Désirée Milano

"Sure, my day's been great. Just here taking care of a sister who does not want to be taken care of and snooping around our family's mafia business. How was your day?"

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"When you're the middle child, you learn to realize that if you don't have anything nice to say... Say it sarcastically"

【Basic Knowledge】


|Full Name|
"Repeat after me. Dez-uh-ray. Désirée. Amazing how many people don't know how to pronounce this!"
Désirée Elia Milano

"Looks like it's too hard for you... Oh what's it matter. Just call me Des."
Des ll Desi ll Rei



"God! Do not mention this! I've got enough on my agenda right now, I don't need more to worry about.."
Bisexual (?)

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

"It's like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place..."
Crime Boss' Oldest Daughter ll Middle Child

【Fun Facts】


|Quirks & Habits|
One can almost never catch Des without a black notebook between her hands and a pen between her teeth. She's always had the habit of bringing her notebook wherever she goes simply to attempt to keep track of everything that's going on in her life. No one gets a peek into her notebook, not even her family, for to her, it is more like a diary than a daily planner.
More often than she would like, her productivity decreases dramatically as she simply stares off into the distance. It often takes another to break her out of the daze when she is pulled into one from a thought on her mind or a problem she can't seem to solve.

From her play aunt, Rebecca, she acquired the basic skills needed to be a good shot. However, she doesn't ever get much practice with it, simply always keeping a small handgun strapped onto her belt which she always takes much care to hide.
Not exactly outwardly defiant like her sister, Des has always had the skills to sneak around with quiet movements and acquire what she wants to hear or what she wants to get her hands on through more planned and inconspicuous tactics.

|Likes & Dislikes|

Her Siblings/Parents/Family
Shooting/ Self Defense
Brian Summers
French Desserts
Taking Breaks/Boredom
Being Underestimated
Getting Caught

The notebook that never leaves her hands is filled with entries for both her schedule and her thoughts. This was a habit ever since she was little but now it became her sanctuary, to take down everything that goes on in her life within the little diary she simply calls her notebook or daily planner.
With much stress on her hands, she only has enough time to find sanctuary within her hobby: Soccer. On the soccer team for 5 years within her schools, she has gotten quite good at what she does. Besides, it helps her gain both speed and agility.
Something she has done ever since a young age. Perhaps it was once for the want of attention, but now it's simply a skill she utilized without qualms regarding the secrets her family holds. A swipe of the keys here, another of the documents lying openly on the table, that was her way of getting information, one that she takes much delight in without a hint of guilt.

Her Confusion
She hates surprises. Absolutely abhors it. And when life starts throwing unexpected surprises at her, her mind runs into overload, pushing her away from those that try to help her. Perhaps this hasn't been her best year, with the new girl at school that seemed to make her question her own sexuality, life was not going the way she had planned. Although her family seemed keen on helping her through her "problems", she continuously pushes them away and distracts herself through other means.
Her Curiosity in the Business
Although she has not enough information to put together what exactly is going on behind the scenes in the family, she has a vague idea about the family business. A moment's snoop behind the door, a quick swipe of the documents on the table and her curiosity pushes her to find out more, following the steps of her brother. However, at the same time, she is also wrought with responsibilities, rendering her merely tacitly helping in the attempt to become more involved.
Her Relationship
It is not to say that she doesn't want to keep this a secret as much as Brian, but she knows her family perfectly along with her brother's protective nature. Perhaps it's simply best to keep this a secret. Now with the new girl in school, she does not want to believe that she has ever doubted her feelings for Brian. With all the problems on her mind, she does not need one more to deal with.

Fear of Surprises
It is rather hard to catch Des off-guard, for she always has everything planned out to the last second, always attempting to organize every aspect of her life along with her siblings'. However, surprises are thrown in her way often, just like the new girl in school, pushing her toward moments of panic when she realizes that life is out of her control.
Fear of Being Alone
Perhaps this is why she's always attempting to take care of her little sister, or even her older brother from time to time. She's terrified of losing her family, and from that, terrified of being alone. Being the middle child meant that you were never alone, and her relationship with Brian at least ensured her of company. But then again.. She can barely ever talk to anyone else about her family problems.
A rather serious case of claustrophobia, it is often uncomfortable for Des to even stay inside, always preferring to take the roof of the house rather than remain in her room or preferring the stairs rather than take the elevator.

