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Quill Farris

"Oh, bugger off."

0 · 227 views · located in Wurgo, Iowa

a character in “Ring Boys”, as played by Vexilous


Name~ Quill Farris

Age~ Roughly 600 though he appears around 19

Animal~ Porcupine 

Human Form~ Image

Monster Form~ Image

1~Regular Form, appears like a mortal human

2~ Quill seems more feral, acquiring more animalistic features, such as sharpened teeth, and a tail. 

3~ All of the features of form two, and Quill also gains the ability to grow spikes out of any part of his body. 

4~ Quill enters a form not unlike the famous werewolf, although larger, and with a multitude of razor sharp quills.

5~ Full on Monster 

Main Ability~ Quill can create thick needles to throw, or to stab people with

Minor Ability~ Quill can cover his arm in spikes, making his block very painful for the enemy.

Minor Ability~ Quill is extremely good at throwing things, and has almost impeccable aim.

Minor Ability~ Quill has an extremely good memory, which can also be a downfall at times.

Personality~ Quill is usually quite serious, and also a bit headstrong. He will never back down from a challenge, and often gets into fights over small matters. He will stick up for his brothers no matter what, and is seen as the fighter of the group. He is very inexperienced around girls, and has never had a girlfriend, or even kissed a woman. He is also fairly lazy, and tends to lounge around or sleep when not needed.

Bio~ Quill, born Sabastien Farris, was a promising and up and coming violinist. Self taught, he was orphaned at an early age, and learned to play for money on the streets. He was then taken in by a famous composer, and trained to perfection, playing in fronts of huge audiences of thousands of people. At some point, he ended up falling madly in love with a wealthy lord's daughter, but was rejected, and became heartbroken. He quit playing and slipped into deep depression, but when he heard of the Alchemist's offer, he promptly signed up, excited at the chance at a new life and extremely enticed by the prospect of immortality.

Other~ Quill received his nickname from the other boys, for obvious reasons. He is also extremely skilled with throwing weapons, and usually carries around a set of knives and throwing needles.

Theme Song~ Hold my Hand - UNKLE


So begins...

Quill Farris's Story


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Sabastien Farris

In his dream, Quill was lying on a large velvet bed, covered in rose petals, with enormous fluffy pillows, and a dim burning chandelier. He was shirtless, with a belt and trousers on, his blonde hair combed back, and his violet eyes calm and contempt. On his chest, rested the head of a beautiful woman, her dark hair the color of exotic chocolate, her skin sun-kissed and her eyes shut. She wore a pale silk nightgown, and breathed softly and slowly as if she slept so peacefully and deeply, that a fiery armageddon could not disturb her.

He layed, motionless in the bed, not seeming to notice that the bed itself was becoming colder and more stiff, that the chandelier was brightening, it's eight small flames beginning to flicker and dance wildly. His hand suddenly felt different, and when he raised it to observe, it was covered with a black glove, and his feet, he realised, were now covered by thick leather dress shoes. He looked himself over properly, and he realised he was now dressed in a light brown peacoat, with black dress pants. He then decided to observed his surroundings. The rose petals were wilted, and the walls, now fully illuminated, were a simple dull grey. His horror however, arrived at the fact that the girl he had slept with, was now lying completely motionless on the floor, her dress covered in small red stains, with silver throwing knives shockingly jutting out of the centre of each. He began to open his mouth, but his entire body begn to grow cold, and he lost control of himself, as he fell to the floor.

His awakening was quite jarring, as he came to in a dark, dimly lit room, laying on a cold floor made of what was seemingly marble. He got up, realizing he was wearing exactly what he had been in his dream. What was going on? Where was he? Why had he awoken, and more importantly, where were his brothers? He rose to his feet.

"Huh." he though. It didn't feel like he had been sleeping for hundreds of years, more like he had worked out for six hours straight, and was then viciously beaten. He ran a hand through his sandy hair, observing his surroundings. It seemed as though many of the items had come from a far away land, but the one that caught his eye the most was the large luxury coffin that layed open.

