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Diana Milano

"Were not a normal family..but were going to goddamn act like one."

0 · 589 views · located in Downtown LA

a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, as played by ColaGirl4Life


"Family is not an important thing. It's everything." ~ Michael J. Fox

【Basic Knowledge】

|Full Name|
Diana Lucia Milano

Dina || Lucy || Cici




Enigma, Georgia

Crime Boss' Wife || The Milano Matriarch

【Fun Facts】


|Quirks & Habits|
Insists on a prayer before every meal
Combs hand through hair often, especially when nervous
Wakes at night to check on family every night on instinct
Cleans when angry or frustrated

Lying - Diana has no problem lying to someones face with a sincere smile. Her sweet attitude reassures people into trusting her to quickly which allows her to say anything without seeming suspicious though it all depends on the person. Most of the time her lying skills work though there are a few people who can tell when she's lying.
Basic self defense - Diana is a woman of precaution. She has learned some basic things from a family friend to help protect herself and her children better if ever needed in a dire situation. She knows how to use a gun and where to aim for when your stabbing someone so as not to kill them but injure them badly and that's good enough for her.
Memorization of verses from the bible - Although this isn't a useful skill, Diana has made a habit of bringing up quotes or verses from the bible. Just tell her the page number and what section, that should be enough for her.

Bunnies || Guns || The Mafia Lifestyle || Violence || Seeing her children in harms way || Getting sick || Being lied to || Home-wreckers || Spicy food || Men who flirt to much || Losing her temper || Dolls || Out of control children || Violent men || Heavy drinkers || Her mother || Smokers || Parenting alone || Irresponsible people || Dealing with family matters on her own || The attractive assistant || Damon's former lover

Family || Blondes || Babies || Jellyfish || Lily Of The Valleys || Cleaning || Cats || Spending time with her husband || Classic 70's & 80's movies || Famous director John Hughes || Long skirts || Cuddling on the couch || Peanut brittle || Smothering her children || Scented candles || Granola bars || Orange juice || When her husband is home

Quilting || Making home movies for memories || Badminton || Yoga

【What's Underneath】

Pregnant - Diana has been pregnant for a little over a month and still hasn't decided with what she is going to do about the fetus in her stomach. She had planned to get an abortion the moment she found out but chickened out at last minute. Diana loves children but she doesn't know if it's right to birth a child while the Federal Government is on the families case. Besides, is she really up for the challenge of taking care of another child, practically alone, while she still has her youngest daughter, who's running off a leash, and her son who wants to take part in the family business, to worry about.

Lighting & thunder || Losing her husband to someone else || Being cheated on || The death of a loved one

【Just A Little Deeper】


Diana is a sweet and caring mother who cares for her family's well being rather than her own. She has dedicated herself into making sure her children stay safe and that they stay on the right path though it's harder than it may seem. Diana is a good mother, her children should have nothing to complain about other than her over-protective nature though she see's nothing wrong with wanting them to stay safe. There are lines Diana won't cross and one is invading privacy, it's actually more of a last resort for her when it comes to her children. Being that her husband works a lot, Diana finds herself making decisions on her own when it implies to her children which has made her seem like the 'bad guy' over the years and especially towards her youngest daughter, Katherine.

Diana is a woman not to be messed with. She doesn't take orders from any man and whoever dare lays a finger on her sweet little angels will rue the day they even met Diana Milano. Now Diana knows she could never get into a fight or harm someone willingly though because of her husbands status she does tend to use this to her advantage whenever needed. It may seem bad to use her husband as a threat towards someone but the woman knows better than to leave matters unsaid when it involves her family. With that being said, Diana holds little trust for people. With the experiences she went through it's hard to earn her trust and she just doesn't let anybody hang around children, especially her daughters, but sadly that's out of her control know. She hoped she would have at least control over it until Katherine turned eighteen but the wild child just wants to have fun which Diana fears could leave her dead or broken.

If you haven't guessed already, Diana is a very religious woman. Her aunt, Bailey, first got her to enjoy the life of being under the faith of God. Her faith is just another way for her to hold some reassurance that her family can be, well act, normal and always pushes her family to pray before eating. While she doesn't care what religion her children follow when there under her roof she makes a habit of making sure their aware of the faith she adores so much. Diana knows this must annoy her husband but even so she loves to pray for her family's safety and for God to forgive her husbands sins. The woman though never attends church; mostly because she has never had the time to.

