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Rosa Dream

"This will prove as good evidence as any of who should rule this country. I just regret that it is necessary."

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a character in “Right To Rule: Reborn”, as played by Abraxas_Axis


Name: Rosa Dream



While not the founder, Rosa is the leader of the Independents.

Being the identical twin of the reigning Queen, and having lived a lifestyle fairly similar to hers, Rosa's personal appearance varies very little from that of her sister. The primary differences in in their appearance stems from their personalities and choices in attire.

Rosa is noted as having a "softer" bearing than her slightly younger sister, her expression kinder, and her stance looser. She is similarly more expressive when speaking, her voice being less flat and cold, and more courtly and emotional.

Lady Dream's manner of dress is significantly more traditionally regal that that of Queen Violet. Rather than don the armor of a general, the Lady wears a bright red gown even during this time of conflict. She would wear purple, had she not discarded the color until such time as she reclaims the throne she believes rightfully hers.

Rosa Dream is bright, charming, eloquent, and sometimes imperious. While she doesn't possess quite the same certainty of rule as the currently reigning queen, her sheer force of presence is just as great as, if not greater than, that of her sister. Regardless of her current state as the leader of a revolutionary group and technically a dangerous criminal, Lady Rosa still loves Purplexia and its citizens dearly, but that is at present not enough motivation to give her pause in her efforts to take the crown. Indeed, she is likely to use the draconian policies leveled against the citizens to stop her as further proof that she should be in charge.

Far from the cold, almost mechanical mannerisms displayed by Purplexia's current reigning monarch, Rosa for the most part speaks her thoughts with enthusiasm and vigor. She wins hearts and minds with charm, wit, and surprising ease of familiarity, along with her seeming ability to empathize with almost anyone, and adapt her conversational methods to suit whoever it is she happens to be speaking with. As such, while technically a wanted fugitive, she still manages to maintain communication, and a disturbing amount of influence, with many members of the nobility.

While she is certainly more likely to express and endear herself to those around her, the Lady's emotional nature is not all good. She is, for one, less focused than her little sister (though, to be fair, that's tantamount to describing something as less bright than the sun). More importantly, her passionate nature has gotten the better of her a number of times in the past, and is arguably doing so even now. She has, more than once, barely restrained herself from killing someone in a fit of rage.

+ The citizens of Purplexia
+ Her motley crew of strange and assorted vagabonds
+ The finer things, of which she retains a suspicious amount
+ Her sister (in general, not so much at the moment)
+ Romance, by most definitions

- Dirt, blood, and other such uncleanly substances
- Being deceived (not the deception itself, but the success of it against her)
- The church
- Being told what to do
- Betrayal

Rosa has a number of interests common of the upper class, croquet, horseback riding, theater, and other such things. She has a notable habit of going out in public to pursue these interests and occasionally even attend parties held by members of the nobility, though in the latter case they never officially invite her. That said, they never seem especially perturbed or surprised by her presence.

In truth, while she may not realize this herself, Rose is afraid of disappearing and being forgotten. She's more than used to being the more prominent of the sisters, and the idea of fading into Violet's shadow is unbearable to her.

The... mutual animosity between herself and the church is no secret, nor is the fact that it stems from an incident sometime in her late teens, shortly before the death of her father the King. That said, neither she nor the church seems inclined to discuss the exact nature of the incident.

Like her sister, Rosa Dream owns and carries a ceremonial sword gifted to her by the church on her sixteenth birthday, before the group and her had their falling out. A red blade, bearing the inscription "Roseis Somnium Populi", Lady Rosa's sword is unusual in design, better for stabbing and piercing armor than hacking or slashing. Personally, she feels this suits her better, as it is not dissimilar to a dueling sword in the manner it is best wielded, and, while she doesn't advertize this fact, the weapon has tasted blood before.

Lady Rosa does not carry terribly much on her person; her gown is notably lacking in pockets. She does, however, keep her sword at her side with an improvised scabbard. She does keep a pouch for gold at her belt as well.

Clever, manipulative, and exceedingly persuasive, Rosa Dream makes a dangerous political opponent even in her current position. While Violet has military strength, Rosa has the ears, and consequently, wallets, of a number of the kingdom's nobles. Aside from this, she is an excellent duelist, even with her decidedly non-standard weapon. Finally, she has received mostly the same education as her sister, and while she hasn't thrived quite as much in the fields of economics or lawmaking, her knowledge of tactics and strategy is on par with hers, though she lacks the pure objectivity to go along with it.

Rosa's history is explained for the most part in Violet's, so this will be used for the most part to cover the time after which she left. Firstly, while Violet may not remember it, Rosa did remain in the palace until her father had passed, even if he had already named Violet as his successor. Secondly, was what the elder sister did immediately after her father's death. Angry, indignant, grief-stricken, and depressed, Lady Rosa gathered some of her belongings, abandoned the palace, and fled to a small fortress outside of the city. From there, she sent a number of letters, before promptly disappearing.

Over the next year or so, Rosa gathered her resources, as well as those gifted to her by sympathetic nobles, relocated to a previously abandoned castle by the sea, and hired Captain Rubber and his crew. and made her intent to remove her sister from the throne known, knowing full well that to do so would most certainly require violence. Since then she has tried several tactics, subtle and overt, military and murderous, to take the crown, all of which have been met with decided failure. By this point, Rosa is becoming both frustrated and desperate. She knows that it cannot be long before Violet decides that simple reaction is not enough, and commits to some drastic course of action that will make sense only from her distant point of view.

So begins...

Rosa Dream's Story