A million thoughts raced through his mind. Was this his coffin? Was he dead? Or was it someone else's? He had awoken, so he must have a new master...Was this his master's coffin? Was his master dead? Out of all these thoughts, he seemed to latch on to one in specific; Was his master a vampire? He decided to investigate this keep, drawing three knives into his right hand, and preparing to skewer any vampires that decided to sip on his neck. He made his way down a hallway, fumbling with odd doors. He noticed a prominently delicious smell, and made his way toward. He arrived in what seemed to be a kitchen. He heard voices, and when he peeked around the corner, he saw four girls, and his brothers. He was relieved to know that they were alright, but eager to protect the from the vampire baronesses. One of them in particular caught his eye. She was stunningly beautiful, with soft looking dark hair and a perfect, pale complexion, but the way she held herself, her posture, seemed to suggest that she wasn't at all concerned with her appearance. What really caught his attention was the way she was dressed. Her revealing top and more than short pants suggested to him that society may have changed a bit, as no real lady would be seen in those clothes, unless she was about to bed a suitor. He quickly found himself staring, and quickly looked to his brothers for guidance.



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#, as written by Layla
Evangeline "Angel" Linetta

"Lady Sand Witch..."

Lady Sand Witch...?

"I apologize for intruding your castle, Lady Sand Witch... please do not become angry at our 'unexpected' arrival... We are merely searching for our Mistresses and our brothers. We swear upon our honor that we shall leave this castle once we have found our missing brothers and Mistresses... Please put your magical staff down, Lady Sand Witch... We do not wish to cause you or your companions any harm..."

Angel's mouth fell open as she stared from the turquoise haired woman to the carrot in her hand. "My magical staff," she spoke slowly, as if if she'd spoke too fast, the scarred woman would faint and crumble to pieces. Clearly, she was... Unstable, to say the least. The poor dear. "Sweetie, I don't think you know where you are," she began, reaching gingerly for the stranger as if to disarm her of her robes. "It's okay, whoopie pie. Mommy'll take care of you." Angel awkwardly clasped her breast with her non-bleeding hand - she'd read somewhere that babies were attracted to breasts so... She supposed it worked the same for the mentally ill?

"E-Eva! What's happening? Are you alright?!" Nadine appeared near by, her lovely features and rose-painted cheeks moulded into one of severe worry. Before she could tell Nad to step back and run, she'd continued talking. "You! Y-you're... No way... You can't be...! But... you're the same...! You're the man in the ring, aren't you? The one I dreamed about!"

Are they- "Oh...oh by the gods and all of nature that is...hooo...that is certainly a sight to wake up to." Angel pulled her eyes of molten gold away from sweet Nadine to fall upon - "Michelangelo..." she whispered aloud. The man was humongous, with the face of marble - it seemed as if he'd been sculpted from the hands of the world's most gifted artists. Angel dropped her gaze to the floor, finding herself distrusting him immediately, despite herself. He was so big and intimidating.

Oh god, they were here to kill them. The large man would carry them away to some underground cellar, the woman would strip them of their clothes, the couch pole would turn them into reversed mermaids and-

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON?!" -and he would force them to eat... Olives.

"That isn't good," said a masculine voice. He sounded incredibly soothing and manly and god-like and handsome and- "Heilen der Wunde" Angel stared at her bleeding hand - now sealed shut with no trace of injury left.

She screamed.

"OH MY FAIRIES! Oh Heavens, oh lord, oh holy balls of mary," she yelled, smacking her palm repeatedly against nearby furniture as if it were an insect she had to rid herself of. "I am sorry for eating that sandwich, Brian. I was hungry. I was just hungry." Angel collapsed into a corner, facing the wall like a dejected child as she hugged her knees to her chest. "O Holy Goddess of Mercy, save us from the depths of hell. IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!"

Jumping to her feet, Angel tackled Kyoko to the ground, shielding the beautiful girl with her own body. "Hide, Kyoko! The End is before us..." The wavy-haired girl swivelled around to leap rather dramatically into the tall statue of a man. Wrapping her limbs around him, she gripped his head furiously as she clung onto him like an overgrown koala. "We must escape before the Flying Spaghetti Monster descends. We must survive - for the future of the humanoid species and the grandparents of our babies. We must go on." Angel pointed sternly at the turquoise-haired female and the sandy-haired man as she commanded, "You, get all the cloth you can find. Zombies are afraid of 100% cotton."

"Girls, we must gather all available gardening tools to prepare for the inevitable depletion of food resources. It's okay, spoons will work." Angel crawled upwards until she sat upon the tall man's shoulders, her thighs wrapped rather tightly around his neck. Her head nearly touched the ceiling with their combined height. "The rest," she waved a hand briskly at the dark haired man - was that a staff? - she'd tackled. "Moral support."

