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a character in “Rise Asylia!”, as played by nucleardonut221


Personality : He is a quick witted person, and usually does not think things through. Although at times he can be a charismatic person but other times he is not. His general demeanor is obnoxious but at times very helpful.

Equipment/Abilities :My character has clothes standard to the commoners of the kingdom. He has a blunderbuss firearm(If we are in that time period), and a small dagger. He also has a pack to carry food and other gear, the bag is leather, and torn up.

Background :

Born 20 years prior to the coup he was born into a family of nobles. For most of his child life he was sheltered and enjoyed great luxury. Born in the capitol he had privileges like so few. His father was a very well known man, while his mothers was a simple house keeper. He had three other siblings, two males ,one female. When Travis was 17 he went out of the city and saw how big the world was he ran. In a year he worked for a shipping company, but tragedy soon followed when his ship sank. After the merchant company recovered the survivors including him. when the recovery mission began he and three other men had to swim to the sunken ship and recover the valuables. One of the men on the ship saw his skill for under water scavenging and he was offered a job with a underwater scavenging company. He worked there for 2 years but when the coup hit, he was though to be dead by the nobility in the kingdom, so his life was sparred. When he heard of the coup he went to the capitol and saw his family dead he knew he had to help the kingdom and make things better again.

So begins...

Travis's Story