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Rebbekah 'Bex' Taylor

"Here we go..."

0 · 524 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “Rise of the Night”, as played by MaliceInWonderland


Accessing US Military Data Base...
Marine Dossiers Uploading...
Password: Ness...
Access granted...


【More Than The Mugshot...】
β€œIs there something you need...?”


☞Full Name☜
Rebekkah Talyor


Nigerian/African American


☞Sexual Orientation☜

Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, United States

Fire Team Leader

【Tale Of The Tape...】
β€œLooks can be deceiving...Don't say you haven't been warned”


☞Eye Color☜
Black Brown/ Curly Shoulder Length

☞Body Type☜
Athletically slender.
☞Special Markings☜
She has a naval piercing from her younger days.

Pretty much anything else.

【Behind The Mechanics...】
β€œDon't pretend you are interested...honestly, I haven't the time.”


Being the Smartest Person in the Room
Her Career

People who underestimate her.
People insulting her intelligence.

Rolling her eyes
Folding her arms
Sucking her Teeth

Getting caught in the cross hairs
Becoming too attached.

Completing the Mission

If applicable.


Rebekkah is a strong willed, confident woman, who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is brilliant and displayed a knack for finding loopholes or gaps in a testimony or seemingly air-tight case, early in her career, taking cases most thought were sure to lose and ended up winning them without a hitch. While she is beautiful, articulate, refined, and professional she is just as cut-throat and win-at-all-costs as any other solider out there and she isn't afraid to prove it.

Rebekkah is subtle with her confidence, while she doesn't speak on it, it is in the way that she moves and acts that shows that she is not a woman to be triffled with, a trait one would need given the people she works for. She like control and it is something she is not quick to give up. She does not have any fear of anyone or anything as most people do. She speaks the truth at all times, not concerning her self with the consequences. She is clever and wise, and self assured, she knows what she is doing and is proud of what she does. She does however like to flaunt her intelligence especially in the court room, she doesn't hold back and will dig into a person deep to make the second guess themselves.

【Armed And Dangerous...】
β€œI no longer care for your company, you are dismissed.”


Clean, she makes every shot count.

☞Load Out☜
Combat Knife
Hand to Hand Combat
Leadership Quality
Field Medic
Chest Rig, for the HK416
Leg Holster for the P30 and combat knife
Rebekkah was once in an abusive relationship which is why she is somewhat hesitant when it comes to relationships, other then that nothing really.

【Rap Sheet...】
β€œWhat do you want to know?”



Rebekkah was a born to two Nigerian Immigrants. They came to America to give her a better life. They were hard on her, forcing her into all sorts of academic activities with the goal of her becoming someone of importance. For a long while, Rebekkah never felt like her own person, while she loved her parents she resented the pressure they put on her to become a doctor or lawyer.

For years she did what her parents told her. Her schedule was packed to the brim with all the things she needed to do, but once she reached college, with her parents not breathing down her neck, she let loose, and began finding herself. She was suddenly a confident and proud woman, with a wild side that she let out quite often. To the point she ended up getting a naval piercing her parents never found out about. To them she was a good girl and to other she was a wild party girl.

It was that decision that nearly cost her everything.

During her Sophomore year of College, She met a guy, he was an upperclassmen. They fooled around awhile but never really become exclusive as she didn't bother to bring him home to her parents. He was dangerous and she knew that, that's what she liked about him. He was harsh and brash and held no reservations. What she didn't know was that also meant he had no qualms with hurting her.

She was invited to a party and while there a few guys were flirting with her and a few girls with him. She brushed it off but he didn't. He suddenly raged on her. Calling her all sorts of names before throwing her down a large flight of stairs. She ended up in the hospital for weeks, her back was broken as well as a few ribs, her arm and a leg. They were witnesses and everything so she decided to press charges, send his ass away for a long time but no dice. His lawyers some how got him off with community service as they nearly destroyed her credibility, practically calling her a drunken whore. Somehow the jurors believe she got so drunk that she fell down the stairs Rebekkah wanted blood but got none, so she decided she was going to be stronger, so she went and joined the military became one of the elite, she never did get her justice but after awhile she found something else to focus on.

【Just A Little Extra...】
β€œI believe we are done here.”

☞Theme Song☜
Kill Shit- Krizz Kaliko feat TechN9ne

So begins...

Rebbekah 'Bex' Taylor's Story


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#, as written by Delcrux
The newcomer's words hung in the air like a sour smell. Jericho wondered how a man of such a barbed temperament could ever have made it in the tidy government PMC side of operations. He had the look of a true 'mercenary', right down to his belligerent swagger and fat wad of dip tucked under his lip. He clearly didn't fit in with the assembled relatively clean-cut ex-military looking team of operators in the room.

The man was pure Hollywood. Jericho felt a sly grin forming on his lips. He'd known men like this before: all machismo and irreverent grit. And he knew that they never, ever failed to remember a slight, no matter how small, nor a good turn.

Jericho decided then and there to reserve all judgement on the man until the end of the operation. There was no sense in butting heads with the men you'd be entrusting your life to. He hoped the others had sense enough to do the same. Conflict within a squad was a morale-killer. You just couldn't fight an enemy effectively without unit cohesion.

So he said nothing as he casually crushed the man's cigarette butt underfoot, offering only a good-humoured smile as if he'd found the man's joke funny. He didn't care if the man took offense with the color of the sky and the greeting of the day: Jericho would never let it detract from his duty as a medic in any way. He owed that to them. It was in his contract. And if he could come out of this mission on friendly terms with everyone, so much the better. He had a strong feeling that this newcomer would be good for the first round.