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Hadrian "Stinky" Lester

Stinky found a spellbook in a dumpster and figured out how to use it to his advantage

0 · 232 views · located in Africa

a character in “Rise of the Nephilim”, as played by HorrorPunkOtaku


Hadrian "Stinky" Lester


Full name: - Hadrian Lesley Lester
Alias/Nicknames: - Stinky
Gender: - Male
Species: – Human
Nationality: – Mutt
Age: - 23
Current Residence: - Berlin, Germany
Job/Profession: - Dumpster Diving
Title: - Scum
Allegiance/Alignment: - Antifascist

Height: - 6'5"
Weight: - 196
Build: - lanky
Eye Color: - Brown
Hair Color: - too dirty to tell
Handedness: - Left
Skin Shade/Color: - Dirty White
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - all of the above and he's pretty covered

Sexuality/Preference: - Yes
Relationship/Marital status: - none
Family/relatives: - hated or forgotten
Sanity: - Functional
Friends: - Give him a sandwich. He'll be your best friend.
Likes: - Loud angry music, depraved things, violence, & dirty jokes
Dislikes: - Preps, Jocks, Suits, & government
Hobbies: - Pawning Trash, Reading, & Street Performing
Personality: – Black Humored, Sarcastic, Disrespectful, Loud, & Weird

Weapons: – Spellbook, Knife, Pistol, Aluminum Bat, Teeth, Fists, & Steel Toed Boots
Combat Attire: – Spiky Jacket, Biker Boots, Bandaged Hands, & a cup(Because Priorities)
Accessories: – Patches, Piercings, Straps, & Buckles

General/Preferred Style: – Street
Hand-to-Hand: – Wiry, Likes to Curb Stomp
Weapons Style: – Shoot/Stab then Laugh

STYLES OF MAGIC (Remove those that your character can't use)
Chant Magic: - To Be Determined
Rune Magic: - To Be Determined
Elemental Magic: - To Be Determined
Conjuring Magic: – To Be Determined
Enchantment Magic: – To Be Determined
Arcane Magic: - Istet Methane: Concentrates the methane and sulfur in the air into an intangible sink bomb
Magicae Telum: Magic Missile!
Glacies Carcerem: Freezes the moisture in the air around a target encapsulating it in ice
Scopum Attrahunt: Attracts nearby objects to a target, sticking them to it, and weighing it down
Volvebatur a'ris: Vibrates the molecules in the air in a set area cooking its contents
Clauditis Scopum: Lock on
JUGO Telum: Combines nearby materials into basic weapons

Relationship Status: – rocky or none
Family: – None worth mntion
Known Languages: – English, German
Proficiency(Affinity): – Dumpster Diving
Personal History/Background: - Stinky has been homeless or squatting in Germany most of his life. Eventually discovering a book "randomly" during one of his daily dumpster divings that marked him on the palm with a distinctive but unidentifiable seal. After this he found himself capable of reading and comprehending the strange complicated contents of the book and found that many of them allowed him to defend himself.
Clans (Family Clan or Otherwise): - None

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Likes sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, & pretty much anything between bread.

So begins...

Hadrian "Stinky" Lester's Story