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Ezio Corvi

"You would do well to know your place, vermin. Do that again and that may very well be the last action you ever take."

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a character in “Rigor Mortis”, as played by Gintoki Sakata



Was there truly a point to your little speech? If that is your perspective and be it true, then it would appear that the whole world is shrouded in tedium.





F U L L N A M E |"Names are but titles given to us before we can even fathom it's meaning. To which I may add, there is none."|
Ezio Corvi

N I C K N A M E |"I shall not suffer such vulgarities. If you must insist on seeking out an alternative then 'Master' will do just nicely."|

G E N D E R |"Had I the capacity to care, I would find such a question slightly irritating at best. If you're attempting to insult me, you'll have to do a much better job of it."|

A G E |"Age is but a number, as some would say. Tell me now. If you could only be of an age reflecting your favorite number, would you be satisfied?"|

S E X U A L I T Y |"A thought I never let linger too long. Primal desires such as these interest me very little."|

N A T I O N A L I T Y |"As if where I derive from matters in the slightest. At the present I am here, aren't I?"|
Italian(Southern Region)

R O L E |"I expect my part will mostly comprise of passively supporting the main cast through hints and riddles... No. That would take far too much effort."|

F A C E C L A I M |"You horribly confused individual. You clearly must have mistaken me for someone not nearly as handsome."|
Kimihiro Watanuki from XXXHolic Rou/Blood C

-T H E M E S-
Hyouri| M a i n |Kousaki Satoru
[url=(link here)]Song Title| (E m o t i o n - h e r e) |Artist[/url]
[url=(link here)]Song Title| (E m o t i o n - h e r e) |Artist[/url]



A P P E A R A N C E |"I needn't be reminded of how daunting I am. Is it all appearances with you?"|
At first glance, Ezio appears rather lanky and slim. He can most often be seen fashioning robes and kimonos, usually hued with red or dark blue. His general demeanor gives him the impression of an adult; albeit a very lazy one.

    F a c e |
    Ezio has a rather pale face from lack of sunlight. His eyes are heterochromic. One eye runs a deep blue while the other is a dim brown. He wears his hair somewhat short, allowing his bangs to fall naturally around his head, along his hairline. His skin is just as pale as his face. While far from paper-white, it seems almost fragile enough to tear at the touch. Ezio has a natural frown plastered onto his face. This is his default expression when he isn't showing any emotion, which rarely occurs.

    B o d y |
    Ezio stand rather tall at 6.2ft(190cm) and weighs around 138lbs(63kg). Despite his fragile appearance, he is actually quite physically capable. He can still experience pain and disease like any other man, but these symptoms never last long and are even dulled in comparison to a normal human.

    O t h e r |
    Ezio is almost never seen without his trusty pipe at hand. He also fashions a pair of wire-rimmed glasses over his slightly curved nose.



P R O W E S S |"Oh, please. Can't you tell from the mere site of me? I practically radiate perfection."|
If Ezio is one thing, it is smart. What he lacks in brawn, he makes up for in brain.

    T a l e n t s |
    Ezio has a very open mind, and absorbs knowledge like a sponge. When he was a child, he received almost perfect marks on all of his tests, and excelled past his age in many subjects. Other than necromancy, Ezio has no real world talent. The only exception would probably be his way with words. When he wants to be, Ezio can be quite persuasive. Whoever, it would take a particularly interesting type of person for him to even speak to them. There really isn't anything else, unless having an overgrown ego counts as a talent all of a sudden.

    F a i l u r e s |
    Pretty much anything that requires any physical effort beyond breathing, blinking, and moving his body.



P E R S O N A L I T Y |"Hmph. Naturally, I am a pool of infinite surprises. Delve too deep and you'll soon find that I make a prisoner out of everyone I meet."|
(One/two sent. synopsis of personality)
All in all, Ezio is a very antagonistic individual or at least, most people would see him that way. After apprenticing under the strange man for 10 years, Ezio has adopted a number of his ideals, mannerisms and speech patterns. Some of these mannerisms would include adding "Ah!" to the beginning of his sentences whenever he realizes something, or nibbling on the end of his pipe whenever he is deep in though. His personality has almost come to mirror the man's. Barely a fraction of who Ezio used to be still remains. If he were to meet someone who he knew in the past, they would say that he has become a completely different person. No one really knows the dark things the man had implanted into Ezio's psyche. One trait the man always emphasized on, is that he always makes sure to collect on his debts.

