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Rebecca Sinclair

"The day you hurt this family is the day I bury you six feet under."

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a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, as played by ChloeB223


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“It all comes down to serving the ones who are fighting alongside you, watching your back, putting a weapon in your hand when you need it most.”
~ James Luceno

【Basic Knowledge】


Rebecca Elizabeth Sinclair

Becca, Bex, Becky, Sinclair, Auntie Bex, & jokingly Mrs. Milano




Des Moins, Iowa


The Family Lawyer

【Private Details】

  • Eidetic Memory - Rebecca has very good memorization skills. She can remember faces, images, and various sounds pretty well, though she cannot pinpoint one particular one in the midst of a lot as good.
  • Communication - It surprises those who knew her as a child that her impatience can be put on the back burner when she is in lawyer mode. She has great people skills and is able to weave through a crowd and socialize without faltering. She has a great capacity for sympathizing with others or at least appearing like she does. It is because of this that she can calm the boys down when they begin fighting.
  • Multilingualism - Rebecca speaks Spanish, English, Chinese, and Italian.
  • Gunnery - Rebecca is not the greatest shooter there ever was, but she has a pretty good aim and is teaching the middle child how to shoot.
  • Cooking - Living in a house with a chef made her become an exceptional cook. She had to given her allergies. While the Milanos have a new chef in their midst, it is always going to be good if Rebecca cooks. Plus, she cooks when she's upset, so there's always something to munch on.

Pregnancy ~ No, Rebecca isn't pregnant. But she wants to be. Granted, she hasn't brought that up to her boyfriend, but she's watched the kids grow up. She has been there for all of them; she has even helped with raising them. And it's left her with this bittersweet yearning for a child of her own.
Murder ~ It was probably about three years ago. Rebecca was dealing with an angry client. He was angry that the judge wasn't seeing their side of the story, which was rather unfortunate because he lost his sister. But there was no proof. It was one of the few cases that Rebecca didn't win. He was angry with Rebecca for losing the case and came over to her apartment to confront her about it. However, his confrontation escalated into violence and when she felt overpowered, Rebecca pulled her gun out on him. Instead of calling the police, she called her boyfriend in her panicked state and he got some of the men that worked for the Milanos to clean everything up. They have kept it on the down low, but the guilt remains. It's one of the reasons why Rebecca does not like being in her apartment alone.
Her Scar ~ It is from a car accident. It is in the system as her fault, but in reality, it was her mother who was in the driver's seat. Rebecca was sixteen at the time and her mother had been drunk and driving. When the car slammed into another vehicle from behind, Rebecca dazedly switched seats with her barely-there mother. To this day, the scar has faded on her forehead but the one in her heart still bleeds. She barely talks to her mother and when they do, this stays out of the conversation.



☩Quirks & Habits☩
  • Separating her food Certain things cannot touch and it disturbs me when they do
  • Bites at the tip of her thumb when she is in a serious conversation or is feeling anxious and worried
  • Her arms are almost crossed as if she is trying to cover herself. Rebecca's self-esteem has increased over the years, but her days as a chubby child still resonate with her and she sometimes feels conscious without needing to
  • As a means of reigning in control of her emotions and actions, Rebecca tends to tuck hair behind both of her ears.

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【Just Below The Surface】


Rebecca is a walking paradigm of all things difficult to understand. You could think for one moment that you understand her character, but once you've accomplished that feat, you've only realized that you have peeled back only one layer of her personality. She can be entirely different woman at a conference than the one in the office, both of which are serious and hard to intimidate. To put it frankly, she is not easy to understand and the only ones who do are the ones who simply accept who she is.

Her capacity to love and sympathize is what her close friends and family recognize in her. Rebecca is one that shows irrevocable loyalty and undying affection for those she deems closest to her. She smiles and laughs like normal people and actually has her own little quirky sense of humor. She appeals to people and has great communication skills. She is not one to appear as if she has any issues with her confidence and seems to just feel comfortable in the presence of others. She is not the most social of people; she would not start a conversation spontaneously. She would rather observe first, eye the crowd to seek out those worthy of or even who might be entertaining enough to have a conversation with. Her mannerisms are not one of a chef's daughter, but of a young woman groomed in a rich society.

But the part of her that most see is the one that intimidates without trying to intimidate; the one who cannot lose patience easily and will result to tasteful threatening if the situation seems to leave her grasp or control. Rebecca is not a woman who acts simply on impulses. She is more prone to acting colder and steeling her facial expressions, keeping herself calm. It was a manner she acquired from college and it has resonated with her in times when she has to calm others down. Even in her business setting, Rebecca does not always speak out-rightly and some mistake that for shyness. That is not the case. In fact, Rebecca likes to refrain from speaking out in debates, carefully deciding her words and reigning in her own emotions. She is not the most controlling of people; she has learned over the years that she cannot take charge over everything and has learned to take a step back. But that does not mean she is submissive either.

