is still) a very intelligent individual. However, his head seemed to be always stuck in the clouds, and he had trouble focusing. Many of his fellow students picked on him for his pacifist outlook on life, as many a child in his village dreamed to grow up and fight in some grand war. In turn, his enthusiasm drew many people close to him, including one who'd tried to rough him up but found he liked this kid. Thus, he has many friends and foes alike.
He has lived in this village all his life, going off to play in the woods, or write, or read a good book. When he heard of the war, he just didn't understand why the different sides fought. "How come they can't all just get along?" he often asked. Others scoffed at his outlook on life. The war even tore up his parents, who'd been living happily before but now argued about the different sides and which one was right. Thus, Kalan despises the combat, and just wants everyone to get along.

So begins...

Kalan Dervas's Story