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Sam Ellis

"FBI Agent working the Milano case"

0 · 233 views · located in Los Angeles, CA

a character in “Rise of the Milanos”, as played by conor


Special Agent Sam Ellis
"It's easy to bend rules in this job. The hard part is convincing yourself that it's right even when you know it's wrong"

【Basic Knowledge】

|Full Name|
Samuel Phillip Ellis





Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Lead investigator on the Milano Case

【Fun Facts】

|Quirks & Habits|
Sam is a man of habit, every two hours on the hour he has a cup of tea. It reminds him of his past, his home and most importantly it seems to be the only constant thing in his life.

Marskmanship: Ellis is an ex-SAS officer. He has been trained in the art of warfare by the best. More importantly he is trained to shoot and not miss. Extensive and excruciating training regimes have honed his skills to the level at which he can class himself as a prolific marksman. Of course being the man he his he doesn't talk or boast about his skills, but annual agent training reports don't lie.

Cooking: Ellis regards cooking as a fine art that needs to be mastered. The scents and aromas of the kitchen help Sam to wind down after work. He finds joy in creating something from scratch and infusing it with ingredients of your choice. His food might not be five star quality but it sure beats a takeaway.

Hand-to-hand Combat: During his time in the British SAS Ellis was trained in multiple different martial arts. From Krav Maga to combat JiuJitsu an everything in between. He has developed a keen skill in the art of hand to hand. Every now and then he practices to release some stress and tension but as of now has yet to use these skills as an agent in the FBI.

| Likes |
Tea • Whiskey • Football (Soccer) • Cooking • Reading • Family • Politics • Classical music • Liverpool Football Club

| Dislikes |
The Milano Family • Coffee • Cats • Pop Music • Arrogance • Tennis • Golf • Wine

Cooking food • Watching football games(soccer) • Listening to classical music • His job

A man with Ellis' past is bound to have some secrets. He's been to war-zones in some of the most hostile places on the planet. He's seen and done things that most people wouldn't have the guts for. Whatever mental scars he's gained from the years, he sure does keep awful quiet about them.

Not being able to avenge his girls • Loneliness • Losing touch with who he is

【Just A Little Deeper】


What can you say about the mind of a man who has been through so much in so little time? How do you know the person you see is the person that resides within. They always say that the quiet man is the one you should you fear and that's certainly true in Sam's case. Especially for the Milano family.

Before all this Sam was a warm hearted guy, he loved his family, his job and everything about his life. What was there not to love about it. Life was stable and he was happy. That changed, 5 years ago. 5 long hard lonely years. During these years Sam's personality has changed so many times it is hard to pinpoint just who he is anymore, is he the same Sam that came to America with hope?

When his girls were killed Sam fell into a spiral of depression. The light of his life was gone, the two little girls that he centred his life around disappeared and he became unstable. This depression increased even more so when his wife filed for divorce 3 years later. He doesn't blame her. He was insufferable to be around but she was still his last remaining rock to lean against. His anchor and his only hope. He almost got fired from his job, poor performances and anti-social tendencies alienated him.

Things began to change again once he received the lead role in the Milano case. He was shocked he was assigned. With such personal connection what was he doing anywhere near this? But it only proved to ignite something inside of him. Anger. Rage. He used this to direct all of his energy into the case. This was his chance to bring down the family that destroyed his. He vowed to make the pillars of house Milano crumble one by one. Stopping at nothing to bring them to justice. Whether it be through the courts or at gunpoint. His investigations became ruthless. His interrogations stepped close to the lines of illegal, but he was FBI. He was in charge of bringing down the biggest and most dangerous family in LA. People turned a blind eye and some even covered his tracks. Ellis wasn't the only one who wanted the Milanos gone.

【Past, Present, Future】

|Family Tree|
Maria Anastasia Ellis/Newman (35) - Wife (Divorced)
Sarah Jane Ellis (6) - Daughter | Deceased
Helena Ellis (3) - Daughter | Deceased

Sam was born in the year 1977 somewhere in a small farming community in Yorkshire, England. When he was a young boy he dreamed of being a soldier in her majesties army. At the age of 6 he saw the pictures of the war in the falklands, seeing all the soldiers in their uniforms pushed Sam over the next couple of years to become a soldier. At the age of 18 he applied at the local recruiting office and was enrolled in basic training a few weeks later.

