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Akari Knox

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength."

0 · 311 views · located in Wyvern Island

a character in “Rise of Courage”, as played by fading-into-eternity




- Race: Half Orc -
- Gender: Female -
- Nickname: Kari-
- Age: 21 -
- Love Interest: N/A -
- Face Claim: Mikasa Ackerman -
- Sexuality: Straight -



- Height: 170 cm. -
- Weight: 68 kg. -
- Hair Color: black -
- Eye Color: Light to dark grey -
- Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Piercings all the way up both of her ears and a small scar under her right eye. Also around her right eye are light blue swirling markings that match the ones on her blade. -
- In her Orc form Akari's eyes turn extremely light grey and she becomes more buff and stocky. Her outfit does not change on it's own, but Akari usually only changes form before a battle and has time to change and collect her weapons. -


♦ Swordsmanship - Kari is fantastic with a sword, especially a greatsword, but she is skilled with most weapons which is why she owns a weapon's shop in town selling weapons that she has made herself.
♦ Strength - Both physically and mentally, Akari can keep her cool in times of stress, though after the fact she may break down, but when she needs to have a clear head and tough limbs, she can push through.
♦ Akari uses a large greatsword that only she can carry (since it is so heavy). It's ability has to do with her opponents blood in that if the blade draws blood it is able to create a sort of minion out of Akari's opponent and have them fight with or for her as a puppet. The blade only kills if that is Akari's intention.
♦ Music - Or at least something that she can sing quietly under her breath when she is alone. She can play the harp as well, and often uses her mother’s old lap harp to make soft music.
♦ Forests - Akari finds herself often drawn to forests, she especially likes them when the light shines through the green canopy on late warm afternoons after a long day.
♦ Warmth // The Sun - Akari loves the heat and basking in the Sun. Many times people are able to find her just laying out in the sunlight doing nothing except take in the warm air.
♦ The Starry Sky - At night, Akari likes it when it is just cool and clear enough to go outside and look up at the sky to see constellations and planets. She dreams about the stars in the sky, and imagines them as little hearts beating out in the universe.
♦ Warm Pastry - Just as pastry comes out of the oven Akari can smell it. Her favorites are raspberry danishes and small apple pies. Of course she loves anything warm to eat.
♦ Thunderstorms - They usually happen in warm weather, and Akari loves the feeling of rain hitting her face as an insanely powerful forces crashes light into the distance. To her, thunder sounds like a roar, a call of the wild.
♦ Cold Coffee - Or any cold drink that is supposed to be hot. It just tastes wrong.
♦ Bugs // Small pests - Surprisingly she is rather afraid of bugs, they just seem creepy to her, though she does not freak out when any bug comes near her, she just flicks them away.
♦ Extreme Change - Ever since her mother was killed, Akari is not very capable at dealing with extreme change in anything, that is why she likes to keep her same friends, rarely makes new ones, and rarely lets people know her innermost thoughts.
♦ Loss - Akari cannot deal with losing anything, whether that be a person or a pencil, if she is attached to something she has a very hard time letting it go.
♦ Ignorance // Oppression - Akari cannot stand ignorant people or those who oppress others based on stupid social norms or any other reason. She speaks from personal experience.

♦ The King - Or at least his power, she is afraid of what he will do to the Magick people in the kingdom and how he will abuse the power that he has.
♦ Love // Attachment - Kari doesn't want to get too close to people because she feels as though she will lose them like her mother. The people she does keep close are her dearest companions and she makes sure to keep them safe.
♦ Falling - Or perhaps its a fear of heights. Either way Kari doesn't like to fall.
Personality- Kari appears very quiet, so many people assume that she is either shy or antisocial, which is not the case at all. In fact, Akari quite enjoys being around people especially her friends or people that she can argue with. She is not afraid to state her opinion, even if it will get her in trouble and, like a lioness, she is stubborn when things don't go her way. She fights for her case and for things that she is passionate about, especially when they have to do with equality. Akari is outspoken and courageous, but she accepts everyone no matter their species or past, though she is one of the few to do so. Her past had led her to believe that all beings deserve the same level of treatment.

Though she does enjoy the company of others, Akari also enjoys spending time in solitude. When she is alone she likes to listen to music, sing to herself, and think about life and the world. She is often found with a dreamy, far-off look on her face, as if she isn't entirely there, but that is only when she is thinking hard. Akari often loses track of time when she is doing things, and has learned to set alarms for herself or wear a watch at all times when she knows she has something to do.

Other than her emotions of anger or confidence, Akari rarely shows any expression unless she is with very close friends. She comes off as cold and strong because of this, both of which are true to a point, but she is primarily a kind person. In her human form she is not very intimidating, but while she is an Orc she is loud and strong. Always ready for a fight, Akari is not someone you would want to cross if she was angry. -


So begins...

Akari Knox's Story