Kaylessa Vandiir

"I knew something like this would happen! How can I help?"

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a character in “Rise of the Ruinosus”, as played by Crystal Flamedance


Name: Kaylessa Vandiir

Nickname: Kay

Age: 28 (but looks 18)

Picture: Image
(However, she prefers to wear blue; most often a short blue skirt and a showy tank top. Also, her hair goes a little past her knees, so it's longer than in the picture.)


Personality: Kaylessa is very shy, and only opens up to those that she is close to. She doesn't trust others very easily, with very few exceptions. She doesn't exactly act her age, and instead acts much younger. She can be very emotional, until she deals with someone she knows wants to upset her; then she acts the exact opposite, acting like she's amused instead. When she isn't upset or being emotional, she tends to be in a very good mood, sometimes to the point that she irritates others around her. She prefers to find a good side to things if she can, and if she can't...well, that's when she gets really emotional, often irrationally so. Most people don't really notice her, seeing as she keeps to herself, but she knows how to draw attention to herself. She's also naturally curious, and loves to explore. She's also very technologically challenged, and so doesn't rely much of technology.

Main Power Area: Water (Kaylessa is a water magisprit, which I will explain in equipment section)

Likes: being around water, being with a few close friends, studying and learning about the other types of monsters, music

Dislikes: cold weather, dry areas(like deserts), too many people, absolute silence


Magisprits are beings of nature; essentially, they are spirits that control the elements of nature. The most common types of magisprits are water, earth, wind, animal, and sand magisprits. The less likely ones to see are sun, shadow, fire, metal, and ice. Each has control over their specific element, meaning that they cannot control any other elements, no matter how closely they are related; this means that water magisprits cannot control ice, sun magisprits cannot control fire, etc. Every magisprit, with the exception of those that are really half human, are female, and live in large groups nearest their element. Water magisprits will live around a lake or river, while fire magisprits will live near volcanoes, sun magisprits will live where there is naturally a lot of sun, etc. They all consider themselves sisters to each other, and the oldest of each group is called the Mother Magisprit, even though they are born directly from their element, and not from any being (again, the exception being those that are half-human).

The abilities of a magisprit are limited to their energy. They can do a lot, but get tired from it, and then need to rest a day or so before using their magic again. However, emotion has a good deal of control over their magic. They are unable to control their element properly when they are distressed, and tend to go overboard when in a really good mood. They need to have a certain balance to be of any use. For example, an upset water magisprit trying to create small waves may accidentally create a whirlpool instead, and a water magisprit that is in a very good mood will create a tidal wave instead. A fine balance is necessary to properly control their powers; that and years of practice.

When a magisprit dies, there is a chance to bring them back; their body must be put in their element. However, this must be done within a certain time period. If not, the magisprit will die, but her spirit will return to the element where they were born. They will be born again from the element, growing up from a baby like any other being. These magisprits will never have memories of before they were reborn, unless someone can being back a memory with enough description that she can see it vividly in her mind; all the other memories come back with it. This has proven to be disconcerting, because they do not have the same appearance when they are reborn, and so may talk to people who don't recognize them, cretaing confusion.

A magisprit will always have the same eye and hair color of their element. A water magisprit will have deep blue ahir and eyes, while an ice magisprit will have a lighter color for both their hair and eyes, a sun magisprit will have very light, almost white hair and eyes, while a sun magisprit will have a deep yellow color, etc. They tend to be very slender because of their lack of physical strength; they rely more on their magic and powers than anything else. Their skin tone will vary, depending on how much time they spend in the sun, just like humans, the exception being the sun magisprits, who have a pale complexion no matter how long they stay in the sun. Their voices also reflect their element; a water magisprits voice will sound like a calm, bubbling stream when calm, but more like a waterfall when upset; a sun magisprits voice will seem bright and cheery when calm, but light and barely audible when upset; an earth magisprit will sound strong when calm, but will sound like a landslide when upset; etc. They also have their own language, in which no words can be deciphered; when they speak so that humans can understand them, only a hint of their element can be heard.

