Harry Tyler

Life is a rich man's game and I intend to play by any means

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"Money makes the world go round, darlin' "

【Basic Knowledge】

|Full Name|
Harry Tyler

There's not really a lot 'Harry' shortens down to. Although he's fairly certain there are a few choice names for him making the rounds




Los Angeles, California

The lead drug trafficker || The greedy bastard

【Fun Facts】


|Quirks & Habits|
Harry has the habit of cracking his neck when he's finished thinking about something and is about to talk
During quieter moments, Harry has a tendency to repeatedly light his lighter for want of something to do or throw it about

Secret keeper While some might not consider it a skill, Harry is pretty good at keeping his mouth closed when it comes to secrets. Something Katie Milano knows all too well. He respects the confidentiality of his clients and keeps tight lipped about their habits to other people, particularly when nosy cops come around.

Persuasion Harry can be very persuasive when he wants to be, particularly when there's money involved, and can usually gets what he wants when he wants it.

Parkour In Harry's line of work, being able to get from A to B quickly, and getting away from the police, comes in pretty handy. Between them, the police know the routes around L.A so Harry takes to the rooftops to keep his distance.

|Likes & Dislikes|
Nosy people
Not getting his fix
80s music
Overly sweet food
His sister
Self righteousness
Time wasters
The beach
Getting his fix
His nephew
Spicy food

Parkour, Drugs,

Emilia Harry's had his eye on Emilia for some time now though he doubts Damon would be to impressed if Harry made a move on his sister

Family He's always told the Milano family that he's out in the world on his own with no ties to anyone but that's not strictly true. While they might not get along, Harry has a sister and a nephew but he'd rather keep them out of this, particularly his nephew.

Drowning, Someone going after his nephew, Losing his money

【Just A Little Deeper】


Greedy, Opportunistic, Superficial, Fearful, Calculating

Harry is a man with few redeemable qualities aside from the obvious love he feels for his nephew. Other than that, there's not a lot. He's a man out for himself and doesn't exactly inspire great warmth from the people who cross his path. Everything is about money as far as this man is concerned. If there's no monetary gain to be found in a task, there's little chance of anyone getting him to do the job. He places a higher value on material property than he does on almost anything else.

The deal he has with the Milano's wasn't something he planned out, it almost just fell into his lap and being the opportunistic son of a gun he is, he took the money making chance and ran with it. That's how he is. Harry floats from job to job, moving from one money making opportunity to a better one. He's not one to feel a great sense of loyalty to his boss. He's not even particularly loyal to the Milano family, only sticking with them out of fear of what they might do to him or his nephew, if they ever find out about him. Harry doesn't really care much what happens to his sister. Her self-righteousness always got on his nerves.

Harry gets a real kick when he gets another customer, even though what he's offering is all too often life destroying. Another customer means more money. And another addict which makes even more money for him. The deal he has going with Katie is a matter of self preservation, knowing one word from her to Damon could end him, literally not just metaphorically. Even then, he manages to wrangle some moment out of the youngest Milano for his services.

【Past, Present, Future】

|Family Tree|

Father| John Tyler| 67| Deceased
Mother | Jackie Tyler |65| Deceased
Sister| Rachel Daniels| 35| Alive
Brother-in-law|Peter Daniels |37|Alive
Nephew| Matthew Daniels | 7| Alive

[I]Harry didn't exactly have the best start in life. The second of the Tyler kids, Harry was born into a family where money was already tight and only got even tighter when Harry was born. His parents were rarely around, leaving Harry and Rachel to fend for themselves from a young age. Young Harry loved his parents, who worked as many hours as they could to make sure they could provide for their children. From a young age, Harry always appreciated the value of money mostly because the family rarely had any.

In his late teens, when Rachel had moved out to live with her friends, money in the house began to pick up. For a while, Harry wasn't sure if it was because there was one less person in the house or if the money really was picking up. It wasn't long before he found out that the money actually was picking up and it was coming from an unsavoury place. His father had fallen in with a small time gang as a drugs trafficker and was making extra money for the family. Seeing an opportunity to make money, Harry got in with the gang too.

Harry's greed and gift for persuasion helped him to become successful in the criminal underworld, making connections and gaining customers to the point it was difficult for the gang to keep up with demand. When Harry was in his early twenties, his parents were killed in a car crash which everyone suspected was related to their father's gang work. To say Rachel disapproved of Harry's career choice was an understatement, particularly after their parents' death, and Harry found her high and mighty attitude grating, cutting of ties from his family shortly after Matthew was born. He soon fell in with the Milano mafia, his reputation as a trafficker helping him to come to their attention. Harry learned from his father's mistakes and kept a respectable distance from the family, just in case everything went wrong for the family. He still occasionally goes to visit his nephew but keeps those trips back home on the quiet so the Milano's don't find out about his surviving family

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Harry Tyler's Story