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Damon Milano

"I never wanted this..."

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a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, as played by ChloeB223


Say Something| A Great Big World|| It Will Rain| Bruno Mars|| Don't Wanna Be| Gavin DeGraw
"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

【Basic Knowledge】


Damon Césare Milano

Damon does not answer to many nicknames. There are not many intelligent or creative ones you can come create from his first name and no one ever says middle names.


Is it not obvious?


Los Angeles, California

There's Italian somewhere down the line...obviously.

The Crime Boss
The Milano Family Patriarch

【Private Details】

Hand-to-Hand Combat ~ Most people don't understand that half of the brawls he has had with his younger brother weren't just normal punching or throwing, but more technique and sparring. In fact, a good number of their fights really were spars. One of the old combatants that worked for his father taught Damon the basics of self-defense, giving him an air of a street fighter. However, through the years, Damon went for a more refined style when he studied Muay Thai. He is a rather formidable opponent and seems quite handy with knives. Damon also knows his way around a gun.
Musically-Inclined ~ It is true when Damon says that he was never interested in the mafia lifestyle. He spent a good chunk of his childhood either agitating his brother or playing his guitar. Damon actually has two; one electric and the other acoustic. He sings as well and he has a surprisingly decent voice, reminiscent of smooth male Country singers and their baritones. It is one of his favorite pastimes, especially when he's feeling stressed.
Multilingualism ~ Damon fluently speaks Italian and English.
Business Management ~ If there was one thing this mafia lifestyle entailed that Damon was actually prepared for, it was Milano Incorporated. He acted as his father's apprentice in the company during his college years and was the one who opened up the club to bring in more income. His communication skills combined with his ability to multi-task and effectively bargain aids in his being a mob boss and a CEO. Though, if he were to be honest, he would give all of this up to his brother if he could.

The Mafia Life ~ While, to most, it appears that he is an open book and that he was made (more groomed, than anything else) for this life, it was the last thing on his mind. Truthfully, Damon didn't know what he wanted at the age of twenty-four other than to be with his new wife and two children. And no matter how strongly he argued for his father to consider his brother for the spot of the new crime boss of the family, it was inevitably him that was chosen. And Damon hates it.
Murder ~ His last trip to New York ended in a bloodshed and it was the first time the blood fell on his hands. A deal with a former business partner went awry and when the other man threatened the lives of each family member, all Damon saw was black. He organized a hit on the man's entire family and some of his connections in New York. He was the one who walked up to him and shot him dead in the forehead with his wife in the room. It is because of this that he has not been able to tell Diana much about his trips. He doesn't want to see disappointment or fear in her eyes, especially directed towards him.



☩Quirks & Habits☩
~ Damon tends to crack his knuckles a lot. Sometimes, it is when he is bored. Other times, he does it in an intimidating manner.
~ He can never sit still for too long. He has to leave his chair at some point or his leg will start shaking under the table.
~ It is a horrible habit, but he has to start his day off with at least once glass of Cognac.
~ He tends to keep his hair between chin length and shoulder length. As children, people used to say that Damon and his brother looked alike and one was mistaken for the other once. So, he's been known for keeping his hair longer.

Playing the Guitar| Working Out| Watching Movies

Old Rasputin Imperial Stout|| Italian Cuisine|| Loyalty|| Godiva Chocolate|| Rebecca's Cooking|| Working Out|| The Salmon Ladder|| Tae Kwon Do|| Children|| Family Time|| Mandarin Oranges|| Cheeseburgers|| Beaches|| Swimming|| Riling His Brother Up|| Tetris|| Being Alone With His Wife|| Tiramisu|| Nightclubs|| Reading|| Astrology|| Pie|| Flavored Water|| Sleeping In|| Sunsets|| Horror Films|| Family Legacy|| Success|| Quiet|| Lo Mein|| 90s Music|| Brown or Green Eyes|| Selflessness

Betrayal|| Threats To His Family|| Overly Sweet Food|| Cake|| Needles or Syringes|| Resorting to Violence|| Bigotry|| Unfaithfulness|| YOLO or Swag|| All Slang|| Frozen Yogurt|| Unnecessary Stress|| Cold Cereal|| Disrespect Towards Women|| Disrespect|| Romantic Novels & Films|| Musicals|| Extremely Thin Women|| Green Leafy Vegetables|| Late Nights At The Office|| Too Much Make-Up|| Heavy Perfume or Cologne

Losing His Wife| Failing His Family| Anything Happening To His Kids| Purposeless Death

【Just Below the Surface】


To be completely honest, describing Damon Milano is not nearly as hard as describing the man his father once was. To put it frankly, Damon is the complete opposite of his father. He has always been relaxed, never one to be easily riled up. He can even be considered playful if you count purposefully irking with his brother and sister playful. If there was one thing that most would think he acquired from his youth, it would be his sense of responsibility, which in turn, is one of his biggest faults.