    Lazy |
    Ezio is the type who won't lift a finger to do anything, unless it either interests him or he has something to gain from it. The later is the most unlikely possibility. Even though he would rather make others do things for him, Ezio is quite self-sufficient. When he has to be, that is.

    Egotistical |
    To keep himself as close to sanity as possible, Ezio has placed himself on a self-proclaimed pedestal. In his eyes, Ezio is the embodiment of perfection itself. This is his defense mechanism that he constantly throws up. This is what allows Ezio to continue living what he thinks of as a normal life. Despite this, his pride is rather fragile. The tiniest crack or poor choice of words can tear it down and set Ezio off.

    Suicidal |
    Deep down, Ezio has accumulated an abundant mass of self-hatred. Under the guise of an egotistical asshole, he is a sad, pathetic creature who wishes for nothing more than death to take him. If given the chance to end his life, Ezio wouldn't hesitate to take it. There aren't many things in this world that could change his mind on this subject. Say that there actually was someone who Ezio could actually find himself giving a damn about. Ezio also wouldn't hesitate to put himself in harms way for them.

    Apathetic |
    Coinciding with his slothful attitude, Ezio doesn't do anything unless its for himself. His indifference knows no bounds. This only applies to the world and the 'normal' people living within it. For example, say a normal human child and her attacker were placed in a situation to where neither of them would normally be able to survive. If the attacker happened to be a psychic of some sort, Ezio would save him and leave the child to her fate.

    Belligerent |
    Now take the attacker from the previous scenario and place him into this one. After saving the man, Ezio would then make a 'deal' with the him, telling him that if he doesn't kill anyone for an entire year that he will grant him any wish he wants. He does this of course, knowing full well that the man will break his promise, as he is very perceptive and can read the personalities and mindsets of people quite easily. Ezio does this with many individuals for the simple reason that he hate the fact that he is the only one suffering this eternal torment, so he has to make others suffer just as much as him. In the end, the only reason he saved the man's life instead of the child's is because death would be too easy for him. Not to say that who a person is or what they've done actually plays a factor in Ezio's chooses to make a contract with.



D E A T H E X P E R I E N C E |"Truly the cruelest joke I have ever been forced to endure. Death surrounds me, yet never takes me for itself..."|
Birth is as good a place to start as any with one's legacy, right? In Ezio's case, it very well may have been the end of his. When Ezio was first brought into this world, he was diagnosed as 'stillborn'. Up until then, he had shown all the signs of a perfectly healthy baby. An... intrauterine death was the explanation. Ezio's body had been unable to withstand the process of pregnancy labor.

As Ezio's parents began to fall into despair, wailing could be heard echoing through the hospital room, nearly drowned out by the tears of Ezio's parents. Approximately 3 hours after his supposed death, life breathed through Ezio's body. It had been as though he was never dead to begin with. The doctors and physicians that had taken part in the operation were astonished. While a baby recuperating after supposed death was an extremely rare occurrence, the fact that he was able to survive after this long should have been impossible.

Little did they know that Ezio's father happened to be a necromancer. While only being a novice, he knew enough to at least make an attempt at saving his child. When no one was looking, he father an made an incantation that stole the life energy from one vessel and directed it into another. Unfortunately, Ezio's father's inexperience became his downfall. While Ezio's life had been spared, his father collapsed immediately, without a single trace that life had ever inhabited his body.

This is where his story should have ended, and also where it truly begins...

N E C R O M A N C Y |"I've heard from a good source that playing with dead things does wonders for one's sanity."|
While under the mysterious man’s care, Ezio had been taught to have an indifferent attitude towards the world and it’s affairs. He was to simply care for and live only for himself. Of course, since he wasn’t exactly a small child at the beginning of his apprenticeship, he had managed to keep his own opinions on such matters. This only coincided with the fact that he had already reached a rebellious age. This isn’t to say his beliefs hadn’t been greatly influenced by the man.

Ezio sees anyone who isn’t related to necromancy or spirits in general as nobodies. If they aren’t interesting, then they simply aren’t worth the time of day.

