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Aiko Saiyou

Jinx, Lead Guitarist/Back-Up Vocals of Ripped Illusions. Hotaru's BFF since the sand box, and the "little Devil" of the group.

0 · 166 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Ripped Illusions”, as played by IceFoxJess


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Name:Aiko Saiyou
Stage Name: Jinx
Stage Appearance(s): Click 1
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Band: Ripped Illusions
Position: Lead Guitarist/Back-Up Vocals
Age:Twenty, turning twenty one in less then a month.
Nationality: Japanese-British Japanese{Her mother was Japanese, her father was born of British and Japanese decent}
Height: Five foot, and six and a half inches{5’6 1/2”
Weight: Hundred and fifteen pounds{115 LB}
Personality: Aiko is what people would call the “misfit” of the group, the mischievous joker, the little air headed dare devil. She’s the girl to never back down from a challenge or dare. She’d be the girl you see go cliff diving with a grin and laugh, jump from the top of a school with only a couple of mattresses and pillows bellow. She’s not what you could call fearless, at lest not exactly. Reckless is more like it, As well as stubborn, once she gets her idea in her head, it’s hard to change if not even influence her thoughts.

At first she seems a little sarcastic, always with either a smile or a cocky smirk, a girl with guts, though once you dig past that shell you find a sweet caring girl who just won’t be pushed around anymore, she might have let her family do it for years but she sure as hell not going to let it happen again. She won’t give up.

Aiko is the girl you can count on to have your back, to be there when you need a hug, or someone to try and make things right. She could catch you red handed with a dead body, and she wouldn’t judge you for it. She would just help you burn and bury the evidence, get rid of the body, and get you cleaned up before anyone else became the wiser. That is if she likes you. She’s what you call a loyal friend who’d stand by you till the end, it takes a lot to lose her trust, but once you do you might as well give hope of ever fully gaining it back...That is if your not as stubborn as her. The mistake of second chances after betraying her trust has burned her more then once.

To her friends, they see the more affectionate side of her, they can always expect an affectionate hug, from the ever smirking or grinning girl. Though even they aren’t fully spared of her temper. She is one to get annoyed easily, and for the people she cares for, she tries to bite it back, but as it grows her control lessen, when she finally snaps she doesn't let her grudge go until she feels that she has returned the “Favor” or until she finally vents. Though innocent bystanders beware, she is sometimes blind to who she lash’s out at when she finally breaks, though once she realizes that you were not the source, even if she dislikes, maybe even hate you, she will try to make it up to you, or at lest apologize, despite her pride.

In short, Aiko’s a loving friend, a bitter enemy, and a girl who’s smile hides many a secret.

Biography: Aiko is the eldest middle child of four kids. She has one elder brother named Yuki, who is now twenty eight, she has a little sister, Nami, the youngest middle, who is fifteen, then they have there six year old half brother, Haru. Aiko was born on a rainy July twenty eighth night, in London England, the last three days that her parents were there in the United Kingdom before they moved to Kyoto, Japan. Her father and mother had meet when her mother was studying abroad in London...Her father was married to another woman at the time, it was a heated affair until there “fun” came crashing down around them when her brother became to be known. Her brother was probaly five years old when there mom announced to there fathers wife of their baby, of their afair, of how “the woman was a fool” to even think that he ever loved her, when she was his soul mate!” long pathetic, some what, violent story short, the woman divorced him, took there kids and took half of everything leavening him “free“ to marry her mother. Yuki was seven when they finally did get married, finally moving out of the small, broken down apartment, to a small house with his mother and father...Though barely six months latter, his mom announced she was with another child, his soon to be baby sister Aiko, it was around then his father started to become more...testy then usual, he was never a very affectionate father, but her started to become more cold, if not a little biting, as did there mother, the once blissfully naive and sweet woman started to take a biter turn. Nine months latter little Aiko was born, his mom telling him it’s now is job to protect her, he had to be a good big brother. Beloved, that's what her name meant but in the future, that name held no meaning to their “loving” parents, to them the was nothing to be, loved.

