Rise of the Ruinosus

Rise of the Ruinosus


There isn’t a choice for these young Keeper’s … if they don’t fight, than the world as they know it will be consumed by evil. It will become Hell on Earth.

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From the beginning, there have been creatures, both dangerous and friendly. And there have been those who have been chosen to defend those who matter and annihilate those who pose a threat. To keep the world in balance, there must be those who protect secrets. They are called The Keeper’s; they are the ones who must conserve the second world. The Ruinosus have been around since the dawn of time, trying their hardest to take what they think is rightfully theirs, the world, and turn it into a surface hell. Though they are strong, the Keepers are stronger. From Mongolian Deathworms to Shadow People, from The Four Dragon Kings to the Drac of Romania, there are many different types of monsters, both weak and strong. Different monsters have different holds on the world, to keep it balanced and well. But if they are influenced in the wrong way, their grips will loosen and all with fall, inevitably bringing an end to the world. Not all creatures are under the influence of the greater good, and are under the black wings of the Ruinosus. Under the surface of the earth, there is a battle waging back and forth between the dark and the light, between Keeper's and Ruinosus', between order and ruin. The Ruinosus have a way of persuading, and now they are getting more and more over to their side, to come forth and fight. The Keepers are up for a challenge they might not be able to face on their own.

At a modern high school, Henry Jefferson High, there is a club. But this isn’t your average club. It’s a high-class, exclusive magical arts club, where only those with real magical skills are allowed. This is where they train the protectors of the world; the kids who stop the supernatural, and not let it be known to the outside world.

But now, all their training is put to an early test, as the students are sent out into the world, to protect it from the beasts that lie beneath the surface and above it.

Lately, disappearances and strange events, or phenomena, have been occurring throughout the world. The world’s great leaders have concluded that they must call on the help of the young students of Henry Jefferson High’s Magical Arts Club to control, destroy, or capture the beast’s roaming on the earth. With innocent lives at stake, they cannot refuse. Now these teenagers have to use their abilities to keep their friends, family and their secret safe.

The Roles

The Keeper's:

As a child, a keeper is taught to hone in their powers. They don't really gain their full powers until they reach teenage years. Powers have been learned, but not fully controlled, not until they reach adulthood, about the age of 27. No teen has perfectly mastered their powers; they still go bizarre on occasions. Some teens can't even fully use their powers yet. There are 8 basic power areas: wind, earth, water, ice, air, fire, shadow and light. Keepers have skills in one specific area, such as water or fire. But mentors teach them minor spells and skills in the other areas. Most Keepers have one skill that wipe's them out of energy, and a few minor things they can do.

Example: Clara Johanna, Power's: Fire: Can summon fire at will, start fires with mind up to 300 ft. away. Special Attack: Fire Whirlwind.

A special attack is something that you are taught to use only when you really need to. Using it takes a ton of energy from your body, so much that you are knocked out on the spot, no matter what. A person, depending on their rank, is knocked out for a few days to recharge their powers. Every one of the students attending starts at U-Q rank, but the speed of ranks which you move up is all decided by your instructor.

V-Z: Up to 6-5 days to recharge.
U-Q: Up to 5-4 days to recharge.
P-L: Up to 4-3 days to recharge.
K-G: Up to 3-2 days to recharge.
F-B: Up to 2-1 days to recharge.

Your Demons:

Every kid in the Magic Arts Club has a demon. They have had their demon ever since they were little. Only those with magical abilities can see demons. The demons aren't bigger than their owners until they graduate high school. You demon must be smallish in size. Your demon can have skills in a specific area, such as shadow, fire, ice, wind or water. There are many other areas, but they are usually the same area of skill as their masters. Your demon can be humanoid in looks or more animal like. It can be totally unique or totally generic, it's up to you. Nothing is impossible, as long as they are smallish in size, they should be fine. If you can't find a picture, a good description is fine. Your demon will be taking a different class than you, do make it to where, "My demon will die if it is not near me for more than 2 minutes."

School Rules

1. Girls and boys aren’t allowed in each other’s dorms. (I.e. girls in girl’s dorm, boys in boy’s dorm)
2. Must attend breakfast, lunch and dinner.
3. Cannot be outside of school grounds after 8:00 p.m.
4. Must be in bed by 9:00 p.m.
5. Fighting. Bullying, drugs, alcohol or anything related to these is prohibited.
6. Don’t wander down forbidden halls or rooms, they are forbidden for a reason.
(You don't have to follow them, but if a teacher catches you, you’re screwed.)

Magical Club Rules

1. No magic outside of classroom, unless supervised.
2. You must never speak of what the real club does. (Cover up is the Medieval Club.)
3. Must stay with your group or partner at all times if on a mission or just on field trip.
4. Who you really are and what you do is not to be made known to outsiders.
5. You must obey direct orders from higher ranks than you.
6. Mr. Bekenfield is your instructor, but that doesn’t mean he is a sore loser. Be free to talk to him about any troubles or questions you may have.
(List of monsters to be used and where I get the info. Creatures List

Make sure you spread out your abilities. Not everyone has to be fire or air or shadow. If you have read this entire intro, please put your favorite food somewhere in your history.

There will be school trips around the world occasionally, unless otherwise notified. A villain will be later added, so if you want to reserve that, you are welcome to. I will explain things then.

Character Sheet

Age: (14-18)
Picture: (good description will suffice)
Personality: (paragraph please)
Main Power Area: (i.e. shadow or ice)
History: (paragraph please)

Demon Picture: (good description will suffice)
Demon's Name:
Demon's Personality: (paragraph please)
Demons Likes:
Demon's Dislikes:

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Character Portrait: Kaylessa Vandiir
Kaylessa Vandiir

"I knew something like this would happen! How can I help?"


Character Portrait: Kaylessa Vandiir
Kaylessa Vandiir

"I knew something like this would happen! How can I help?"

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Character Portrait: Kaylessa Vandiir
Kaylessa Vandiir

"I knew something like this would happen! How can I help?"

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