Emilia Milano

"You can't help the blood in your veins."

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a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, as played by Miss Nomer



"Experience is simply the name which we give our mistakes."

【Basic Knowledge】

|Full Name|
"My surname's the sort you hear thrown around. As a threat. Or a cookie."
Emilia Blaire Milano

"When I was little, they called me baby Milano."
Em, Mil, Blaire

Thirty-Two [32]

"Ouch. That hurts."

"Who I have beneath the sheets is not really up for discussion."

"City of Angels."
Los Angeles, California

"I didn't choose to be a gangster's daughter, did I?"
Mafia Boss's Sister

【Fun Facts】

Painting & Art Forgery - Emilia chose to pursue a career in a major art museum for a rather obvious reason: she herself loves to study art, as well as to paint and recreate things. While her main job is dealing with paintings coming in and such, the young woman does also work with the restoration of some paintings. This line of work has given her a keen eye, or sharpened one that already existed, and she can make a pretty convincing forgery, if given the tools and time.
Self Defense - The late Milano patriarch may not have been known to care for his children, in fact being quite neglectful, but some of his underlings saw the benefits of teaching the children to defend themselves. Emilia was not instructed in any specific fighting style, but rather the eclectic techniques of one of the stronger underlings- a medley fighting system that might be common in the streets, though slightly less refined. In the interest of self protection, she's continued to practice despite distancing herself from the family business, visiting a gym regularly.
Creativity - When she was young, and her crueler side still had not been completely reigned in, Emilia was known for exacting the sort of revenge that one rarely saw coming. She's very resourceful, believing that everything can be a tool if one is clever enough. From pillow cases to fire ants.

Theft - Every now and again, Emilia decides that the art isn't being treated very well, or that it isn't being held up in the way that the original artist would have wanted it. So, she returns an exact replica of it, and keeps the original on her wall under the guise of her own recreation. She fears it's the mafia's daughter side of her, but can't help it at times.
Witnessing a Whacking - When Emilia was relatively young, she decided that she didn't want to go to school, and thus got out of the car to go to school, only to sneak into the trunk, intending to get out of the house, before the car left. Of course, the young girl couldn't have known that the car wouldn't be going directly home. Rather, the underling went to finish an errand for their father- an errand involving a brutal murder meant to send a message. Far from the normal killing, she still can't look at the image of an angel in the same way, and occasionally dreams of it.

Her Nieces and Nephews being sucked into the Mafia Life || Her Family Members Dying || Being Pulled into the Mafia World Again || Her Theft Being Discovered || Rats


Art || Museums || Da Vinci || Fresh Paint
Forgeries || Painting || People With Good Eyes for Detail
The Cello || The Base || Musicians || Ballads || Composers
Being Able to Defend Herself || Her Flat || Her Family [Most of the Time]
Hot Tea || Ginger Ale || Cranberries || French Fries || Cigarettes
Flirting || Sex || Dancing || Beautiful People || Wittiness

The Family Business || Lost Causes || Unrequited Affections
Rats || Almonds || Cinnamon || Sweet Tea || Iced Drinks
Bumming Around || Ignorance || Being Cooped Up
Chocolate || 80s Movies || Meaningless Bickering
The Authorities || Metal Music || [The Third in Command]'s Wife
Neglectful Parents || Drunkenness || Fish Tanks || Caged Birds

Painting // Art Collecting
Sparring at her Gym
Taking her Nieces/Nephew Places
Going to Orchestral Performances

【Just A Little Deeper】

{Passionate, Intelligent, Playful, Loyal, Cruel}
Emilia may have been the only child of the former patriarch to try and avoid the family business, but she hardly does this for lack of a spine. The woman has always been known to have a sort of fierceness towards her, a product of a sharp tongue and unwillingness to allow herself to be stepped over. As the youngest child, it was only a matter of fact that she learn to take care of herself- otherwise she would simply end up being stampeded by her elder siblings and their elder friends. In her early youth, Emilia was known for a glare that was threatening beyond its years, and for being incredibly obstinate in getting her way- and often getting it in a way that had a rather vindictive twist to it. But when she does something, the girl does not do it half way. She has a passion to her that is undeniable, and the tendency to throw herself into her work. Had she chosen to follow in her father's footsteps, there is little doubt she would have been a valuable asset to the Milano crime organization. It is worth noting that, just like with her decisions, Emilia sticks by her opinions, and has on occasion been known to get into very heated "debates" about things.

Perhaps her best asset has always been Emilia's intelligence, another thing necessary of the youngest. She was never the strongest or the fastest, so the best way to keep herself with any handle of being on top was through intelligence and resourcefulness. She was the one who would put fire ants in someone's hair if they hit her, because Emilia knew that she wasn't powerful enough to hit back. This was a pattern especially during elementary school, in which she, perhaps thanks to these tactics of 'winning the war', didn't really have very many friends. It wasn't until her encounter with the world of her father that she first began to shy away from such things, and instead turned to using her mind for academics, painting, and getting a way out of the family business. What had once been a source of resentment, the fact that her brother's always seemed to think of each other [even negatively] but never her, became an outlet for her to push herself away. She is a very smart woman, after all, and knows how to deal with situations on her own. There is a reason that she has become a major art curator at some a young age, and her creativity can be seen in original paintings.

