Elizabeth Casey Catrone

"Watch me carefully, otherwise you may not be able to soon enough..."

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a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, as played by Zoey26123


"Don't expect more than what I give you, that's it."

【Basic Knowledge】

|Full Name|
Elizabeth Casey Catrone





Los Angeles

The Elusive Girlfriend

【Fun Facts】


|Quirks & Habits|
Casey always counts backwards from 1-10 under her breath when she tries to calm herself down, can zoom out when she gets bored enough, always knows where she is by looking around her at the buildings, and holds her breath during shots or tense moments.

Dancing, Aiming, Running, Climbing, Lying, Painting, Photography, and Driving

|Likes & Dislikes|
The color green
Being talked down to
Pink anything
Immature teenagers
Any meal time
Being respected

Painting, basketball, track, dancing, drawing, and Eating

Casey can't stand the idea that she is not someone that is really cared for. She hates being used with a passion, but is understanding and knows that there would be more consequences of her not dating her boyfriend than there already is. Though she is in love with, she isn't sure if she should be.
She has nightmares of her best friend growing ups death.

Agraphobia (sexual abuse), Arsonphobia (fire), and Claustrophobia (tight spaces)

【Just A Little Deeper】

Hard headed|Thoughtful|Supportive|Gentle|Trustworthy
Casey is a usually secluded girl. She is a great person to talk to when you have a secret and will listen. She does not bother telling people what she thinks until she reaches a certain point in her anger. She does not 'blow her top' by yelling, but by talking very low. She is completely loyal to any and all of those that she interacts with and has any good feelings towards. She would never bother with asking questions about other people unless she is dying to know something.

She is not a particular curious person though she is a person who must understand how things work. Casey would never bother worrying herself about other people's business unless asked to. She is easily the strongest minded in her family, hard headed and almost impossible to convince to not do something after she already set her mind to it.

Casey is actually rather kind and gentle though she doesn't show it after learning what it can do to someone. She doesn't believe in herself enough to be strong enough to restrain herself from being mushy if she starts being kind and gentle outwardly. She hates debts and will always try to pay them off. She will always be there for those she cares for and would never hurt them any of them so long as she doesn't think they deserve it.

【Past, Present, Future】

Casey was born into a rather wealthy family that had the father as the mayor of Los Angeles. Casey was always happy growing up, having great friends, great grades, great everything. Then when things got a bit dirtier in her life, she got a little bit dirtier herself. Her best friend was a fellow named Diego. He was sweet and funny and caring and always there for her, but was always a bit out there in the way that he was always watchful, always nervous.

One day, he was over at Casey's house to do homework when her father walked in to find the two together. He recognized Diego as the song of another famous gang and immediately called one of the underlings of the Milanos to come and take care of the boy quietly, to keep Casey from knowing. That night, Diego made his way to sneak into Casey's room to tell her what was going on. When he did, he was caught, killed, and found the next day, his throat slit and his eyes empty. Casey was given a note by the police that had her name on it, apologizing and telling her of things she had never known of.

Casey was told to forget Diego and slowly was able to push him to the back of her mind as she continued her life. When she was told she was going to have an opportunity to date one of the famous Milanos, she jumped on it. She had grown somewhat quiet. Everything wasn't great anymore, in fact, everything felt as if it were going downhill.

Casey was able to be happy as she rested in the relationship, feeling cared for and loved again as Diego had originally done to her. She was rather upset though when she discovered that her boyfriend seemed to be continuously distant, unloving, and rather stale in the relationship they possessed.

Growing up Casey's mother wasn't big in her life, nonexistent really as she was just always so out there and scary in the way she could get sometimes. Casey never complained when she endured her mother's raised hand, but did however tell only Diego of it all. She had no siblings and sometimes felt lonely in her life without someone to talk to, then remembered her friends and was able to get through the bouts.[/hr]
[center][font=bookman old style]【A Little Something Extra】


[I]Casey is allergic to a lot of medications making her have a tough time when it comes to getting better.

So begins...

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