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"We will cleanse this world, once and for all."

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a character in “Rise of the Nephilim”, as played by Hyperewok




Full name: - Aina
Gender: -Female
Species: –Angel
Age: -Rather old (keeping track of age is such a mortal practice)
Title: Knight of the Army of Heaven
Allegiance/Alignment: - Heaven

Height: - 6’ 4”
Weight: - 190 lbs
Build: - Muscled, broad shouldered, all around built for fighting.
Eye Color: - Blue (when not glowing with holy power)
Hair Color: - Pale blonde
Handedness: - Ambidextrous
Skin Shade/Color: - Pale
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - None

Sexuality/Preference: - Has yet to show an interest in such mortal failings.
Sanity: - Perhaps too sane, the sort of unbreakable assurance that comes from absolute faith and zeal that disregards anything not in line with a holy way.
Likes: - Smiting evil, duty, removing demons from existence.
Dislikes: - Demons, humans, human magic, nephilim, fallen angels
Hobbies: - See likes. Duty does not leave much time for else.
Personality: – Stoic, driven, and utterly devoted to the defense of Heaven and thus the eradication of demons, Aina places duty above anything else. She has a calm, steady elegance to her and a steely determination to see victory against Hell. Anything that might distract from that must be promptly cast aside.

Weapons: – A massive blessed sword that can be set alight with holy fire. She keeps a shortsword as a sidearm, though it’s still rather large by a human definition.
Combat Attire: – An archaic and ornate set of white robes and plated armor, blessed to protect against demonic magic and weapons, to an extent, and petty mortal weapons as well.
Accessories: – A blessed pendant that wards against demonic magic for a short time.

General/Preferred Style: – A combination of blazing holy fire across the battlefield and broad sweeps of her sword tend to make short work of her opponents.
Hand-to-Hand: – Her blessed strength is quite impressive, more so when her strikes are filled with holy fire.
Weapons Style: – Aina’s preferred method of fighting is to cleave her way through her foes with mighty blazing sword. She uses her strength and massive weapon to bash through most defenses and armor before any counterattack can be made.
Special Abilities: – In addition to the impressive strength necessary to be a warrior of Heaven, Aina can summon holy fire to smite the demons and protect against their dark magic. Her wings, in addition to granting her flight, are far from the delicate feathers they appear to be. The wings are nearly as strong as her armor, strong enough to knock back someone when she flexes them out beside her and in combat they often act as a shield for her back or practically an extra pair of weapons.

Personal History/Background: - A soldier of Heaven for as long as she can be bothered to remember, Aina has clashed against demons time and time again. When the war came to Earth, Aina viewed humanity as miniscule compared to the threat of the demons, at best hoping they could be an aid or at least a distraction. Naturally, that was not the case once they learned magic and fought back against most sides. Aina continues the fight nonetheless, focusing her efforts on the demons, but she is more than willing to deal with any humans, especially magic users, that pose a direct threat to her kind.

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Aina is quite disdainful of humans, blaming them for the setbacks and stalements in the war against Hell, and assuming that their emotional and violent nature make them useless to any plan set by the forces of Heaven. She does not understand their purpose in God’s plan, but refuses to question that plan, therefore she can only futilely attempt to plan battles around their unpredictable nature. More so she is wary of the human’s magic, presuming it to be a plot by Satan to introduce a wildcard into the battle for Earth. She is also quite opposed to nephilim, believing that those fallen angels who abandon their duties should be cast out, and their offspring should certainly not be trusted or utilized when they have the same mortal failings as their parents

So begins...

Aina's Story


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Earth. Not much remains, not after twenty years of war. True war. The War. Armageddon. The End Times, the apocalypse or whatever you choose to call it. But, down there on those tiny bits of land, there's still life. And where there's life, there's hope.