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Talaya Tahira

"The spirits are restless. They call to me."

0 · 288 views · located in The Black Fens

a character in “Rise of the Bloody Hand”, as played by Hyperewok


Six tribes of nomads carefully sharing the thirteen oases in the deserts of Chidan.


Name: Talaya Tahira


Race: Human

Homeland: Chidan

Description: Lithe and elegant, Talaya is obviously a daughter of the desert, with sleek black hair and light brown skin. Of course, much of this is hidden under layers of voluminous robes, loose enough to be cool in the heat and but thick enough to be warm in the cold. Her robes are bright and colorful but simple, obviously made of a cheap but study woolen cloth. A warm smile is often present on her face, but the particularly perceptive can tell that it is often feigned or strained. She is consistently calm, or at least appears so, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Skills: Coming from one of the nomadic tribes of the Grey Waste, Talaya is most at home in the desert heat and quite adept at surviving in the wilderness. Combined with that and her experience from extensive traveling, she has a great deal of knowledge of herbal remedies. She is infallibly polite, preferring to use her charms to defuse a tense situation before violence can occur. These charms also apply to gaining the trust or affections of others, sometimes for her own benefit or simply for their protection. While not physically strong, Talaya is quick enough to strike with a dagger she keeps concealed under layers of robes in a dire situation.

Magic: With an affinity for necropotence, Talaya is able to commune with spirits and utilize their power. She is strongly attuned to spirits, who are sometimes drawn to her presence or she to them. She is able to drain their power into herself and use that magic to summon creations made from corpses, crudely seal wounds with raw life force, and rend flesh from bone with burning shadows. However, she usually only speaks with spirits in an attempt to ease their anguish and convince them to depart the realm of the living. If they do not, Talaya drains them of their strength until they are destroyed and thus unable to plague others. Of course, the rush of ensnaring such power is quite exhilarating. The powers she drains is saved for the most dangerous of encounters, where she will unleashed an onslaught of deadly shadows at her opponents.

So begins...

Talaya Tahira's Story