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Rise of the Scouts

Convenience Store


a part of Rise of the Scouts, by litacat.

A scout run and owned store. Above it is Nana's scout room but it's normally locked up unless she's inside.

litacat holds sovereignty over Convenience Store, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A small mini market that stocks a range of everyday items such as groceries, snack foods, candy, toiletries, soft drinks, tobacco products, and newspapers. If in need of a part-time job, you may ask Nana.
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Convenience Store

A scout run and owned store. Above it is Nana's scout room but it's normally locked up unless she's inside.


Convenience Store is a part of Downtown Tokyo.

8 Characters Here

Rin Akiyama [1] "Couldn't I have gotten something a little less sparkly?"
Eiichi Sato [1] "You're saying I can be a superhero?!"
Julian Stiles [1] "Bid despair farewell, for I have arrived!"
Nyoko Maruyama [1] "I hope you don't plan on sitting around when you're with me!"
Nana [1] "Make me proud!" slight WIP
Mira Hespith [1] "I'm hungry. You're buying me food, right?"
Gi Burnett [1] "You think you can take me on, babe? Hah! Yeah right! Just watch these sick moves!"

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8 Characters Present

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Dialogue - #CF1F1FTeam Player

As he looked around the classroom, taking in the stories and small bits of information the others revealed about themselves, Julian Stiles knew one thing; man were these people beneath him! Tennis? Volleyball? Reading? What kind of interests were these?! Was this some sort of sick joke? Why should he, the very great and handsome Julian Stiles, be forced to work with such a plain and uninteresting bunch such as they? Aside from his introduction, of course, everybody else's either seemed very boring, was given by a person who couldn't obviously handle the stagelight like Julian could, or was, well, probably given by someone who may or may not suffer some sort of mental illness that made them rather excitable. And these were his newest allies in the pursuit of justice (or in his case, redemption)?!

This is definitely not Stilish!...Neither was that pun, glad I didn't actually say that.

Honestly, the only person he found himself attracted to, in a character sort of way, was the very same girl who had bumped into him earlier. The obviously superior Stiles would not forget a name of such importance to himself. Hespith was the family name of the woman Julian was to marry, had things gone just as planned. He had, however, completely forgot that there was an imouto involved. Did she bear a grudge against him, he wondered. He couldn't say that her feeling positive about him was the most important thing he could think about, but it's not like he couldn't see the younger sibling feel some sort of resentment towards the man who inadvertently caused harm to the older sibling. Then again... it wasn't like he'd had any experience with how siblings felt, being an only child and all.

Julian did not need help from anyone to keep his surprise hidden from the rest. Betraying complex, personal emotions was something he was fairly good at, as he couldn't trust any of these people not to abuse any knowledge they got about him in a way that could otherwise affect him negatively. So, of course, that is why they would receive nothing but the disappointment and disdain of someone who was higher in standing than them until they had proven themselves --- if they could prove themselves! But honestly, in the shadow of someone like Julian, could they really even hope to compare?

Man, Nana should hurry up, I'm really riding this high horse, aren't I? Well, if she's gonna be that way...

There were times when even Julian was aware his thoughts were much too arrogant. He wasn't mature enough to realize it was a flaw, and instead blamed it on other people forcing him into boredom. Like, of course, Nana. Why was she taking so long? Was it stage fright? For what reason does a cute girl need to worry about such things? Inviting the group to prance around as Scouts and then getting frightened? Well, not all people were perfect. Not even Julian, though he'd pretend otherwise in the presence of others. Right now, for example.

"I must say, if we were supposed to start feeling something from these introductions, then it's certainly working. Though I'm not sure that it's working how its intended, since the only thing I *feel* is how much the others in the class did not appreciate my humble introduction. How odd? Peasants sure are tricky to deal with." Julian shrugged innocently, as though he hadn't said a thing wrong. Of course, he was completely aware of just how he was sounding, he just felt bored and wanted to hopefully stir Nana into action. If she was paying any sort of attention, she might realize that eventually he was going to say something rude enough to stir someone into action. She should probably calm things down, perhaps by moving things along?

Boy Julian sure is easy to get along with at first. Totally.