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"Fire, Earth, Air and Water. I can deal death with any of them."

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a character in “Ring Master's evil”, as played by DarknessUndying



Name: Sandra Nightingale
Age: 23
Hero name: The Elementalist, often nicknamed "Ele" (Ell)
Powers(s): The elementalist channels natural forces of destruction, making fire, air, earth, and water do her bidding. What the elementalist lacks in physical toughness, she makes up for in her ability to inflict massive damage in a single attack, dropping foes from a distance before they can become a threat. Yet, despite her incredible offensive potential, versatility is what makes the elementalist truly formidable.

Rather than swap weapons to adjust to new situations, the multi-faceted elementalist quickly adapts to new threats by attuning to different elements as needed. When the elementalist attunes to any of the four elements, she receives intrinsic bonuses that continually empower her.

With FIRE attunement, the elementalist can inflict scorching damage on multiple enemies by turning the ground to fire or raining down molten rock from the skies. Why kill just one enemy when you can burn them all? Just by attuning to fire, the elementalist automatically causes flame damage to any foe foolish enough to touch her.

When the elementalist attunes to AIR, she can harness wind and lightning to target specific foes with focused, high-damage attacks. Dazzling bolts of lightning rip from the elementalist's fingertips, and brilliant flashes of light blind her enemies. When an elementalist attunes to air, nearby enemies are continuously pelted with lightning strikes.

WATER attunement forgoes the raw damage of air and fire, in favor of controlling an opponent's movement. By creating slippery ice or freezing foes solid, water attunement ensures that the battle is always fought on the elementalist's terms. Nearby allies receive continuous healing from an elementalist who is attuned to water.

In the most dangerous situations, the elementalist relies on the powerful defense of EARTH attunement. An earth elementalist uses the ground under her feet to defend herself and her allies, turning flesh to stone, destabilizing foes with seismic shocks, and destroying threats with volcanic eruptions. Earth attunement automatically confers magical protection to the elementalist.

Fights for: Good
Strengths: Elements, Spells, Teleportation
Weaknesses: Darkness, Shadows, Poison
Does this for: Because she isn't normal, she feels it's only right that she protect people. For Justice.
Sex: Female
Likes: Flames, Water, Breeze.
Dislikes: Spiders, Tigers and Trees.

So begins...

Elementalist's Story

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Adrian ripped the shading part of the umbrella off, leaving only the long pole. With it, she teleported into the air behind Spikes. With a haunting growl odd for a girl of her age, she brought it hard against the side of his head, leaving an unsightly dent. He dropped instantly. She smiled and teleported back onto the beach, next to Ele. She turned and snickered at Ele's pun. "Not bad," she said. "The world needs dry humor."

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Madame Mirage looked over at the girl and instantly sighed "hello El. As always I am glad to be on your side." She looked over unmoved by the escaped convict's actions or that of Nocturnal "Who's side are you on this week Nocturnal? Bad or good?" She asked then stood up and transformed again to fight against her rival who just so happened to show up. "Hello Madame Mirage." He smiled. Madame Mirage closed her eyes "Get out of here all of you!" She screamed and suddenly all of the good guys were back in there houses and the bad guys too. Devil smiled "Sending them all away so they wouldnt get hurt by our little tussle?" He laughed. "You care so much about the good guys who hate you for what you are. You even deny the people who would love to get you on there side. Why don't you go back to the real you? the devil in you is screaming to bust out. You can easily let her go. You care so much about these humans that you deny yourself the simple pleasures in life." Mirage scowled at him "I know your mad at me for returning my own soul and all but shut up for Lucifer sake and just fight! Shit are you trying to talk me to death!? Cause it is a expression!" Devil smiled and appeared next to Mirage who flipped backwards. She knew better then to let him touch her. He would cancel out all her powers and then the battle would be his and his alone. Mirage and Devil fought fiercely Mind powers vs. brute strength. It latest hours and then it ended with them both collapsing the beach looked like it had been in a war zone. Everything that wasn't sand was on fire, there was deep holes in the sand and everything was a mess.