God of the Underworld

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God of the Underworld

Aliases: Hades, Pluto (The Rich One), Dis Pater, Orcus, and Aidoneus (The Ruler of Many or The Unseen One), Clymenus (Notorious), Polydegmon (Who Receives Many), Chthonian Zeus, The Silent One and Eubuleus (Good Counsel/Well-intentioned). Besides his renown names: Hades and Pluto, his other names are epithets for most feared to even speak his true names.

Basic Appearance: The god seen by mortal eyes is a very frightful sight. He dons wicked and sharp armor of ebony with a dark mantle where a cape of black flames drapes down his back. When wearing his helm, his eyes burn a sulfurous white, and his complexion is devoid of the colors granted by the light, making his flesh grey and at times also pitch. The length of his mane varies, often seen long to his shoulder-blades or cropped short in bladed layers. His arrival is marked by an aura of darkness that surrounds him and blots out the light of the sky and casts the area around him in black and white. He tends to get around in his dark chariot if not manifesting and leaving by choice. His infamous Helm of Darkness is different from the helm he normally wears. When necessary, he summons it into existence, its shape forming from the shadows, and its wispy formation is placed over his head to veil the god in nothingness. Without his armor, the god is handsome in the most darkest of ways. His being retains the black and white monochromatia that surrounds the bleak world of the dead.

Background: Hades is the oldest brother of Zeus and Poseidon and the brother of three sisters: Demeter, Hestia, and Hera. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea, and after defeating the titans and drawing lots with his brothers, became God of the Underworld. There are many epic stories that follow after this god such as his frightening feats in the Titanomachy (divine war), the rape of Persephone, and other stories concerning Theseus and Pirithous, Heracles, Orpheous and Eurydice, and Minthe and Leuce.

Personality: Hades carries a dark and morbid personality. He is also known for being stern, cruel, narcissistic and unyielding—his wrath known best by those who dare attempt to leave his Underworld or trick Thanatos. He is a lonely god, ruling the Underworld alone until Persephone returns to grace him once more with her colorful presence. In result, he is antisocial and disliked by several of the gods of Olympus. He is a regulator of balance amongst the living and the dead. He is greedy and selfish, always interested in expanding his dominion of ruin. He carries a dark sense of humor, and though bearing such high and fearsome revere, he is a dealer in persuasion. He is deceitful and can always be expected to have a catch for every deal or favor granted by him. He has a thing for gorgeous women, particularly, nymphs or women of high regard but 'lo any woman that seduces the god and encounters the wrath of his wife Persephone.

Because his relationship with other gods isn't mentioned in documents, for this RP, I have made his relationship based on his current personality and some articles I have read. Thus, his relationship follows: Hades's relationship with his siblings and other gods is rather antisocial. He rarely attends their events unless they be mandatory to spare himself later rebuke. He tends to attend them off to the side and where he hopes not to be bothered noticed by anyone. He dislikes attending events for ruling the Underworld is a full-time job, and thus he sees them only as distractions and a waste of time. Respecting his brother Zeus's position of King of the Gods, he doesn't believe that his brothers are stronger nor better than him for their roles were decided by chance with the pulling of straws.

