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a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, originally authored by InfamousParadox, as played by RolePlayGateway





【 Basic Knowledge 】

Image|| Full Name ||
Lawrence James Alexander
|| Nicknames ||
Unless you give one to him, he has none. Also goes by James.
|| Age ||
|| Gender ||
|| Sexuality ||
|| Hometown ||
London, United Kingdom
|| Role ||
The Charming Consultant

【 Fun Facts 】

|| Quirks and Habits ||ImageImageImage
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|| Skills ||
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|| Likes ||
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|| Dislikes ||
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|| Hobbies ||
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|| Secrets ||
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|| Fears ||
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【 Just A Little Deeper 】

|| Personality ||
Ambitious || Charismatic || Manipulative || Clever || Conceited || Independent

ImageLawrence has a strong desire to achieve his goals, meaning he is ambitious. He is hard-working and determined and doesn't give up easily. Ambition requires great focus and single-mindedness that enables most people with this trait to succeed at their goals. However, with ambition, he often puts his goals above everything else, including the people or priorities in life that should come first. When ethics and 'success' clash, achieving the goal often wins out.

Along with his ambition, is his knack for reading others and knowing what they want to hear, and a need to manipulate others in order to get what he wants. His particular charisma comes off as charming and appealing. Lawrence is great at reading people and situations. He is usually able to discern motives and true intent. Building relationships and developing trust comes easily to him, but often these people become tools that are acquired, used, and cast aside.

He is incredibly manipulative, and through years of practice, has always been able to appear genuine. He is overtly aware of his ability and uses it to get what he wants. Some may not see their actions as being wrong, while he knows it is but doesn't care. His reasons for manipulating mainly stem from having an inflated ego. Lawrence is pragmatic and very good at succeeding at whatever he sets out to do. He has a strong ability to read any given situation, and understand the complexities of emotion and how to use it to achieve a goal. He also can tackle situations with minimal emotion, or quickly negate personal emotions that stand in the way of what they want. On the darker side, he often thinks in the terms of 'collateral damage', meaning that he gets what he wants even if it means bodies are left behind. It can be difficult to trust someone who is manipulative, as there will always be doubt as to whether an emotion being shown is genuine, or an act.

Lawrence has always lived in an environment where he must be resourceful to survive, causing him to become quite clever. He has an intuitive need to know how things work, a desire to make things more functional and efficient, and a strong imagination. He is a creative thinker and often sees what others miss. While others are content to follow along, Lawrence is interested in 'the how and why' something is done and likes to pursue his ideas on how to how to make things better. He also has an uncanny ability to assess a situation quickly and focus on a solution that may be simple yet innovative, leaving those around them to wonder how they had not thought of the same solution long ago. Along with this, he has a hard time being told what to do. He often flouts the rules or ignore instructions if he views them as inefficient or flawed. In some of these cases, he can manipulate in order to get what he needs.

Lawrence has an overly favorable view of himself and his abilities; he is conceited, vain, and egotistical. He will often be the first to step up in a difficult situation; as an undercover agent, he is often assigned the most difficult of missions. He is noticeable and talked about, (not always in a positive way) but this trait stands out in a crowd, especially those who work in the consulting firm with him. On the negative side, if he is pushed far enough, he can become extremely violent. He often views his relationships as stepping stones to a higher goal.

Because he believes he can do things better, more quickly, and more efficiently than others, Lawrence is very independent. He sees himself clearly. He knows what he can do and is comfortable taking action when others might be cowed. His past successes prove his capability, so he's able to work alone, and often prefers to do so. He is sure of himself and so isn't overly concerned about the perceptions of others. As a result, he is better able to maintain focus on his goals and the job at hand.

【 Past, Present, Future 】

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【 A Little Something Extra 】

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