Aiko form an early age hardy remembered anything other then yelling in her house, screaming insults, and Yuki. He was the only one who would be there when she cried, hell she even remembered her own father laughing at her when she’d break down crying, as did her mother. She could only remember one point in her life when ever it seemed like her parents cared about her, and all of that was still fuzzy. Though Yuki seemed to try and make up for it, doing pretty much everything there parents should, even at the age of eleven he still took care of his four year old little sister to pre-school, while there mother would lay around, her breath reeking of alcohol, while her father would be at work. It was probably her fourth day of preschool when she meet Hotaru, it was quite odd, a little boy dumped sand on Aiko’s head, and she just sat there and didn’t say anything about it, just cried as he dumped more on her head, but then it suddenly stopped as she heard a loud thump in front of her as the red bucket fell on her head, she took it off and looked up to see that a little girl had pushed the boy down, a mean look on her face. Saying “Don’t pick on girls baka!” Before looking down at her, brushing some of the sand off her head. “Don’t just sit there. Stand up, don’t let a dummy push you around.” After that Hotaru had a friend in Aiko. The girl helped her....No one’s ever helped her before...Other then Yuki. Yuki at the time still seemed to not fight back against the little boy’s bullying, just ducking her head and running away. Though unknown to her Hotaru had help set the bases for a crucial event in her future...The first time she ever fought back, the first time she wasn’t just going to sit down and let a boy, or anyone do what ever they wanted....In short her father never had the chance to lay a hand on her or her little sister Nami again, the cops took him away and locked him up. Soon after fallowed there mother, Aiko protected Yuki, the man that had bit back so much pain, and took care of his sisters with a smirk. Her mothers parents took her and her siblings in. Her Grand father was a lawyer, always busy while her grandmother was a classic house wife, a “profession” that seemed a vain attempt for Aiko, her heart was hardly ever in a “Woman's work” Nor was she truly good at much of due to her disinterest. This always annoyed her Grandmother, how was she to be a proper woman, and get married if she wouldn’t do as she was told, even when her baby brother that her mother had in prision coming to live with them, didn’t seem to make her any more lady like, nuturing yes, but any more lady like, not so.

After the school trip to Tokyo, Aiko’s eyes opened to so many possibilities, and Hotaru’s influence helped her pick what she wanted the most. Music. After Tokyo, she begged her grandparents to bye her a guitar. The men who played them seemed to have so much fun, her singing voice was good but not the best, but her hands, her fingers long and nimble, her brother agreed to teach her, a old hobby of his from the old days, even after he moved out he continued to teach her, despite her grandmothers arguments. Her grand father finaly bought Aiko her first guitar after she had stopped her mischief. Treating her teachers with respect and seriousness, not a single prank out of her, hell she even cooked, asked her grandmother questions on how to prepare something and cleaned the hose for her...

When Hotaru said she was droping out after graduastion, telling her her plan, there was no way in hell she was going to let her go off on her own, she’s been stuck with Aiko, since the day in the sandbox, and she wasn’t going to get rid of her anytime soon...Any ways, what was she going to do with out her around? She knew the others weren’t just going to let her go off alone either, and the fact it was the first and maybe only chance they all had at chasseing their music careers. She probaly cried for the first time in ever when her baby brother and sister clinged to her, beging her not to go, only leting go after she promised to write everyday, her grandmother didn’t have a posative word to say, just saying when she failed, she could come back...Though she would be marrying a boy she chosse if so, and Aiko knew who she had in mind...No way was she coming back, exspecaly with an aranged marrieg like that in sight. Her grand father just ruffled her head, just telling her t lay off the alchol, and to watch her back, her brother...He just huged her, taking some help geting him to let go...She worked as a waitress after they got to Tokyo, before they signed on. Though who knew, that they find such bitter enemys so erly? Oh well when you cross the line, you cross the line, never insult her or her friends becuse of there gender, they’ll prove you wrong...And Aiko always has fun geting even...