Their bodies are accustomed to the area where they live, or anywhere else near their element, regardless of weather. As such, and because there are no males, their clothing is often very skimpy and showy, which is often seen as inappropriate for their naturally curvy and beautiful bodies. They are also unused to males; even the half-magisprit males do not live in their tribes. Because of this, magisprits are either very flirty and sexual around any males they come across, causing very obvious trouble, or are very distrusting of males because they know so little about them. There are always exceptions, however.

Magisprits will not eat meat; at least, not meat connected to their element. This doesn't affect the fire, sun, or metal magisprits since there are so few animals that live in their element. However, a water magisprit will not eat meat from anything that lives in the water, a sand magisprit won't eat anything that lives in sand, a wind magisprit won't eat anything that flies, etc. Animal magisprits do not eat any meat at all. Magsirpits won't eat the meat of any animal that lives in their element because they are close to these animals; they can actually have conversations with these animal, if they speak their natural language.

Magisprits are immortal and will live forever, barring any accidents or fatal injuries. They only age a little slower than humans, until they reach about 30 years of age. Then, however old they look, they will not age physically. Their physical appearance isn't the only thing that's slower; because they're so slow to trust, they're also slow to learn, and to believe what they do learn. They're also slow to adapt to change, and will not readily give up their lifestyle.


Kaylessa grew up like any other water magisprit in her tribe; around the same lake where they had lived for hundreds of years. Many of the magisprits were that old, but she was reborn much more recently. She had always only had a general idea of the monsters. The magisprits around her never bothered with the names of the monsters, or what they could do, instead focusing on teaching the entire tribe to hide from any being that came around, aside from other magisprits. The rule of thumb was that if they couldn't speak the magisprits language, you did not attempt to speak with them, to make any contact at all, and instead run.

She, however, was born with a curiosity unnatural to the magisprits, something that had been introduced to her and that she had become accustomed to during a past life. This meant that she wasn't as afraid of other beings as the rest of the magisprits. This led to her being different in that she was never afraid of males, and did not overreact and become overly flirtatious in their presence. It also means, however, that she has gotten herself into trouble several times before. It was one of these times that she had gotten herself lost that she ran into the teacher, My. Bekenfield. With his help, she was able to get her bearings again and return to her lake. But they had talked while he helped her out, and she found her curiosity peaking; he taught people who had power, and taught them to use those powers to fight monsters whose hearts had turned to darkness; he taught these beings called keepers. She wanted to learn more about them but, more importantly, she wanted to help.

She was quick to learn her way around the forest, well enough to pay the teacher a few visits every now and then. After a while, she chose to instead live closer to where he was, so that she could learn more about these keepers, and to finally be able to help them out. As a magisprit, she was able to sense that something wasn't right; that trouble was coming. Now, more than ever, it was important that she offer her help to these keepers, when she knew there was going to be trouble. This is her first time living away from the rest of her tribe, and even though she has learned the most common languages required to live with among the keepers, she can often still be confused by phrases and sayings. She tries her best to keep up, though.

While she has learned to use magic as a weapon, she finds this to be very unreliable for her. She had always been a healer magisprit among her tribe, and she knows that that's what she's best at; using water to heal wounds that might otherwise not recover, or might take longer to heal. As a weapon, she's limited to just using the water as a force to push enemies away, or to wherever she wants them to be. If she really wanted, she could force water to stick around someone's head and drown them, or keep tripping them up and causing other accidents. This is the only way she knows how to attack. However, her healing abilities far outmatch most magisprits. She can heal wounds that even the Mother Magisprit of her tribe can't heal, and does it much quicker, and by causing much less pain, than most magisprits. She prides herself more in knowledge and healing abilities than anything else.

(Anything sweet, or that has sugar in it :P)

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