The now private Ellis got his first deployment to Bosnia & Herzegovina during Operation Joint Endeavour. During this time he saw relatively little combat experience and was later re-posted into Northern Ireland as part of the ongoing Operation Banner. Newly promoted Corporal Ellis saw heavy fighting in Northern Ireland against IRA nationalist fighters. After a year in Northern ireland Ellis applied to become a member of the Special Air Service, a special operations branch of the British Military. His application was accepted and he underwent rigorous training regimes including solo survival and a grueling 36 hour RTI (resistance to interrogation) test. During this test he underwent several deprivating methods of torture in order to prepare him in the event of capture by insurgent forces, most of which are condemned by the UN. Some of these tortures included sleep deprivation, time disorientation, prolonged nakedness, sexual humiliation and deprivation of warmth, water and food. Almost all of which are against international law.

Ellis survived this and was granted a place in the prestigious SAS. Now promoted to Staff Sergeant he was deployed to Sierra Leone in 2000. Operation Barras was the codename for the operation. He was dropped deep into enemy territory with a number of other SAS soldiers. Their task was to extract a number of British army prisoners who were being held captive by the 'West Side Boys' a local militia. During the operation Ellis killed 2 of the local militia however he was shot in the soldier and severely wounded. The operation was a success. All 5 members of the captured soldiers were released along with a number of locals who had been held captive. Ellis was shipped back to England in order to recover from hims wounds. It was here that he met his future wife Maria.

Maria was a young American girl who had come over to the UK to get her masters in medicine. They met in a park near the hospital Sam was staying in and they fell in love. They moved in to a small house outside of London. In 2001 Ellis took part in the Invasion of Iraq. He served here for two and a half years taking part in various operations in an attempt to find Osama bin laden. In 2003 Ellis was medically discharged after suffering multiple shrapnel wounds from a roadside IED. He then moved to America with his new wife Maria.

Upon arrival the two married and moved into an old run down beachside property in Los Angeles. Their first child Sarah Jane Ellis was born very soon after. Over the next few months the couple began to renovate the run down house and turned it into a proper and very comfortable abode. Their second child Helena was born in 2006 at which time Sam applied for naturalisation to become a citizen of the United States. After gaining citizenship he applied to the FBI as a junior special agent.

In august of 2009 Sam found himself sitting in a small ice cream shop with his two girls. The sun shone through the windows as the three gleefuly ate ice creams and talked about their days. Seconds later the earth shuddered and life as Sam knew it changed. After the bomb blast Sam could barely keep consciousness. The ringing in his hears and the pain in his head rendered him incapable of moving. The sun shone brightly in his eyes as the sounds of screaming and sirens rang faintly in the distance. Even the slightest of movements seemed to hurt but he managed it. Turning his head to where his two daughters were only moments ago he felt the very being of him crushed. Lying their lifeless were his two angels. Arms wrapped around each other as if they were only sleeping. But sam knew better. The cuts and gashes that covered their bodies told their own story. The crimson stream creeping it's way down the rubble and the cold, lifeless expressions upon their faces. From what he can remember the next few moments where a mixture of tears and screaming. His two girls, gone.

After that event Sam was barely a shell of his former self. Barely able to function as a human being. Relying solely on his wife for support. He was so selfish in his grief that he forgot that she had lost her daughters too, and thus they drifted apart. Both grieved alone and eventually lived alone. Sam depression taking too much of a heavy toll on Maria she was forced to move away back to her parents home in San Francisco. Eventually the divorce papers came through, Maria could not cope with the strain any longer and initiated the proceedings. Sam was not angry at her, he accepted that he had driven her away and that it would be best for her to separate. It would be easier to lament their loss that way. The divorce went smoothly. Maria requested nothing off of Sam and he ended up keeping all of his possessions and the house. They went their separate ways and did not communicate again. Sam took up drinking and almost lost his job.

Then, he was assigned to the Milano case.

【A Little Something Extra】

Anything more you want to include - a theme song or a few tidbits that didn't quite make the cut for any of the sections of the CS

So begins...

Sam Ellis's Story