Bending backwards, Angel hung upside down, her ankles clasped chokingly around the large man. He was tall enough that she could not touch the ground with her body fully stretched. It looked as if she'd have to wing it. Angel unwrapped her ankles and dropped dangerously onto her palms, dropping her legs and bringing herself to a stand.

Angel pitter pattered to the house phone, picked it up and dialled 911. "This is the Iowa Police Department. Please state your emergency," spoke a monotonous voice on the other hand.

"There are four boys in our house," Angel said drowsily, just to be met with silence on the other end.

"Remember to use protection," said the voice on the other end. Angel stood for a long moment, the phone still against her ear long after the police had hung up. Slowly, she placed the phone back where it should be.

As if in a trance, Angel proceeded to press herself against a wall, her forehead making an audible thump as it dropped against the bricks that held the house in place. The bricks that held her in place but did not seem to be doing their job. Slowly, she pulled herself away from her corner to walk mechanically to her loaf of freshly baked bread.

"I hope you're not vegetarian."


Coffee, tea, milk, orange juice, fruits, bacon, eggs, ham, sausages, sliced bread, chocolate croissants, baguettes, Nutella, peanut butter, jam, scones and cream sat upon the long dining table. The fragrance of food filled the entire house with homely scents, almost disguising the rather apparent awkwardness.

The bell rang.

"Coming!" Angel called a little too cheerfully, putting down the wet cloth after cleaning the entire house for the third time - she was a nervous neat freak, that was for sure.

"How may I-" she began as she opened the door - just to slam it hard in her uncle's face. Angel pressed her body against the wooden frame, snatched a nearby envelope and threw it at the girls to get their attention - just to have the paper flutter uselessly to the floor, a foot away from where she stood.

"Evangeline?" her uncle called from outside. Angel opened the door a slither of a fraction, peeking the top of her head out into the world outside. "Aren't you going to let me in?" her uncle asked impatiently, scratching his unshaven chin.

"Uh... Uh..." Angel began. "We're on our periods!"

Her uncle blinked before slowly asking, "All of you? At the same time?"

Angel nodded quickly.

"Hey, where did you get that?" her uncle began, snatching Angel's wrist to stare at the ring that sat on her finger. The bat's black jewels glistened in the sunlight, its knowing eyes winking as if it had a secret to tell. Angel snatched her hand away, which was uncharacteristically rude and unfeminine of her. She felt strangely protective of her precious ring as she cradled it in her other hand.

"Nothing," she replied quickly.

"Are you sure? You sh-"

"Bye, uncle! WE'RE NAKED!" she yelled before ushering her Uncle Bob away and closing the door. Angel slid down the length of the wood to sit on the floor, trying hard to suppress her forced breathing. Her illness made her frail and it was worse when her heart beat too quickly. Today had been full of one too many excitements. Her breaths came in short gasps as she wheezed, burying her mouth under her palms so no one would have to know.

It was getting harder and harder to breathe.

Annetta von Duerr

"Ah, push it - push it good. Ah, push it - p-push it real good. Hey! Ow! Push it good!" Salt n' Pepper sang from the speakers of her iPhone 5. Bloody hell. Annetta moaned, burying herself deeper into the mattress and the arms of two men whose names she could not remember and whose names she never would. Identities didn't matter, as far as she was concerned. All she cared about was the presence of appropriate body parts. Or not. She was always up for an unusual adventure.

Annetta reached over the naked skin of a blonde man - a model, if she'd remembered corrected - to fumble for her glowing iPhone. The room was incredibly dark which meant only one thing - either it was 3 freaking AM or the curtains had been drawn closed. Okay, that was two.

"Whaaaat?" she groaned, pressing the phone to her ear.

"We've found them," announced the raspy voice of a man who'd smoked too many cigarettes.

"Found what? Your manhood? Please, tell me more, tell me more. Does it have a car?" she sing-songed as she crawled over the sprawled bodies. Honestly, these people slept like Canadians. Ugh, Canadians... The very thought of- Oh lord, did she bed a Canadian? Two Canadians? Heavens help her, she would now have to sleep with a dozen more non-Canadians to wash away her sins. Oh woe was she.

"We've found the rings."

Annetta stilled, her smooth legs half hanging from the bed. "You are certain of this?" she asked.