Most Prized Possessions: Helm of Darkness, The Key to the Underworld, Persephone, the mortal flesh of Hercules, and Achilles.
Pet: Cerberus
Possessions: Ebony throne and a black chariot pulled by four equines of death.
Symbols: Narcissus and Cyprus plants, Scepter, and Cornucopia.
Domain Description: Ψ
Weapon(s): Thanatos's Scythe & Black Scepter (Mace)
Battle Dress: When in battle, Hades will seem like a black knight, donning thick armor with a six-foot scythe with a four-foot curved blade in hand. The scythe is the weapon of Thanatos, god of death, and the scepter at his right hip is an ebony mace, which amplifies the god's magic as well as makes a dangerous blunt weapon to get struck by. He wears a flowing cape of black flames and usually wears a standard helm different from the Helm of Darkness.
  • Deception To appear as someone he isn't; to fool the enemy with illusions; not completely a power as it is a skill to use his silver-tongue to manipulate whomever he pleases.
  • Drain The draining of vitae; stamina; a case of vampirism without the desire for blood, without the need to feed, but the god can shorten a beings life, causing them or it to shrivel like a flower as his presence saps not only the courage and will, but life itself.
  • Fear There is nothing more frightening than standing before the God of the Dead. He tends to carry a chilling aura that grips you though the icy grip you feel upon your soul is not physical as it is emotional, it is fear. His presence can sap the courage of most warriors.
  • Horrific Creation He is a god after all as creatures are often birthed from him on a daily basis, cruel just like the god they bud from, forming from his breath, sweat, thoughts, tears, etc. No creature that forms from the god is ever good.
  • Inferno Calling upon the hellish fires of the Underworld, the god can cast an area into fiery ruin.
  • Invisibility An ability granted by the Helm of Darkness to go completely invisible. Once wearing the helm, he cannot be seen nor sensed. This is the god's most dangerous ability for the helm hides him from detection.
  • Shadow Manipulation He can manipulate the shadows, casting the area into darkness. He can move in an out of the shadows and use the shadows as lethal weapons to slice or crush his enemies as though they were corporeal.
  • Summon Cerberus When Hades calls upon the guardian of the gates to fight alongside him in battle.
  • Summon Minions He can summon the servants of the Underworld to assist him in obliterating an area or enemy, summoning monsters from demons, imps, wicked spirits, devils, and behemoths.

Author's Note: I tend to play Hades very macabre when he is in his god form. It may not be a constant thing, and I'll keep it PG-13 or walk along the borders of explicit without crossing over. So just understand, that's just how I play him because that's how I envision him.



Mortal Form
Name: Dmitri Ruslan
Role: Mafia Boss & Owner of several businesses in his syndicate's territory.
Age: 34
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Physique: Chiseled
Status: Married to Persephone [as a god]. As a human, he's single, and if Persephone actually exists then, well, he's married to her or she's his girlfriend.
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Dmitri's hair is black and cut into short, feathery layers. It is always well-groomed without a cowlick or receding hairline. He can be often seen wearing crisp, fancy suits with polished shoes, expensive watches, the whole nine-yards--he's rich enough. He is surrounded by bodyguards and associates, and his presence is very dominating, inflicting on the mind that this man is powerful (not as in power but status and money). When he isn't at work, his casual fashion has hardly stooped from it's high class. He'll wear robes, silks, cotton, and all sorts of pricey abstracts.
Human Personality: Dmitri has high expectations when it comes to running his organization. He expects everyone to serve him and follow through with his orders almost flawlessly and failure is not an option. He is self-absorbed and has a superiority complex that constantly reminds him how invincible he and his business is. He feeds the sins of the people, providing for their dark desires through his businesses, and he makes money off of it as well in some cases--lives. Dmitri is cold, often soft-spoken unless enraged and one would see a temper unlike anyone they'd ever seen. He is antisocial, isn't afraid to let his opinions be known whether it be positive or negative, and has a very dark sense of humor. He also won't hesitate to hit on a pretty face. He isn't open with his intentions when he's making his move. He's just smooth and slick like the clever man he is.
Weapons: Dmitri often carries one black 9mm within his coat-simple, precise, but just as deadly as a normal handgun. Up his sleeve he carries a deranger if ever he runs out of ammo for his gun. Within the soles of most of his shoes is a small knife that can be released, and he carries a throwing knife in a sheath on his back.


  • The Desert Sphyinx [casino]
  • Underground Brothel called "Madame's" which poses as a strip bar.
  • Black Diamond Hotel
  • La nourriture de la France [Classy Restaurant]
  • The Vineyard [Winery]

Besides those places he has several contacts with other mortal mafias and some not-so mortal.

Theme Songs
  • (s)Aint - Marilyn Manson


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