Katherine Milano

You can go big or you can go home

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a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, as played by phoenixheart


"You get one shot, might as well go big or go home"

【Basic Knowledge】

|Full Name|
Katherine Milano

Katie (preferred), Kate, Kathy




Los Angeles, California

The crime boss' youngest daughter || The party girl

【Fun Facts】


|Quirks & Habits|
- Katie is unable to keep still for long periods of time. Even if she has nothing to do, she is liable to just get up and walk around the house just to keep herself moving
- She tends to bite her lip when she's concentrating on something
-when it's her turn to do the dishes, Katie has a very set pattern on how everything should be and gets a little antsy when someone messes with her system

Multilingualism Katie is fluent in English and Italian, and near fluent in Spanish

Basic self defence While she might be a long way from being an accomplished fighter, Katie can hold her own against most people if the situation ever called for it.

Lying Despite what most people might think by looking at her, Katie prides herself on being an accomplished liar. She has absolutely no problem with looking someone straight in the eye and lying to them. It's mostly this skill that's stopped her getting into major trouble with her family over her life choices.

|Likes & Dislikes|
Having nothing to do
Boring people
The end of a party
Being told what to do without good reason
Stubborn people
People who are too skinny
Sudden loud noises
Bright colours
Getting her own way
People playing with her hair
Her best friend
Long baths

Partying, Swimming, Listening to music

Her drinking habit Katie is a pretty heavy drinker, especially for someone so young and isn't altogether sure if she can kick the habit on her own but she refuses to admit that she has a problem.
Harry Tyler Katie knows full well that she can't just walk into a store and buy alcohol. There's no way anyone would fall for that. So she bribes Harry into getting the goods for her.

Her parents finding out about her drinking habit
Her best friend getting pulled into the mafia

【Just A Little Deeper】


Loyal, Cynical, Manipulative, Sarcastic, Playful

The face Katie puts on all depends on who's around. Around her family she's fairly happy go lucky and tends to just brush any problems off. Sure, some of them might suspect that she's something of a wild child, but she puts on an innocent front to keep them guessing. Katie knows she pretty much has her father wrapped around her little finger and more than uses it to her advantage but she's not silly about it. She has Harry for alcohol. She somehow doubts her father would get her alcohol at the rate she drinks it. Besides, she's got Harry wrapped around her little finger too. They both know one word to the patriarch would be enough to bring Harry down.

Away from her family, Katie is much more of a wild child, throwing herself into every party she can. She goes from being daddy's little princess to being the life and soul of the party. She flirts with everyone and anyone and more than lively enough for a handful of people. She has no problem with hooking up with people for the night despite her young age. It's all, part of being human.

Giving that she knows appearances can be deceptive, Katie is hugely cynical and rarely takes anything at face value. The only person she truly trusts in her best friend. Katie knows he's got her back regardless of what mess she gets herself in to. She's eternally grateful to him for keeping her out of trouble and gets defensive if anyone badmouths him.

【Past, Present, Future】

Family Tree

Grandfather| Roberto Milano| 75| Deceased
Grandmother |Feliciana Milano|70| Alive
Father|Damon Milano|38| Alive
Mother|Diana Milano|36| Alive
Uncle| Evan Milano|35| Alive
Aunt| Emilia Milano|32|Alive
Brother|______ Milano|20|Alive
Sister|________ Milano|18|Alive

Born on August 29th 1997, Katherine Milano is the youngest of the three Milano children. While her mother kept a tight leash on all her children, Katie never really had any problem in sweet talking her way into getting what she wanted. Not that she was bratty about it, far from it. As she got older part of the deal of getting what she wanted was to keep her grades up at school, which she dutifully does. When Katie was still a young child, the Harmon family moved into the neighbourhood and this was when she was introduced to Michael and the two became firm friends and were close during elementary school.

Everything was going wonderful for Katie. She had great friends and a loving family, even if they were a little suffocating at times. Everything started to fall apart during Middle School. She had suspected for a little while that there wasn't something quite 'right' about the way the family did business and when she was about to hit her teens she found out that she was in a mafia family. Around the same time, she began to drift away from Michael and fell in with what most parents would consider the wrong crowd. They were a group of people who liked to party hard and Katie found herself becoming addicted to this lifestyle. Most of her nights were now spent drinking, partying and hooking up with whoever she liked.

Highschool brought back some semblance of normality for Katie and she rekindled the friendship she had with Michael although she kept up her partying habits, despite Michael's apparent disapproval. When she ended one party decidedly worse for wear, Michael stepped up to the mark and told her to call him if she ever needed help. She suspects that Michael might be sweet on her but she refuses to explored that particular avenue, afraid of losing a good friend or getting Michael more involved than he already is.

【A Little Something Extra】

I think we're all good here

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