Brian Summers

"I don't want to keep it hidden, but what choice do I have"

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a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, originally authored by Tusho Ka, as played by RolePlayGateway



"The family you come from isn't as important as the family you're going to have."

【Basic Knowledge】

|Full Name|
Brian Summers

Not that he likes it, but some of his friends call him BS after his initials.

21 years old



|Home town|
Los Angeles, California

The Son's Best Friend
The Loyal One

【Fun Facts】


|Quirks & Habits|
Brian cannot stop moving his legs, whether he is standing, sitting or laying down.
Chewing gum.

Sport addict - Brian is very skilled in many different sports. He plays baseball, basketball, American football, hockey and is a swimmer. Needless to say he is in top physical condition. He earned a scholar ship due to his talents in Americn football.
Charisma - It could be his leadership in sports or that he could sell ice to an Eskimo. He has a natural smile that makes people trust him more then they sometimes should. Whatever it is, it gave him an internship in one of the top realtor offices in the city of Los Angeles.
Observant - Even though he talks a lot, he is a keen observer. Learning from a persons body language and their choice of words he can read between the lines like no other.

|Likes & Dislikes|
Stawberry flavoured gum
Slow drivers
Speeding fines
Staying in on a Saturday
People who don't shut up
His father
People with facial hair
Drug addicts
The Milano family
Watching and playing sports
A nice cold beer
Having his own apartment and freedom
People with fresh breath
Désirée Milano
The son
Street racing
Punk/rock music

Playing sports
Hanging around with those close to him

His relationship ~ For a year he has been sleeping with Désirée Milano. Nobody knows and for now Brian would like to keep it that way. His best friend would beat the living crap out of him if he knew. For Brian it is not just a fling, he has always loved her and always hoped that they would end up together.
Behind closed doors ~ In his first week in the realtors office he duplicated the keys to the records room and has been doing more than the filing he was supposed to do.
His father the drug addict ~ For as long as he can remember his father has been a drug addict. Together with his aggressive nature this lead to a very abusive house hold. Thank goodness he has been close to the Milanos since his early childhood, they provided the care he did not have at home. Three years ago his father hit a tree with his car, and although he survived, Brians mother did not.

That his dad will mess up his life even more
That his girlfriend will break up with him
His best friend or his best friend's father finding out about his relationship
Losing his ability to play in sports in any way

【Just A Little Deeper】


One of his most distinctive personality traits would be his loyalty. He will not let his friends down and he would most probably give his life for his best friend. Lately he feels conflicted because of the secret he has to keep from his friend. He is affraid that telling his best friend he is sleeping with his sister will lead to a fight and possibly the end of his relationship with Désirée.

Brian is a big fan of thinking before you speak. Some think he is a bit slow since he will never answer within 3 seconds, but nothing could be less true. He actually learned this from his father, one of the very few things Brian uses in his life. Saying the wrong thing would get him a beating when he was younger and so being carefull became a way of life. Another thing he got from his abusive childhood is his overprotective side. He always tried his best to protect his mother when he was younger. Aside from that he always had his best friends back. Neither of them would ever stand alone, not in the schoolyard nor at the sport fields. For the Milano sisters it meant they had two poeple standing up for them whenever it was needed, although most times they seemed to take care of themselves.

Brian has grown to become a bit arrogant. His talents in sports made him well liked by both teachers and students and together with his charm it has made him overconfident. His arrogance has made him think that he is the perfect addition to the Milano enterprise. He does think that he would get closer to this if his best friend gets more involved with the family business.

【Past, Present, Future】

|Family tree|
~Father | 44 | Henry Summers | Alive
~Mother | 42 | Mary Summers | Deceased

Brian was born to the couple Henry and Mary Summers only half a year after they got married. His father claims that they got married because he decided to do the 'right thing' by her. Brian has never understood this, since there was nothing right about the relationship of his parents. When he was younger he didn't know this yet, his parents pretended to be the loving couple for a long time. They entered Brian in a pre-school and it was here where he met the Milano prodigy. He can not remember anything from those first years, but according to their parents they were friends from the very start.

His mother was a kind woman, but she was ill equipped to take care of another human being. It seemed she was scared to be alone with her son and more often than not Brian would stay over in the Milano residence. During the coming years Brian came to an age where he realized that the Milanos were far more like a family then his own household was. He knows what the family does for a living and what people say about them, but they are beautiful people in the way they take care of each other. Fights are common and heavy, but anyone could feel the love in that house. Ever since then Brian wanted to be a part of this family instead of his own.

Brian has no idea why his parents have stayed together as long as they did. His mother did not seem to resist when his father would be on one of his anger streaks. He would hit both Brian and his mother regularly and the marks could be seen on the young boys body. He would throw himself in front of his mother whenever she was driven to a corner. When he was in high school Brian noticed his father taking drugs. He had never known that this was the reason for his fathers behaviour, but now that he did he noticed that the rage would always come after the drug use.

Brian spend more time at school and on the field then he would at home. As far as he knew his mother would be working at these times and nobody but his father would be in the house. Brian excelled at sports and did not get bad grades either. After all these years, or maybe even for all these years, Brian fell in love with his best friends sister. Although before he thought it was brotherly love, he now felt it was more than that.

Around three years ago Brian received a nasty phone call from the LAPD. His father had driven the car into a tree and although his father was still alive and well, his mother did not survive the accident. At the funeral there were more people for Brian than for his mother. She had probably not even known this many people. After the funeral his dad had gotten into one of his rages and he had hit Brian with a baseball bat. Heavily bleeding and with a broken arm he had made his way to the Milano household who had asked their doctor to look at him. Eventually he had been admitted to hospital for his broken arm.

The next time he saw his father, something had happened to him. He seemed to have received the same treatment he had given Brian short before. Brian has no idea who beat up his father, although he was sure it was somebody from the Milano family. He did not have to live with his father any more as he went on to college shortly after. Since last year his real estate major has provided him with an internship at one of LA's biggest realtor's offices. It was around this time that he and Désirée started sleeping together, without any knowledge from anyone else in the family. At the same time Brian was able to find a small apartment where he now lives.

So begins...

Brian Summers's Story