Rebecca has always been strong and resilient. It is why she has lasted so long with this family. At the end of the day, however, Rebecca is herself. She loves and cares deeply, so much so that it consumes her. She is fiercely protective of her loved ones and would everything on the line for them. She can act recklessly and sometimes fails with caring for herself. She would spend so much time worrying about everyone else that her own issues seem fleeting. But that's just who she is. A powerful and steely lawyer by day, a selfless lover by night.

【Past, Present, & Future】


☩Family Tree☩
~ Father| 60| Alfonso Sinclair| Alive
~ Mother| 57| Rebecca Wentworth| Alive
~ Brother| 25| Tristan Sinclair| Alive

When Rebecca was born to her parents, their marriage was already on the rocks. Although he was a chef, finding a location for his restaurant collided with her ambitions on becoming a politician. Rebecca Wentworth was a woman from an upper middle class family; Alfonso Sinclair was not. She was used to living in finery and splendid luxury; he was not. It did not bother him to live in an apartment with their baby. It bothered her. So, by the time Rebecca was three, the two were divorced and she was living with her mother in Des Moins.

However, that would not be the case for too long. It began on a visit to Los Angeles, California. Every summer, Rebecca stayed with her father in the sunny state, the best state in the United States in her little eyes. There was always her father's awesome cooking and tons of fun things to do. On one such trip to visit him when she was seven, her mother came along. The older Rebecca's date didn't go so well, so she changed her plans to spend it with her daughter. If that had been one thing little Rebecca could tell you now about her mother, it would be that she was a good one. Needless to say, her parents hooked up that summer. It was also the summer she met Damon Milano and his younger siblings.

Her father opened up his restaurant, but business was slow. He wasn't the only Mexican restaurant on the block and was hired by the Milano family as their private chef and also one of their favorite caterers for family events. Alfonso was cooking that evening, older Rebecca was exploring some high-class restaurants and clubs, and young Rebecca always wanted to see the Milano residence. Once there, she was told to go play with the other kids. Naturally, she was shy when she first met them, but Damon was being mean to his brother. Rebecca would not be able to tell you what possessed her to interfere, but before she knew what she was doing, she slapped Damon across the face and told him to back off.

Granted, it landed her a stern lecture from her father and the older Milano brother ignored her at least for the rest of the evening. However, Rebecca spent mostly every day and sometimes nights at the Milano residence and the majority of those visits were requested by the siblings themselves. It was horrible for her, at first, to consider going back home with her mother after she made such great and protective friends. But older Rebecca agreed to give her relationship with her ex-husband another shot, especially considering the fact that she discovered she was pregnant in mid-August.

It didn't work. This time, however, both kids stayed with their father. It was safer. Older Rebecca, after the second and final break-up, threw herself into her drinking and spending money. She threw lavish parties all the time. At some point, the woman decided to stay in California. She said it was because she wanted to be near her children; Rebecca surmised that her mother made quite a few friends in LA, some of them being celebrities. Either way, she ignored her mother's constant bickering and complaints over her not being as social or putting herself in the limelight. Which, in a way, she was. She was in the spotlight for several different colleges by the time she reached her sophomore year in high school. It was also during these years that a car accident her mother caused, and which she took the blame to protect her mother's image, occurred, leaving Rebecca with a scar and a mother who tries her hardest to forget the sacrifice her daughter made. She was the co-captain of the tennis team, a cheerleader, and she had an outstanding grade point average.

It didn't take long, too, for her to realize her feelings for the younger Milano son. It was a crush at first. Despite the rumors that there was a little love triangle between herself and the boys, something about ____ drew her in. He was darker than his brother, sometimes even crueler. But his capacity for tenderness and loyalty to his family was what ensnared her heart. It was no secret that that was the main reason why she did not have many boyfriends in high school or pick a school too far away. Rebecca graduated and attended Stanford University as an English major on a Pre-Law track. Coming in with credits from her IB program, Rebecca graduated a year early.

Her relationship with ______ did not take long to blossom, nor did it take too long for her to get into law school. From there, she worked hard. She was pretty much a constant in her brother's life from day one, she had an internship while working (she did not believe in asking for her mother to take care of her student loans), and her relationship went smoothly. They had their scuffles; she still thinks he cheated at some point. But she was happy and content and once finished with Law school, she began working for a nearby firm as one of their top lawyers. How surprised her bosses would be if they discovered how she puts her lawyer skills to good use when she's not in the office.

So begins...

Rebecca Sinclair's Story