These days, Emilia is known to be the 'fun aunt' of sorts, though even she's not entirely sure on where she stands with this. Despite what some of her childhood incidents might suggest, the woman has a loving and playful side to her. She cares very deeply for her family, and has a sort of teasing side that is very obvious when she is conversing with those she finds interesting. In fact, there have been times where she can be rather flirtatious, though typically only when she desires to be so. The girl can be sarcastic, as well, but that's the norm for anyone in this day and age. Her caring nature stems primarily from a very deep loyalty for her family and those she cares about. Even as she pushes herself away from the Mafia Life, she would put her life on the line for her family, and tries her hardest to pull her nieces and nephews away from the life because she believes it to be what's best for them. Blood runs very, very thick, and this is apparent even in the "distant" Milano child.

Emilia is family to influential Mafia members. She cannot scrub this away from her name, despite all efforts to do so. Her name will forever be connected to the reputation of her father, mother, and brothers. And she has the behavior, the capacity, to exhibit this sort of cold brutality that one wouldn't expect from her. Well, perhaps people wouldn't expect it from her because she does her best to suppress it as much as possible. She is intelligent, yes, and perhaps sarcastic at times, but she also demonstrates kindness and warmth as much as she can. But nothing can deny that cruelty and ice within her. The one who could likely kill to protect her family without another thought, who secretly cherishes the feeling of taking down another during sparring, and who, as a child, had that vindictive streak. She could probably hurt someone while looking them clear in the eye, if given the cause. She is not a sociopath, and is a loving person, but Emilia is still her father's daughter, much to her own dismay.

【Past, Present, Future】

Emilia's life was in various ways much like her elder brothers' but in other ways different. Roberto Milano had never been a particularly affectionate father, but he at least seemed to show some sort of interest in the affairs of his sons. Prior to the stereotype, the youngest and only daughter did not receive any sort of princess treatment. Rather, she was seen as having no real use- this family was a rather strict patriarchy, after all, seen in the submissiveness of Emilia's mother. For this reason, Roberto never really bothered himself with the affairs of his youngest child, something which stung Emilia throughout her youth. She developed a sort of cruelness younger than her brothers did, surprisingly, one that should have been softened by naivete but instead seemed to be sharpened by it. She was a clever but spiteful little child, coming up with little revenges like ants in hair and the like. Perhaps elementary school would have taught her compassion, were it not for the fact that her brothers had left behind a legacy that meant the Milano daughter went isolated- not for spite, but for fear. Damon had not been the most benevolent of classmates, it seemed, and it doesn't take much to spook an elementary schooler.

Thus, under the shadow of her elder siblings, as she ever was, Emilia grew to be similar to who she had been in very early childhood- clever, exceptionally so, but also somewhat spiteful. The only person beyond her own family she ever seemed show true fondness for was Rebecca, and even then she envied the girl her brothers' attentions. Emilia, painfully self-centered at this age, considered herself to be the leftover child- the unnecessary. So, for a while, she tried to undo this- she tried to be as strong as her brothers, convincing one of her father's underlings to take her to fighting classes. She tried to be as athletic, involving herself in basketball. However, all of these attempts to be her brothers, and perhaps through this gain some sort of attention from her father, came to a grinding halt that day she attempted to skip school- and in doing so found herself witnessing a murder so brutal that it still dances behind her eyelids today. At the age of 10, she became suddenly willing to not be one of the possible successors. In fact, she began to try and push herself away from the family mold, to the best of her abilities. Nightmares which persisted for several months broke her strange brand of naivete, and in its place, a warmer cynicism grew, oddly.

Her resolution to get away from the family business soon proved to be one of the best things that Emilia ever did for herself. She began to ignore any pain felt by her exclusion from the family activities and such, instead freeing herself to find things she cared about. And what she cared about, the girl found during a field trip to a museum during her sixth grade art class, was art. Now, the young woman may be a talented artist now, but she is not so simply from pure talent. She became a skilled painter, sketcher, and sculptor because she practiced- almost obsessively. From middle school to high school, she became known as the sort of sarcastic, but somewhat strange in her history and reactions, artist. She began to have true friends, an experience long put off, people who shared the same interests and passions as she. Emilia may regret not being part of the family as intimately as the others, but seeing what happened to Evan with his desire to be important to the business, she has never regretting getting out. When it came time for her to go to university, she willingly accepted a scholarship [earned through her hard work, grades, and portfolio that she spent countless late nights and early mornings on] to a school on the opposite side of the country.

[Note: at some point during this general time [Late high school-Early/mid career, Emilia dated FC: Tyler Hoechlin]

When she returned a few years later, with the hope of finding work at one of the museums, Emilia also found another reason to stay in LA: Her nephew and nieces, whom had been born when she was still in middle/high school, but she had never really thought too much about until they were older, and seemed in danger of becoming part of their father's line of work. Despite them being old enough to be her younger siblings, she tried her best to take on an aunt-like role with them, and perhaps to try and keep them away from the mafia. She did this while simultaneously focusing more and more on her work, quickly climbing to be the head art curator of a major museum. Of course, through this time she had also begun to almost compulsively take it upon herself to save works of art that she felt were being mistreated or unappreciated, replacing them with replicas. No one guesses that the paintings ordaining her walls are, in fact, originals.

With the current pressure the government is putting on her family, Emilia is caught between holding her family close and pushing their crime away, a difficult task when it is so tightly interwoven. She's spent much of her life being the child who never really fit the puzzle of her family, who just wanted to be left alone. But that doesn't mean she's going to leave them alone, even if it requires going back on promises she has made to herself. So long as [FC: Tyler Hoechlin] remains at arms length, anyway- she hardly needs more things to deal with right now.

【A Little Something Extra】

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