"Yes, most certainly. I saw the Bat Ring with my own eyes." Well, that wasn't very comforting. The man was ancient, like, practically 25.

"Where?" she asked, anyway. Annetta pulled on her clothes, hopping about as she held her phone with her bare shoulder.

"On my niece," came the reply.

"On your niece," she repeated. "As in, on her? On, on her?"


"Daaaayyymmmnnn, boy's got his priorities straight. Wake up after a thousand years, deflower a young girl." Annetta clutched her chest and wiped an invisible tear from the corner of her eye. She kissed her fingers and held them up towards the sky beyond the ceiling. "Respect."

"He didn't- It. Not. No. She. He. They. I'm sending you the coordinates," flustered the voice on the other end of the line.

Bob was a funny guy.

After disconnecting the call, Annetta dialled a familiar number she'd taken the liberties of memorising. She was such an active leader - she remembered one phone number. Miracle. "Oh, baby," she moaned when he picked up his phone. "I need you right now. Put it in me. Please, oh god, I need you.

"I want food, you sick pervert. Tsk, tsk. You're such a naughty boy, Gou," she teased, laughing loudly. "Come pick me up and take me. I'll be waiting for you," she said in her sultry, breathless voice, kissing her palm before hanging up on her bodyguard. He was a real stick in the mud - but a real attractive stick in the mud. She had the privilege of seeing him shirtless and damn, boy had abs.

Opening the window, she swung her bare legs around to stand on the ledge, laughing manically as the wind threw her blonde waves against her face. She was dressed in little more than underwear and was very, very far from the ground but there was nothing like a morning dose of adrenaline. Looking behind her, she realised she was, surprisingly, very close to this "Evangeline" and her friends. Wonderful. It appeared she would not have to travel very far. Gripping the crevices of the building and scrunching her bare toes against the ledge, she began to scale downwards. She wasn't afraid because were she to fall, Gou would catch her.


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Jian Gui Longwei

"My magical staff," The witch replied slowly and Jian cocked his head in confusion. Had he spoken something wrong? Wasn't this castle belonged to her? Or was there someone higher controlling all of this? He opened his mouth, intended to ask what was wrong but the witch had spoken before him again, this time in a voice, so disturbing that Jian actually had to take a step back. What would this Witch do to him? "Sweetie, I don't think you know where you are," Yes, he did not know where they were, true but the Witch didn't need to rub it in his face. Jian tried to explain...

"Lady Sand Witch...we..."

"It's okay, whoopie pie. Mommy'll take care of you." The Witch said and put her non-bleeding hand on top of her- "Cease this inappropriate action this instance, Lady Sand Witch... I apologize for intruding your personal space. We will not do this again..." Jian looked away with a slight blush on his face and cleared his throat. Had people nowadays no shame? It seemed so. Depressedly searching for a way to escape this awkward situation, Jian nearly sighed in relief as his Mistress ran into the room. So, his Mistress had picked up his distressed signal. It was good. Maybe it meant that his Mistress was a good Witch.


His Mistress yelled and pointed at him, the action made Jian become extremely reluctant to look up. Didn't his Mistress know that pointing at somebody was rude? Or was this considered an appropriate action as well? Jian remained silent as his Mistress continued in surprise. "Y-you're... No way... You can't be...! But... you're the same...! You're the man in the ring, aren't you? The one I dreamed about!" Oh, so his Mistress didn't know him then... So how could his Mistress know he was feeling uncomfortable and arrive here? Were his Mistress' castle and the Sand Witch's connected? This world was making Jian more and more confused by the second and he felt like-

"Oh...oh by the gods and all of nature that is...hooo...that is certainly a sight to wake up to."

The familiar voice nearly made Jian sag in relief. Alexander. His brother. His savior. Without another word, Jian took a big step forward and hid behind his brother's large frame. Alright, this way, he could calm down and start thinking normally instead of panicking like a headless chicken. Breathed in and out deeply, Jian felt his calm mask slowly returned. So, what did he know about this situation? Clearly, the Sand Witch and his Mistress were allies. Perhaps they worked in the same organization. That would explain why there was that strange device in his Mistress' chamber. What was their goal then? There had to be a point in all of this... they couldn't just... pick his brothers and him up randomly then wore them.

