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"You don't know me"

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a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, as played by yourbunnyboo2


"We make our own paths"

【Basic Knowledge】


|Full Name|
Jolene Lolita Smith

What is your character called? Do they even have nicknames?

She preffers Jo or Lita but also goes by JoJo, and Joey.

It is either the age given or in between the range given


Again, self-explanatory


I don't think we need to have this discussion

Where is your character from? Were they born in LA? What county?

Born in Dixie, Georgia but raised in San Fransisco. They moved to LA two years ago.

What is your character's role in all of this? The roles are written right before I say what face claim it is

The Blogger

【Fun Facts】



|Quirks & Habits|
Humming-Jo hums constantely. She almost always has a tune in her head but most of the time she'l be humming "Jolene", the song she was named after.
Crossing her arms-Jolene developed earlier than most girls crossing her arms over her chest is just a habit.
Biting her lip-Jo bites her lip whenever she's nervous, scared, turned on, or excited
Flinching- due to her abusive past jo has a tendency to flinch when guys touch her unnexpectedly.

Cooking| Speaking Italian "My mom is half Italian"| Vlogging | Being funny| Remembering faces| Being supportive | Remebering random facts about people| Swimming| Running|
|Likes & Dislikes|
Strapless tops
Sharing the bathroom
Her glasses
Being short
Judgemental people
Trying new trends
Vanilla bean fraps
High heels
Seafoam green

Vlogging| Running| Baking

Illegitamite- Her mother had an affair and that's how she got pregnant with Jolene. Her father and sister don't know.

Abused- Jo's ex boyfriend was abusive. He's the reason why they moved. deom San Fransisco

At least 3 of these

Being hurt again
Jo still doesn't fully trust anyone, especially men and has been known to flinch when guys touch her.
Her father
She's terrified he'll find out she's not his and won't love her anymore.
She's scared somebody will find out about her past.


【Just A Little Deeper】

Charismatic, Sweet, Fun loving, Mysterious, Honest,

Jo is quite the socalite with a wild child edge. She's charismatic, she's beautiful, and she has this damaged side of her that intrigues you. She's the kind of girl people are drawn to. She's sweet as sugar but has this little sassy nature to her that makes her likeable. Jo is very mysterious, often hiding any fear or insicurities she might have beind a coy little smile or a shrug.

Growing up Jo wasn't the pretty one. She was the sweet funny one who's amazing personality saved her from scrutiny. As a result she became obsessed with becoming beautiful. She wanted to be every guys dream girl. She didn't do it for vanity though. On the contrary she did it for herself . She deserved to be the apple of some guys eye and she wanted to make sure that happened. From the way she dresses to her hair to her walk, she exuddes a confidence that says bad ass. Everything, from her long brown hai that hangs down her back in careless curls, to her outfits, to her killer heels, says "I'm in charge." And she created her vlog for the same reason, to show girls that they can be in charge and they should wear what they want and be whoever they wanted to be.

Jo can be quite unpredictable. She does party often but she also gets good grades. But Jo loves to let out her frustrations with a good drink and a couple laughs. This doesn't mean she's a bad girl, she's not. What she is is a girl who works hard and plays hard. A girl who loves to flirt but is far from a slut. A girl with secrets she has no intentions of sharing. Jo is not the all american girl. Jo is the girl on a mission to make herself and those around her happy and she doesn't give a damn what you think.

[font=bookman old style]【Past, Present, Future】


Tell me about your character's past. What particular moment made them who they are now? Did they have a happy childhood?

Jo had a bit of a unconventional childhood. Her mother had an afair, which is how Jo was born but never told her father never knew. Jo was the apple of her fathers eye so neither Lana nor Jo had any intentions of telling him.

Jo's parents attempted to be there for their children as much as possible but that often wasn't a possibility. Jo's father is Foreign travels writer for the National Geopgraphic and her mother is the head of a top fashion magazine. So both of them travel often. The only time the family is together for extended times is when her mom is pregnant. So Jo and her five siblings were raised by Lana's parents. Her grandfather was an eccentric fun ex musician and he grandmother was a ruthless vain retired head of the same fashion magazine her mom is now the head of. Needless to say their childhoods were quite interesting. Jo was always the chubby one though. She has big round cheeks and a round little body. But she used her natural charming demeanor and cute quirky attitude to make friends.

The summer before High school though she became hot. She lost her baby fat and worked out continuously leaving natural curves and the goodd qualities she always had like naturally long thick curls and bright hazel eyes. Suddenly everybody wanted Jo but Jo only wanted one guy. The notorious bad boy Nick Delaphante. Nick was the kind of boy that is usually only seen on movie screens. He had a movie star face, dove a range rover (as opposed to a motorcycle), and smoked pot in the school parking lot. They were official within a month. But dating Nic came with alot of baggage. He had a temper, was always jelous, controlled her wardrobe and her friends, and he had alot of family drama. Jo never minded all of that, at least not until he stated turning his anger on her. It all seemed to hapen so fast and before she knew it she was in the hospital with a black eye and a broken rib cage. She dumped him that day and told him to stay away from her but he wouldn't. Her parents decided it was time for a change of pace so they moved to L.A. Josephs parents moved from Georgia to L.A as well.

Around the time of the move Jo bean vlogging and soon became a very famous vlogger. She makes vlogs about everything from Fashion, Makeup, and hair to Social issues, her exsperience with Abuse, and her life in general. It's like her disry that she shares with the world.

Paternal Grandfather|Stephen Smith|62|Alive |
Paternal Grandmother| Jenna Colbert -Smith|60|Alive
Maternal Grandfather | Charles Santini| 56|Alive
Maternal Grandmother |Gwen Santini| 54| Alive|
Mom| Lana Santini-Smith| 43|Alive|
Father| Joseph Smith | 46|Alive |
Sister|Eliza Smith-Daniels | 25|Alive|
Brother-in-law| Andree Daniels| 26| Alive|
Neice|Olivia Daniels| 7| Alive |
Nephew |Owen Daniels|5| Alive|
Sister| Magnolia Smith| 21|Alive
Bother| Justin Smith| 18| Alive|
Sister| Beonna Smith|17|Alive|

【A Little Something Extra】

[i]Anything more you want to include - a theme song or a few tidbits that didn't quite make the cut for any of the sections of the CS


So begins...

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