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β™” Full Name β™”
Hanbi Erin Marquis

β™” Meister/Weapon β™”

β™” Age β™”

β™” Gender β™”

β™” Sexuality β™”
Panromantic Asexual

β™” Nationality and Place of Origin β™”
Born to a Greek father and Japanese mother, Hanbi was born in Greece but was raised for most of her life in Japan with her mother.

β™” Physical Description/Clothing Preference β™”
Hanbi is commonly mistaken for being a ten year old rather than the young teen that she is. Not surprising, since she stands a mere 4'11" from the ground and barely weighs 94lbs. Though her height makes her look younger than she is, her petite body, despite being rather slim, has a somewhat mature build, having a slight hourglass figure that's visible when she's wearing more form-fitting attire.

Her rounded eyes have a thick layer of top lashes, with her irises being a lovely emerald green color that seem to sparkle under the light of the sun. While her eyes are considered large and child-like, the rest of her face is quite small, her lips and softly pointed nose being no exception. Hanbi's hair is almost as eye-grabbing as her emerald eyes, being a light pink color with thick locks that curl around at the ends that lay over her hips. She has her bangs cut to fall over her forehead and form around her cheeks.

Hanbi's fashion sense isn't that complicated. She likes clothing made of soft fabric that keep her comfortably warm. Clothes that cause restrictions on movement are scratched of the list. You won't see Hanbi walking around in jeans and fancy coat, that's for sure. To make things simple, the most popular clothing item that one will see Hanbi wearing are dresses, though she's also fond of long skirts and loose-fitting tops. For her shoes, anything that she can slip on and off easily and are comfortable to walk in will do.

β™” Weapon Form β™”


β™” Personality β™”


β™” Special Talent β™”
Soul Matching - Similar to Dr. Stein, Hanbi has the capability to match her soul wavelengths with the soul wavelengths of others. This makes her an ideal weapon, able to be wielded by almost anyone. On the other hand, she's also able to corrupt her soul wavelengths to the point that wielding her would be impossible. Despite the remarkable control of her soul wavelengths, however, she's failed at preforming a Soul Resonance with a number of Meisters whom she partnered with in the past. Kira was the first Meister that Hanbi was able to preform a successful Soul Resonance with.

β™” Likes β™”
Warm Weather - Not hot enough to cause sweat to form, but just warm enough so that she can lay down in the grass and fall asleep under the sun outside without getting a chill from an uninvited breeze.
Meat - Hanbi is a lover of all foods, but her favorite meals contain lots and lots of juicy, hot, tender meat.
Listening To Books - That's right, listening. It's a hassle to have to read them herself so she'll instead purchase the audio tapes and listen to someone else read, though she usually ends up falling asleep with her headphones on.

β™” Dislikes β™”
Walking Long Distances - Vehicles and other forms of transportation were invented for a reason. She actually hasn't left the school on her own since she started attending DWMA because of the ridiculous amount of steps that she despises that she has to climb to get back to the school.
Being Rushed - Hanbi's not the hurrying kind. You'll likely never see her run unless she's caught in some dangerous situation. If you tell her to do something quickly then she'll likely just move slower out of annoyance.
Leaving Her Bed - It takes Hanbi all the effort in the world to drag herself out of bed in the morning. She occasionally shows up late to class as a result of her staying in bed too long after her alarm goes off and falling back asleep.

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