【Just A Little Deeper】


{Sarcastic ll Cooperative ll Confident ll Righteous ll Protective ll Proud ll Evasive ll Aloof ll Curious ll Ambitious ll Fretful}

It is needless to say that traits do run in the family. Des' proud and confident posture is one so familiar to the members of the family, her way of talking always succinct and sarcastic, mimicking a form from a person brought up from a family of high social standing. However, much of the times, that proud nature of hers is seen by others in a negative light, labeling her as arrogant.

To her siblings, Des plays the middle child, stuck between two ambitious siblings that she often has to pick a side over. Even so, they are her family and she holds a rather protective stance over both her little sister and her older brother, not allowing anyone to hurt them. Stuck right in the middle, she became the more righteous child, attempting to be fair and impartial in dealing with sibling problems and serving justice when it is deserved, although that usually simply includes a scolding here and a slap on the head there. However, although ambitious, she is much less stubborn or determined as the other two, being more cooperative and willing to negotiate. That nature of hers mimics a mother-like position.

Many of her friends describe Des as evasive and aloof, but who wouldn't be so at such a position? Of course she would not utter a word about her family to others, but sometimes Des finds herself in need of someone who understands, and her siblings sure aren't providing that company. Even so, it doesn't stop her from attempting to dig deeper into her family's relationships, her curious nature pushing Des to want to learn more and to be involved in more, believing that she has no problem taking care of herself.

The young girl has never been caught in such a crisis before, never having her life so disorganized. Many times, her family can catch her marked by fretfulness at the sudden chaos in her life, overwhelmed by the stress and worry. However, after the small breakdowns she would stand right back up, covering that fretfulness and pushing herself into work and stress once again as to force herself away from the issues at hand.

【Past, Present, Future】


"Teach your child a lesson of neglect by making them the middle child."

Like every middle child, the curse of neglect was burdened upon Désirée's shoulders. Perhaps even more so, given the persistence her older brother shows regarding the family business and the defiant nature of her sister that no longer seemed so darling now that she's grown up. Life has always been a compromise for her, compromising in helping her brother or looking after her sister, Des was never the defiant child, always attempting to consolidate the problems that went on within the chaotic household. However, no matter how mature she attempted to act, she was never able to win the favor her mother seemed to give her sister, something she refused to think about but nonetheless defined a part of her as she grew up.

Perhaps one wouldn't know until they've actually stood in the shoes of a middle child, but the lack of attention is often overwhelming for one in a young age. It started with the disappearance of small toys around the household, often being found under her bed. Then, over the years, it grew. She called it "borrowing", but she knew better. Hating secrets, Des utilized her skills in stealing in the most creative ways, taking an alliance with her brother to discover what really goes on behind the curtains of their family. It was all fun and games to her, nothing more...

Then she grew up. The games were becoming a bore, the simply ecstasy died down over the years. The defiant nature? That wasn't her. Nor did she like the glares she was gaining from her parents. She never sat idly by as her parents conducted their businesses, but she realized that there were more important priorities. One being her party girl of a sister who her parents cannot even dream of controlling. Sure, Des was never fond of the attention her sister always gets, but nonetheless, she was her sister. Truly, despite the motherly facade she puts on in front of her sister, Katherine was scaring her.

"He just... Snuck up on me. He was always there, but... Wow, I couldn't see that."

Then there's her guilty pleasure. Brian Summers, one that she never took much notice of despite him being her brother's best friend. He had always been there, next to her, but it took her much too long to realize that. It was only a year ago that she pushed aside her responsibilities and truly saw the boy for who he was. However, it wasn't something she could just flat out tell the family. Besides, her brother would not tolerate the relationship for even a second. And honestly, she was hoping this relationship would last.

And everything came crashing down. The compromise she attempted to balance on the thin line of reality between her siblings and her personal life crashed and burned as the new girl in school came into her proximity of comfort. She has never doubted her sexuality, but something about her chills Des' straight to her bones. From this, Des dived into her work, her responsibilities, her family's business, simply anything but the life that seemed to suddenly tip on its scale. It wasn't anything like what she had encountered before and she does not wish to dwell within the disorganized mess her life has suddenly become. Des became distant, but the distance was comforting to her

"I've learned to hide everything behind a smile. It makes everything... Simpler."

So begins...

Désirée Milano's Story