Damon will always see himself as the older sibling; the one who has to look after everyone around him. It is his number one priority and job. So, he has a protective stance for all that work under, for, and with him, but even more-so for family members and close friends. He has always had someone depend on him and he is probably one of the most trustworthy and reliable people you will ever meet. Promises are always kept and despite his lax attitude towards the family business, Damon is surprisingly quite punctual. However, for every good deed that is done on his watch, he will also take responsibility for every transgression. When a plan goes awry, when his wife or children are feeling a particular type of way, his brother's bitterness, etc - all of that falls onto Damon's shoulders with and without someone else telling him so. He blames himself for every mistake, always thinking that there was something he could have done - even if the issue was no fault of his own.

Damon also is not one to share private information or even talk about his state of mind, or emotions. He trusts people, sure. He trusts his family, even his brother, and small number of friends know a few choice things that he wanted to discuss with them. But when it comes down talking about his feelings, unleashing the heavy load off his own shoulders - Damon will hardly, if ever, do so. Again, it goes back to that sense of responsibility. At the end of the day, neither his father or mother seemed to care about their children's well-being unless it affected their image in society. So, Damon focuses on the happiness of those around him and buries his own emotions, leading to various explosive fits of rage when the situation becomes too much for him.

The one thing that he did acquire from his father is an uncontrollable rage. As easy-going and kind-hearted as he is, he is just as dangerous once his hand has been called. This is probably the one part of his personality that he dislikes the most. Because it is this trait that his father saw in him, which inevitably caused for him to be the next crime boss. He is as dark as he is pure and Damon hates it. Despite that dislike, sometimes he cannot control it. If his family is threatened - if he is disrespected or tried in the worst of ways - he will retaliate. It may not be as deadly as his brother's, but it will happen eventually. And it either ends in two ways - you are publicly humiliated or your body winds up buried six feet under.

【Past, Present, & Future】


☩Family Tree☩
Father| Roberto Milano| 75| Deceased
Mother|Feliciana Milano| 70| Alive
Brother|Evan Milano| 35| Alive
Sister|Emilia Milano| 32| Alive
Half-Brother|________| Age Unknown| Alive
Wife|Diana Milano| 36| Alive
Son|______ Milano| 20| Alive
Eldest Daughter|_____ Milano| 18| Alive
Youngest Daughter|Katherine Milano| 15| Alive

Damon would never tell you that he didn't have a good childhood. It was relatively decent. He never wanted for anything. All of his requests were answered; every need was taken care of. He would even admit that one of his greatest highlights, second to beating the crap out of his little brother (it was hilarious), was meeting his childhood companion, Rebecca. She was a tiny, slightly chubby little thing that hid behind her father in the kitchen one day. He didn't even think she could talk until he must have been being extra mean to Evan because two seconds after he had begun his torment, she hauled off and slapped him in the face.

Good times.

It would be this event that would cement a friendship between her and his family for a little over twenty years. But his childhood could have been better if you asked him. At a young age, Damon took it upon himself to watch out for his siblings and, consequently, Rebecca. It wasn't like his parents would do the job. His father thought the gangster was far more important than the trivial responsibilities of parenting and Damon still wonders, to this day, what made his mother even want to give birth if she wasn't going to pay attention to them afterwards. All he and his siblings were were objects that kept their parents' images picture-perfect in the tabloids. That was the only thing they cared about.

So, Damon sat back and lived. He played football starting at a young age and threw himself into his music. He wasn't an over-night sensation or anything, but he was pretty decent with the guitar (still is) and he can still hold a tune now. It was during these pre-teen years that he fell in love with a girl named Claire. She was one of the most gorgeous girls he had ever met and they spent all their time together. It was no secret that her father disliked his family; half of the time that Claire would come over would be because she lied and said she was visiting Rebecca. However, she did not stay for long. Although Damon told himself he would marry this girl one day, her father sent her to some distinguished boarding school in Europe. Communication was lost and before he knew it, Claire was a bittersweet memory.

It didn't take too long, though, for another brunette to capture his attention and ensnare his heart. Dina was everything he could have wanted. She had an edge to her, her maturity was something he had always admired, and she was gorgeous. She placated his temper and made him forget his longing for the one that got away. She was pregnant long before either of them would have planned for it to happen; Damon received the full consequence of his actions when his father beat him up for being so careless. But he stood by her and even opened up the Milano club in LA to bring in some kind of money instead of just living off of his father.

Despite having their child, Damon still wanted a college degree and took online business management courses while also learning underneath his father. It was during this time that he noted his rivalry with his brother seemed to take a more dangerous edge. He never really wanted to garner his father's attention. As a young adult, he surmised that if he hadn't earned his father's love as an innocent child, then he didn't want it now. Who knew that his sense of maturity and the simplicity of his character would be the reason his father chose Damon to lead the family at the age of twenty-four?

To this day, even with his two additional children and flourishing company, Damon still believes his brother should have been the next crime boss, but his father's decision was final. The older Milano died a few years back of a gun shot to the heart. So, he instated his brother as his second-in-command, hoping to placate him. Even he knows that's a dead dream.

So begins...

Damon Milano's Story