While Ezio does not bear any particular resentment towards the ways of Necromancy or his teacher, he find the general concept of necromancy unnecessary. He couldn’t care less if he forgot everything that he was taught. All he needs is a simple pinky trick to make things entertaining. Once his thirst for knowledge had been quenched, had simply lost interest in it altogether.
While he wasn’t allowed to leave the man’s care, Ezio was far from sheltered. He tolerated the lifestyle that was practically forced upon him, not necessarily liking nor hating it.

A N D F I N A L L Y. . . |"What use is there in bringing up the past, when your future is eternal?"|
As a child, Ezio was always somewhat of an oddball. Having been raised solely by his mother, Ezio tended to act a little more feminine than most other boys, thus earning him the title "girlie boy". Ezio was that one kid who was always picked last for dodge ball teams and always ate lunch by himself. Despite this, Ezio thought that he had lots of friends. Be it the resident bully or the anti-social nerd that antagonized everyone, he considered them all to be his friends. Over time Ezio became immune to the sneers and grimaces of those who didn't particularly enjoy his company. Acting dense was a type of defense mechanism he used. This wasn't because Ezio was stupid, oh no. He actually excelled in his studies ever since he began elementary school. Rather, Ezio merely didn't want to be left alone.

Ezio didn't have a very close relationship with his mother. Often, she neglected him and tended to her own needs. While his mother did everything she could to raise him, she felt that her own needs outweighed his. It wasn't an odd occurrence for her to come home late, either drunk or with a strange man at her arm. His mother merely wanted someone to make her feel special. Something Ezio simply wasn't capable of. After a while, his mother grew tired of Italy and all the painful memories that came with it. At the age of 9, Ezio moved to Japan with his mother, leaving behind the beginning of his childhood. By then, Ezio had already lost his mother.

Japan was a new experience entirely. One thing that didn't change was his overall social status. Being a foreigner brought forth racial tension and hatred among his peers, even at the age that they were. He was a regular victim of bullying, merely for being from somewhere different. Even still, Ezio didn't take it against them. They were his friends after all...

Being left to his own devices, Ezio liked to explore the world around him. His ventures often took him many places, from the top of his roof to the river down by the neighboring town bridge. During his final year of elementary school, his curiosity took him down into their basement. Packed away inside was a single, dusty box. Ezio took a look inside and brought out a strange tome inscribed with archaic lettering along with some notes that explained how the tome was read. Some of the notes bore satanic-looking illustrations and images that made Ezio's skin crawl. Within the first week after finding the book, Ezio had already memorized how to decode the tome and even managed to translate the odd book's cover. It read something like... "Necronomicon." While the phrase in itself was odd and complete gibberish to Ezio, he found the contents to be most fascinating. By the end of Summer break, he had completely decoded the necronomicon from top to bottom. The part that interested him the most was the promise ability, utilized by linking pinky fingers with another. While he found the definitions of the other finger abilities a bit harder to comprehend, that one made the most sense to him.

Beginning his first year in middle school, Ezio made quick enemies. It wasn't hard, with him being a gaijin. After running away from a couple of 3rd year junkies, Ezio took refuge underneath the staircase leading up to the second floor. Turning around, he soon found that he wasn't alone. That was when he met her... Their first encounter was awkward to say the least. While they were both seeking refuge from prying eyes, their reasons weren't necessarily the same. Was this girl eating lunch... by herself? What's more, he took note that she was a year older than him and a second year at that. By the end of their encounter, Ezio had noticed that the girl didn't discriminate against him at all. In fact, she actually seemed kind of friendly.

At first, Ezio didn't know what to make of the girl. She was fairly popular among her peers yet she gave off an aura that made it seem that she preferred to be alone. As the days went by, they continued to have little conversations from time-to-time. Sometimes Ezio attempted to talk to her while she was around others. Ignoring the glares of hatred and disgust from her other friends, he took these opportunities to observe her further. Each day, she seemed to become more distant.

Before he knew it, Ezio had developed a crush on the girl. His desire to see her grew more with each passing day. With this, he also noticed that she became more and more reclusive every time he saw her. Their conversations soon became shorter, until they were nothing more than a simple "Hello." and "Goodbye." She had always seemed standoffish since he first met her, but he could tell that her ability to deal with others had been gradually declining. Seeing as she dealt with him the same way she did with everyone else, Ezio excepted the fact that his feelings may forever be one-sided. However, if there was something wrong with her, he wanted to know what it was. Not really being the best at socializing, Ezio first resorted to interrogating the girl without giving her a chance to run away. While it hadn't been the nicest of methods, it served its purpose as the girl gave in and told him what had been troubling her.