'They pick us to do chores'

The thought made Jian pause. It couldn't be, right? However, the more Jian thought about it, the more he found himself agreed with his own thought. In this world filled with Sand Witches and strange devices, maybe his brothers and he were just like... servants. It was a ridiculous thought. When his previous master was still alive, they were considered living weapons but now...It just... Would they have to lower themselves to the point of doing chores?

When Alexander started to laugh, Jian frowned and looked up. Didn't his brother realize what kind of situation they were in? They had to act professional. They were inside a castle of Sand Witches. They had to find a way to get out. Too focused on finding a way to fight off the Sand Witches, Jian didn't even notice a new girl walked up to him, gave him a ni-hao and touched his face. Jian jumped and exclaimed loudly "Nicolas Flames' fame! Please show some restrains! T-this action is un-unacceptable!" Touching his cheek, Jian muttered loudly enough for everyone to hear "Do Witches nowadays have respect for personal space?"


Sabastien yelled to get everyone's attention and Jian shouted back, just as alarmed and panicked "T-this is madness... Th-these Sand Witches... they..." Too shameful to speak, Jian just squeaked out loud "They. She touched my face!" Covered his scarred face, the snake ring boy shook his head dramatically. In merely two hours, these witches had shattered his dignity. They were too dangerous. He had to tell his brothers to get out.

"Heilen der Wunde" Jian faintly heard his brother's voice called out the spell and healed the Sand Witch bleeding hand. Everyone just stared at each other for a whole awkward minute before-"OH MY FAIRIES! Oh Heavens, oh lord, oh holy balls of Mary," Jian jumped and pressed himself harder behind Alexander to hide. Now the witch was officially angry. They had to transform to save themselves. "I am sorry for eating that sandwich, Brian. I was hungry. I was just hungry."

The Witch's words were getting more confusing each second. The Sand Witch said she had eaten another... Sand Witch? Was it normal to each another of your kin? And what was a 'Bri-an'? The witch seemed to panic now and in a way, Jian could understand her. If she had just eaten another Sand Witch, surely that unfortunate Sand Witch's friends would be angry... Just like he would be angry if any of his brothers was eaten. But... did that mean... they were dragged into this mess, too?

"We must escape before the Flying Spaghetti Monster descends. We must survive - for the future of the humanoid species and the grandparents of our babies. We must go on."

The Witch hugged Alexander closely and Jian could feel another blush creep up his neck. What was wrong with these people? How could this Witch show such... sign of affection so... so... obviously? As he looked more closely, Jian realized that the Witch's clothes were very... thin. Actually, all of the other Witches' clothes were just like that. Was this place their bathhouse? Oh no, his brother and he had committed an evil act. He would surely be punished. A 'Flying Spaghetti Monster' (?) would surely come and kill them all.

"You, get all the cloth you can find. Zombies are afraid of 100% cotton."

The Witch pointed at him or behind him, Jian wasn't sure but he looked back anyway. The Witch had ordered him to find cloth to fight off the 'Zoom bee'(?) What was a 'Zoom bee' or was it 'zoom pea'? 'Zom pie'? And was 'cotton' a kind of weapon? Where could he find this weapon? But the Witch said that he needed to find cloth. Looking around the room, Jian suddenly realized he was wearing clothes. Clothes were a kind of cloth, correct? But he couldn't undress. That was shameful, what should he do? Maybe cloth was nowadays' synonym for another thing? The Witch had pointed behind him so maybe this 'cloth' weapon was behind him. Reluctantly turned his head, Jian caught sight of a strange object.

Maybe this was the weapon the Witch was talking about. With the speed of lightning, Jian grasped the object and hurled it all the way in front of the girl. "Is this the weapon that you need, Lady Sand Witch?" There was a strange liquid, brow and smelly in it, causing Jian to wrinkle his nose in disgust though he tried to smooth his expression. He had to be professional in his brothers' places.

Then the Witch picked up a strange device and began talking to it. Was it normal nowadays talking to objects? Jian's sharp ears picked up strange sounds such as 'police' and 'protection'.What was a 'Boo least'? And when the device replied that they needed protection? Did it mean they had to find a shield? Where did they have to go to find a shield in this world?

Finally, the witch seemed to be defeated as she leaned against the wall and said "I hope you're not vegetarian."

Jian's stomach automatically grumbled and the snake boy blushed, looking away. No, he was not a vegetarian.