Non supporting: Grandmother Aiya Satomi{Fujiko}/Mothers side
Her mother, Keiko Saiyou
Her father, Toya James Saiyou
Her Uncle, Kerro Satomi{Mother side}
Her cousin, Hana Satomi{Mother side}

Nutural: Grandfather, Kyo Satomi

Supporting: Her brothers and sister. Yuki Saiyou, Nami Saiyou, and Haru Satomi.
Aunt, Yuko Satomi,{Anika}
Cousin, Kuro Satomi{both mother side.}
Grandmother Jenny Saiyou{Rutherd} (Father side)
Grandfather Tero Eric Saiyou{Father side}
Two uncles and one aunt on her father side, two half siblings, and four cousins.

Crush: {Hm~ Have no idea, will chooses someone(s) latter, though feel free to have someone crush on her first. ;)}
Past Relationships:
Aiko hasn’t that much experience with dating, some but not a lot. She can count the number of men she’s dated on one hand. Three to be exact. Her longest one was with the caption of the basket ball team. Kyoya Takura, they were together for three weeks before she dumped him. He firstly was only after on thing, and honestly Aiko wasn’t going to give that for the sake of giving it, secondly he wouldn’t stop leering at her girls.{Her band mates/Friends! She’s straight, might seems like she flirts with “fan girls” but that for the sake of messing with peoples heads! She’s completely straight!} Though the last straw was when he invaded her closest friend since back in the sandbox, Hotaru, personal space. She did the last thing anyone expected, the ever smiling girl, even doing so when she did it, slammed her fist into the boy’s nose, only saying one of her favorite American sayings. “Three strikes, yooouuur, out!” stupid, but it made sense to her. Though she did slam her fist into the spot below his ear, making his legs give before she kicked him in the gut, before she left him to whoever wanted a piece of him next. A grin on her face as she just simply said with a laugh. “What a loser!” as unknown tears trickled down her cheeks.

A girls first bitter heart break, the other two after him only lasted about a week. Many other boys had gone by unnoticed by the oblivious girl...Not many boys confessed there feelings to her, it kind of freaked her out when a few girls did back in the younger days. She would just smile nervously and apologetically reject them. She considered that karma for the times she teased Hotaru for the girls that liked her

Personal Problems:
Myrmecophobia: Fear of ant’s
She hate spiders for along the same reasons ant‘s freak her out..
Aichmophobia: Fear of needles
Brontophobia: Fear of thunder and lightning.{A mild case}

She fears her father yet hates him at the same time as well as her mother. She also fears of her siblings and grandfather hating her...As well as her friends. She doesn't want to be alone.
{Gezze was getting a little long so main parts about her parents abuse is going to have to be found out later. ^_^;}

<3, Sweets.
<3,[/b] Baking/People liking her sweets.{She might not be able to cook, cook, all that well but she can at lest bake!}
<3, Animals, especially cats, dogs, squirrels, tigers and monkeys. {Grown up and baby.}
<3, Playing the guitar.
<3, Hanging with her friends/Band mates
<3, Drawing
<3, Sculpting
<3, Dragon flowers/Snap dragons/Dragon toungs
<3, Bell flowers, red, black and blue roses
<3, Heights.
<3, Pranking people. {Shedoes this to people she dose and dosen’t like.}
<3, Her siblings and grandparents
<3, Skelanimals
<3, Soft fuzzy things
<3, Horror movies, romance comedies, and action flicks
<3, Manga and anime
<3, Star gazing{But it’s near imposable to find a place with a good view of the stars in Tokyo
<3, wearing old fashion clothing and a few traditions{They are just pretty in her opinion.}
<3, Festivals!
<3, People running there fingers through her hair{likes or trusts}
<3, Chacolet and vanilla
<3, Spicy foods
<3, Swimming
<3, A light rain
<3, Music

X, Bitter stuff
X, People looking down on her because she is a woman/claming she is useless because she is one.
X, Storms
X, Constantly slow, blah, music. {Little is fine but too much get’s annoying.
X, Broccoli, and spinach
X, Someone hitting her face.
X, Movies and shows that are noting but Drama.
X, People messing with her friends.
{There's more things but lets save that for latter.}

Anything Else?:
Aiko can play the Koto something her grandmother taught her how to play, while her fathers, father, taught her how to play the violin. She is also planning on getting a tattoo but still trying to decide where and what of. Also she got a navel pierced five months ago.

So begins...

Aiko Saiyou's Story