Despite Diana's sweet and peaceful attitude there still dwells a tempered woman within her that can burst out when the line is crossed. True, she can hold her tongue for quite some time but theirs a point when Diana just can't hold her anger in anymore. Her tempered side might actually come as a shock to most people when they see her get angry and once she has started yelling it takes some time for her to stop. Diana tends to hold everything in until she can't hold it in any longer then BAM! it's like everything that has been locked in the back of her head is coming out all at once. When in her tempered state she tends to not think before speaking and only acts in the moment. Mostly her temper shows around her husband and most of time she tends to get violent when angry which comes as a shocker also to people. By violent, I mean, throwing things around the room and at the person her anger is projected on or even attempting to physically hurt someone though of course if it's her husband then he can handle it. Diana mostly got her temper from her mother and after her temper has died down she either cleans, goes to bed, or takes a bath and stays quite for the rest of the night.

Diana has the bad and good in her. Everyone does but Diana always appears as a sweet woman with that charming smile of hers that can brighten someones day. Behind that smile is a jealous, tempered, and independent woman who is scared of losing all the things she has proudly formed over the many years of her life; her family.

【Past, Present, Future】

|Family Tree|
Father | Unknown | ??? | Unknown
Mother | Bonnie St. Claire | 51 | Alive
Aunt | Bailey St. Jude | 56 | Alive
Cousin | Joseph St. Jude | 25 | Alive
Husband | Damon Milano | 38 | Alive
Son | ____ Milano | 20 | Alive
Eldest Daughter | ___ Milano | 18 | Alive
Youngest Daughter | Katherine Milano | 15 | Alive

Diana was born in Enigma; a small town located in Georgia. Enigma would appear to outsiders as a cozy little town filled with neighbors who watched out for each other though Diana was raised there long enough to figure out that appearances were deceiving, especially in a small town like Enigma. Enigma held more sinful and corrupted people than hell could itself. The worst part about the town was the people; the way people acted as though they knew nothing of their corrupted ways and acted like saints sent from heaven. Diana learned this about people in her town as she grew older but in her youth she was naive and hadn't yet been exposed to the evil ways of the world.

As a young elementary girl Diana spent her days cooped up in her room or playing by herself outside as her mother, Bonnie, worked. Bonnie birthed Diana at the age of fifteen and made it her job to point out about how much of a mistake Diana was. Bonnie was a woman who didn't show her love very well towards her child but she was lucky enough to have a child that gave her love to the wrong people, her mother for example. Diana's mother was known to have a night job, that's all Diana knew as a young girl but later in life she found out that her mother was a prostitute. Diana found this out around the age of thirteen though she still held great respect for her dear mother because she knew that her mother was only trying to provide for her family. Though the respect eventually faded after she saw her mothers true colors.

Around the age of fourteen, Diana experienced a horrible event that made her open her eyes to the evil that infected her small little town. One night while Diana was studying her mother had come home early from her 'job' but had brought back a man with her. All Diana remembers from that night was her mother telling her to drink some water that she had given her then after she drunk it her mother walked out of the room and a man entered it. Then everything was black. The next morning she couldn't conjure up what happened though all she knew was that her mother couldn't look her in the eyes that morning and the monthly bills had been paid. Diana knew what her mother had done to her but was blinded by the love she held for her mother and rejected the thought of her mother having a hand in her daughters rape. Though Diana could no longer reject the thought after the third time it had happened.

On Diana's fifteenth birthday she moved to Los Angeles, California to live with her aunt, Bailey, and her baby cousin, Joseph. It was a new start for Diana and she left her crummy little life at Enigma behind her without looking back or telling her mother she was leaving. Diana's new life started out with her coping to her aunts style of living. You had to pray before every meal, read a verse from the bible before going to bed, and praying for others well beings. Her aunt was a woman of god and she made it clear that if Diana was to live under her roof then she must become one as well. Diana loved it though. She loved praying and reading the bible; it was something all new to her that she took great joy in.

It didn't take long for Diana to find her first love in Los Angeles. The boy was a football player who was also the eldest son of The Milano Family. Diana started to figure out what she was getting herself into once she went on her third date with Damon and had got shot at though even that horrific experience didn't scare her away. Before the two had thought about getting serious and dating even after high school, Diana was blessed with a baby boy. Of course, Bailey was upset about her niece giving birth out of wedlock though was proud that her niece took care of the child with no regrets. Diana could also see that her aunt wasn't to fond of Damon though she respected him for staying with her niece instead of leaving. Diana was proud of Damon's dedication to their family that had just begun once he opened up the Night Club.

Diana was happy once her family flourished and was proud of her husband's dedication though as their children grew older and so did her marriage she worried of Damon leaving her or even cheating on her. It crossed her mind more than once over the years though the thought conjures in her mind mostly because of the life style of the mafia. And men themselves cheated but she always knows it was just her mothers old sayings screaming in the back of her head. Diana fears of her children getting hurt because of something that has to do with the Mafia and wants them away from it much as possible, she tried but kids get smarter as they grow older. Theirs just a point of no more hiding it and that time has passed.

【A Little Something Extra】

So begins...

Diana Milano's Story