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"I don't care what Euthereun says. Even gods can be wrong. Look, it's a whole world out there! We must go. It is our destiny."

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a character in “Right To Rule: Reborn”, as played by Abraxas_Axis


(image by fiskpinnerudderbutt. I edited it so it had wings.)

Name: Princess Keizhura Matkarak

Age: 25 in human years

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Kobold (Drakonan)

Affiliation: Herself and her friends

Appearance: Above picture.

Personality: Keizhura is brash, rebellious and fun-loving. She does not like people praising her as a messiah and shunning those low on the hierarchy. She believes strongly in equality. She also doesn't like people pitying her because she was - for some strange reason - born without any magical abilities, unlike the other kobolds. She's an outlier. Ever since the curse that trapped the kobolds underground wore off, she's been itching to go explore the surface world, regardless of what Euthereun says.

+ The Surface World
+ Flying
+ The Thrill of Combat
+ Exploring
+ Her friend Nettrap
+ Freedom/Equality

- Being Underground
- Being treated special
- The Social Hierarchy
- "Those stuffy nobles"
- Bias of any kind
- Being told what to do
- Euthereun (making her a bit of an atheist)


Being imprisoned/enslaved/tied down by obligations
Losing her wings or weapons

She is secretly an atheist. She believes that Euthereun is not an actual god, but just a powerful being who likes to throw around his weight (which isn't actually far from the truth). She isn't open about it, and still carries his symbol on her shield.
She was born without any of the elemental abilities that kobolds inherently have. She wonders if her atheism has anything to do with it, or if it's because the stars weren't right, or if it comes from a genetic mutation.
She is secretly planning to leave the Underground and venture to the surface, along with her friend Nettrap and perhaps a few others.
She is beginning to suspect that her friend Nettrap has a crush on her, but she hasn't voiced her suspicions yet, as she is not completely sure she is correct.

Her trusty longsword, a well-crafted weapon with a cold steel blade and golden filigree on the hilt. She also has a dagger, just in case.

She wears chainmail knight armor, and carries a shield with the symbol of Euthereun on it.

She is very strong, tough and agile, thanks to many years of dueling. She is also very smart, having learned a lot of things about the natural world in her studies, and is also quite charismatic. Most kobolds would describe her as beautiful (at least by kobold standards), cunning and adventurous. As a drakonan, she is able to fly long distances with her large wings, and has a seat high up on the social hierarchy - and near to the throne as well. However, she was born with no magical ability like all the rest of the kobold population.

Princess Keizhura Matkarak was born to nobility. As heir to the throne, she was pampered and prepared for her eventual rule. However, she was quite rebellious, and ended up learning a lot of things on her own. She spent many years dueling, flying, exploring and learning of the natural world.
Keizhura's life was full of excitement. Even when her parents discovered she was magically sterile, she was still happy. Even though many of the nobles frowned upon her spending her time with a kobold on the low side of the hierarchy (Nettrap), she didn't care.
Then, the curse on the kobold race wore off, and they could go to the surface once again. But their god Euthereun came, and he forbade them from going above. He said it was dangerous, and full of evil men who'd kill them all if they found them. The race stays, but Keizhura is curious about the above world. She caught a glimpse of it once, and knows that what Euthereun says is bull. While she does not know his motives, she doesn't really care, and has been secretly planning to leave the underground...

So begins...

Keizhura's Story