Michael Harmon

"We all need something to fight for. Something that will give you a few more seconds to do what you have to when everything comes crashing down."

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a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, as played by GreenPegg


"With self-discipline, most anything is possible." - Theodore Roosevelt

【Basic Knowledge】


|Full Name|
Michael Tyler Harmon

Mike, Rook, Ken




Raleigh, North Carolina

The Youngest Child’s Best Friend/The Protector

【Fun Facts】


|Quirks & Habits|
When he's anxious, he clenches and releases his fists in regular intervals to calm himself.
When he is excited or nervous, he can't help but rub his hands together. [/list]

Martial Arts: Michael is a very talented martial artist, especially for his age, having trained for more then half of his life. He is a fully trained black belt in Karate and has practiced Jeet Kune Do for the past three years, combining both into his own free form style which he is always seeking to improve on.
Japanese: Due to his interest in martial arts, Michael gained a curiosity about Japan and eastern culture as a whole when he was younger. So, to get to know it better, he was taught Japanese and can speak it almost fluently.
Patience: Martial Arts taught Michael many things, one of which being the importance of patience. He knows everything has a time and is willing to wait longer then most for it to happen.
Reflexes and Perception: Michael has always noticed things faster then most. Even as a child, he had an uncanny eye for detail and knew when to look for something. He uses this in not only training, but in everyday life and trying to use this knowledge to help or hurt, if necessary.

|Likes & Dislikes|
Being an Only Child
Obnoxious People
Most Social Networking Sites
Forced Attention
Martial Arts
Video Games
The Milanos
The Beach

One of Michael oldest pastimes is playing the odd game of Street Fighter with his dad, as it's what he played with his father when he was a little boy.

Just In Case: After some thugs with guns tried to mug him and Katie one night, he secretly decided to buy one of his own and learn how to use it. He found a guy who sold him a pistol and practiced with it, becoming at least a half decent shot. No one knows he has it or that he keeps it under the seat of his car in a hidden compartment.
Burning At Both Ends: When Michael is angry or sad, he always puts that energy into something constructive; most of the time, training. This leads to him being tired more than he'd like to admit or does admit. Katie's escapades recently have him extremely stressed and feeling like he's going to just explode one day from keeping all these pent up emotions.
There's Something About The Milano's: Michael has always known that there was something "less than savory" with the family that lived next door. Little details started piling up over the years and were confirmed one night when Katie had gotten too drunk and spilled the beans to her friend. Michael is still loyal to her and the family as he sees them as part of his own family, but this definitely puts a lot of unwanted pressure on him.

Losing Her: By far Michael's greatest fear is of losing Katie. He cares about her so much and goes out of his way to try and keep her safe, but how long until he won't be able to help her? How long until no one will be able to pull her out from the trouble she's heading towards?
The Future: Michael is truly fearful of the future. He has no idea what it holds for him or those around and that uncertainty terrifies him. Besides, the end of high school is quickly approaching and he has no idea what he wants to do with his life.
Kill or Be Killed: He knows it's going to happen. With the way things are going and with what he knows about the Milanos, it's an inevitability. It will come down to himself and the people he cares about and someone else and he will have to take someone's life in order to survive He's not so much scared of doing it, more of the guilt that comes with it.

【Just A Little Deeper】

Michael is seemingly a paragon among a generation of low ambition and poor self control. His proficiency and dedication in everything he does paints a very different picture than how he sees himself. Most people see him as this perfect rich pretty boy, never having to work for anything while in actuality, he is always working towards something, having to work even harder because of said preconceptions of him. When challenges come his way, he always tries to benefit and learn from them.
His loyalty to his friends and family is fierce, which is not always a good thing. Nothing would make him happier to end up with Katie, but he knows that it’s very unlikely. He is however, still hung up on her, not being able to move on and still protecting her out of loyalty as a friend. He is aware of his problems with loyalty, but thinks now with all that is going on in his life, isn't the time to deal with it. His loyalty does not always equal complaisance as he has done some things that he was told not to were in some cases illegal because he felt they were important.

Michael is a very kind guy, being generous with his attention and time, but is very pent up emotionally, feeling like he can handle his own emotional baggage as he doesn’t want to bother anyone with them. These emotions are channeled into his work, sometimes leading to unwanted results. This way of dealing with things also contributes to the fact that Michael has a tendency to be nigh antisocial when very angry or upset, putting up mental blinders to everything except what he has to do.

【Past, Present, Future】


Michael was born on July 11 1996 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He lived there with his surgeon parents until he was five, when they decided to return to the town where they had grown up in; Los Angles. Michael was anxious about the move, so his parents decided to introduce themselves to a family in the neighborhood they noticed also had some kids around Michael’s age; the Milanos. While their parents were socializing, the children all played in the backyard. While the children for the most part all got along, the parents could tell that Michael and Katie took a liking to each other. Over time, this blossomed into a friendship, and eventually, romantic feelings towards the girl.
Around this time, Michael’s father, an enthusiast of old style arcade games himself, introduced Michael to video games, more specifically, Street Fighter. Michael was amazed at what the characters were doing with each punch or kick making the child’s jaw drop. When he asked his father if he could learn to be like that, his father hesitated and told the child that if he still wanted this in a few years, that he would support him. And so, at age 7, Michael entered his first dojo to learn Karate.
While most kids his age had outlets like painting or football to unleash their energy and creativity, Michael was breaking boards and loving it. He trained every day, earning a name for himself in the LA area and at his dojo where he at first was called Rookie or Rook for short, but eventually gained the respect of the older kids and the instructors, some of who started calling him Ken, after his video game idol. Katie was proud of her friend, but the two drifted apart during middle school. as she seemed to be hanging with a different type of crowd.
As the years went by, Michael earned his black belt and Karate and around the same time began training in Jeet Kune Do to fill the new gap in time he had received. He balanced school and his hobby well, maintaining a 3.4 GPA all throughout school.
When he arrived in high school, Katie and himself reconnected and Michael was happy to have his best friend back, but she was different. She was drinking and partying most nights which Michael didn’t really enjoy as he worried about her from the sidelines. After one Saturday morning when she arrived at his doorstep drunk and missing her purse, Michael decided to look after her more, telling her if she ever needed help, to call him. That was around a year ago and ever since, Michael has been making sure she’s safe and alive after her times with the bottle, especially in the more seedier parts of town.

So begins...

Michael Harmon's Story