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West Side


a part of Rise of the Milanos, by ChloeB223.

The West Side

ChloeB223 holds sovereignty over West Side, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Venice Beach, some popular hangout spots, and the Milano mansion are in this location
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West Side

The West Side


West Side is a part of Los Angeles, CA.

2 Places in West Side:

4 Characters Here

Désirée Milano [0] "Sure, my day's been great. Just here taking care of a sister who does not want to be taken care of and snooping around our family's mafia business. How was your day?"
Katherine Milano [0] You can go big or you can go home
Emilia Milano [0] "You can't help the blood in your veins."
Rebecca Sinclair [0] "The day you hurt this family is the day I bury you six feet under."

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