After a lot of strange food that left Jian's stomach uncomfortably full, Jian sat awkwardly and stared at a material that had been identified as 'cream'. Could people nowadays eat this soggy thing without feeling sicked? Could people really eat this thing? Poking the strange material with his index finger and watched as it melted slowly on his finger, Jian grimaced in disgust. 'Such disgusting things...' He thought and put his hands on his lap, waiting for someone, anyone to break this silence. Looking at the nowadays' food, Jian suddenly wanted to throw up all over again at the thought of eating that brownish strange bread that went by the name 'chocolate croissants' or the goo thing that was called 'nutella' Apparently, people nowadays found it interesting to eat food that reminded people like him unpleasant things.

Suddenly, the alarm flared.

Jian jumped and stood up immediately, already jumpy because of today's activities. Was it the signal that their enemies were coming? He raised his fists defensively and gave a soft snarl. He would protect his brothers and his new Mistress. Was this the 'zoom bee'? Maybe he could analyse the situation more carefully so that he may sacrifice one of the other witches to save his loved ones and his Mistress. Should he transform back?


The Sand Witch's voice brought Jian out of his stupor as the snake man could only gasp. Th-this Witch was so... bold. He cried out, trying to save the last bits of his dignity "No! I am not naked... How could you accuse me of being so inappropriate?" Turning back to face his brother and his leader, Jian whispered "Arron, brother, perhaps it is for the best if we simply transform and get out of this castle of madness" Tugging Quill's and Alexander's shirts, Jian tried to make them pay attention to him "This world is filled with so much madness... I need books! A lot of them..." Turning to face his mistress, Jian bit his bottom lip and said softly "We have to leave this castle, Mistress... I shall protect you with my life... This place is... crazy!"


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Kyoko Hoshimura

Kyoko almost burst into laughter at the situation happening and was about to finally let it out when Eva tackled her to the ground, her apple flying out of her hand and across the room. Eva was ranting about saving herself and hiding. Kyo merely nodded and crawled out from underneath the ranting girl. Another boy had appeared by then and was yelling. She quickly departed from the kitchen and up the stairsafter that, thinking about the events unfolding. There are four boys in the room. Eva thinks the apocolypse is at hand. And-

"They. She touched my face!" She heard the blue-haired chinese guy yell, at this Kyoko let out a fit of giggle's. As she neared her room, Kyoko saw that the door was left open when she knew for sure she had closed. That probably means the sandy haired guy came from my room. She thought, shrugging as she went in and straight for the closet. "I swear he was staring at me too.." She mumbled under her breath and slid the closet door open with a loud crack.

The closet contained an assortment of sweaters, jackets, scarves, t-shirts, longsleeves, and jeans. Most of it was sweaters of all kinds, some hooded, some from asian brands, some checkered, and much more. T-shirts had many sayings on them, some were just plain, and Kyo selected one that was white with the saying, "Got Milk?". The jeans were few, but there were two pairs of blue jeans, two pairs of black jeans, one gray one, and three pairs of colored jeans. They were all skinny, as Kyo was rather petite. She choose a pair of black skinny jeans and slipped those on. A yellow sweater with the Japanese characters saying "NO WAY?!" and underlined. She completed the look with a pair of yellow converse and black nike socks, before shutting the closet once again with a crack. Kyoko skipped the mirror of course, and ran a brush quickly through the silky black waterfall of hair that framed around her face and body. The task was very tiring as her hair went past her waist, the ring on her finger also making it pretty hard as it tangled with the hair at times.


Eva's yelling once again broke the silence in the upper part of the house and sent Kyo into another fit of giggles. By then Kyo had washed her face, brushed her teeth, and was already heading down to see if there was anymore food. A homely sent came from the kitchen, but awkward silence caused her to stay just outside the door frame. She was listening intently to what was going on.

"Four of them , each one remembering one of us. It would seem we have found our Mistress'." Kyoko narrowed her eyes at this. It seemed to her some responsibility was going to be involved in what was happening now and she didn't like it. Despite this feeling Kyo pushed it away and walked into the crowded room. The giant guy apparently had a sword in his hand and was bowing to Maddie. A blank expression was on Kyo's face as she walked over to the table to see what was cooked. " rice Eva?" She said bluntly and grabbed a chocolate croissant despite her dislike for the mean. Food was food right? Kyoko then noticed that Nadine was slowly trying to get away, as well as asking the blued-hair guy to escape with her or something to her room. Kyoko shrugged it off and muttered under her breath to use protection. Right now anything that was happening didn't matter, or Kyo tried to act that way.