Ezio hadn't mentally prepared himself for the girl's story. Even though by then, it was several months-old history, he was visibly shocked by the news of her parent's death. This girl has stood all this time on her own. How could she even manage that? Even if he was unable to protect her physically, he wanted to be the guardian against her negative emotions. If only a little, Ezio wanted to bring some light into her eyes. In the end, all of his efforts were in vain. After a while, the girl had completely shut herself off from other people, Ezio included.

Becoming desperate, Ezio soon came to the conclusion that the only thing that could fix this was necromancy. Maybe if he could bring her parents back to life... No. Even if Ezio could actually bring them back, he didn't even know where to start. For one, he merely studied necromancy. He had never actually put any of the acts themselves into practice. There was absolutely nothing he could do.

Two years after his initial move to Japan, Ezio's mother said that he was going to move back to Italy. Life in Japan proved to be too hard for his single mother to bear. They were on the verge of bankruptcy and their closer relatives back in Italy offered to help her out. At the very least, they would take care of Ezio until she managed to clear up her debts. Ezio soon came to accept this reality, but knew there was one last thing he needed to do before he left.

The day before his leave, Ezio called the girl and asked her to meet him somewhere. Although she seemed somewhat reluctant, she agreed. That night, Ezio made a promise with the girl. A special pinky promise that if he would return to see her some day, and that when he did, he would never leave her side again. While he wasn't exactly sure if it had meant anything to her, the act in itself was enough to allow Ezio to move on. Little did they know just how tightly that promise had intertwined their fates together... Only to inevitably rip them apart.

Sometime before his flight back to Italy, Ezio had been kidnapped by a strange man. The man made Ezio a simple offer, although he didn't have much choice in the matter. "Apprentice under me for the next ten years. By that time, I will make sure that your latent potential is not wasted the same way your father's was." While he obviously tried to resist at first, the mere mention of his father interested him and he did want to know how necromancy worked. Reluctantly, Ezio agreed to the man's terms and became his apprentice. He spent the next ten years of his life apprenticing under a man who's name he could never discern.

Ten years later, Ezio who should now be a grown man still harbored the body of a seventeen-year old boy. He dismissed this at first as a side-effect of the man's training. However, he became more and more curious as the years went on. Throughout these years, Ezio has adopted some of the strange man's mannerisms, such as smoking tobacco through a pipe, his lazy attitude, and indifferent thoughts about the world. Now that it was finally time for him to leave, the man had one last bit of information for Ezio in the form of a letter.

That morning, Ezio awoke to find that the man was gone. In his place was the letter. Ezio quickly opened up and read the contents. Within was the man's confirmation that Ezio had reached the end of his training. But that wasn't all. Concealed within the letter was a grave secret that had been kept from him for the past 4 years. Within the letter, brought news of the girl's death. With this, Ezio now knew the reason behind his never-changing body. Because Ezio was no longer able to see her again, the promise he made to her was broken. The result was a curse upon Ezio's body that made it to where he could never die and would always remain the same age he was at the time the promise was officially broken. But that didn't matter to him anymore. With this in mind, Ezio had lost the capacity to think straight. The only thought remaining in his head was his overbearing desire to see her again. That single thought drove him to attempted suicide on the spot. As cruel as fate would have it, Ezio was simply not allowed to die. Now he is forced to live with this knowledge for the rest of eternity, never again able to reach the one person who he cherished.

Thinking it wrong that this fate was forced upon him alone, Ezio used his talents as a necromancer to open up a special shop. A shop that could only be seen by special people. People who could see or interact with the supernatural. This shop of his didn't sell wares of any kind, rather it sold wishes. Each and every wish was followed up with a promise made to Ezio. Should that promise be broken, not only would the contractor's wish not be granted, but they would be cursed with varying effects. These effects mostly had to do with the promise they made. Ezio delighted in the torment he brought them. At least now he wasn't the only one suffering...

So begins...

Ezio Corvi's Story