WE'RE NAKED! The chinese guy started to go into hysterics again.

The rice cooker set on one of the counter's in the kitchen was where Kyoko was next. The girl was craving some kind of asian food, as Eva's breakfast didn't seem appealing to her. Of course she should be worrying about the four guys in their house, but right now food was the only thing on her mind. Kyoko set a frying pan on the stove and poured some oil onto it, dumping at least five huge scoops of two day old rice onto the pan. She finished ten minutes later and scraped her cooking, fried rice, into a giant bowl and took a seat next to the sandy-haired guy, giving the guy a light wave. Kyoko began to devour the rice after that.


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#, as written by ceh12
Arron Furo

Arron knew that this was insanity was caused by the sudden appearance of them. "It's okay, whoopie pie. Mommy'll take care of you." she said clutching her breast, which caused Arron to blush and cover his eyes. "No no none of that please." he said hiding his bright red face. He never thought of women in the way that most men he knew would. He ignored all of them even though he would occasionally flirt with one for a few extra coins.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON?!" Quill shouted. "I don't even know Quill." he muttered under his breath slightly ashamed that he was listening to all of this and his mistress was clutching her breast and talking to Jian like a child. He looked at the boy and walked over to him and sighed. "Stick close and don't do anything rash." he said calmly then turned back to the women.

Arron sighed as the girl started to ramble on. "OH MY FAIRIES! Oh Heavens, oh lord, oh holy balls of Mary, I am sorry for eating that sandwich, Brian. I was hungry. I was just hungry." The poor boy was confused out of his mind, had he gotten an insane mistress or was this considered normal for this new age? His mind raced thinking of his brothers at the hands of four insane women.

It hurt his head as she continued rambling, then pulled out a device and started to talk to it, now he was positive she was insane. But he did hear voices coming out the other side which scared him. Were they backup to be sent in to kill them? If so he would risk running although he couldn't turn nor would he be able to live for more than a week without being close to the ring.

"I hope you're not vegetarian."

"Um not at all." he said nervously but, his stomach took over for that moment and proceeded to the table.


Arron had ate his full of the strange food and let out a happy sigh as he closed his eyes for a moment. He thought about the girl who was freaking out. She seemed to control the other girls well, although she was freaking out she still seemed to have the others in control. He was gonna blend in with her as long as she could keep her cool.

"Bye, uncle! WE'RE NAKED!"

"Nope" he thought then pulled himself out of the chair and looked at the food he had just eaten. He had only touched the foods he knew which were tea and ham at the moment, although he did see the others try all of the foods. He then walked over and saw the girl panting and sighed then picked her up very gently, careful not to touch her in the wrong places as not to offend his new mistress.

He looked her over and she didn't look good. She was panting and covering her mouth as if she was tired but she had done nothing but answer the door at the moment. He sighed and gave her a faint smile. "Are you alright um mistress?" he said with a calm tone in his voice, ignoring Jian and his mistress talking about escaping.

Madeline Yeta

Maddie sat eating happily after the current fiasco with the boys and Evangeline freaking out about the apocalypse. She had changed from her nightgown to a simple black T-shirt and pair of jean shorts which fit comfortably around her waist. She ate her breakfast of sausage and eggs with a cup of coffee. She was quite happy with her size and liked to eat despite her current shape.

She kept eating then stopped and swallowed at the sound of footsteps. She looked to her right and saw the man who was on her sleep only about an hour ago beside her. He was a giant, standing what seemed like miles above her as he pulled out a sword which caused the blonde to let out a small "eep".

"I am Alexander Durmont. Lost noble to a old house. Fourth of my brothers. The last leviathan of the worlds waters and caller of storms. I am a servant , a protector and should the need arrise , a weapon bound to my oath and sealed to my ring and it's owner. As such , so long as you wear my ring , I am proud to call you my Mistress. Please look humbly apon me." he said then kissed Maddie's ring which caused her face her flush.

"Um alright, my name is Madeline Yeta. Um only daughter to a family of four." she said giving a faint smile but unsure of what to say. "Thank you Alexander, um can I please call you Alex it would be a lot easier. I will show you respect as my um servant." she then looked around at the others. "Can you please tell me why, and who your friends are and why are all of you here."