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Father of Gods and Man - God of the Sky, Lightning and Thunder

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a character in “Rise of The Titans”, as played by Sonata




Father of Gods and Man - God of the Sky, Lightning and Thunder

"Even the gods who are not his natural children address him as Father, and all the gods rise in his presence" - Walter Burkert (Illiad, book 1.503;533).

Aliases Zeus, King of the Gods, Father of Gods and Men, Jupiter, Tinia, cloud-gatherer, Dios, Zeus Olympios, Zeus Panhellenios, Zeus Xenios, Zeus Horkios, Zeus Agoraeus, Zeus Aegiduchos (Aegiochos), Zeus Meilichios, Zeus Tallaios (Solar Zeus), Zeus Labrandos, Zeus Agamemnon, Zeus Velchanos Zeus Lykaois Zeus Meilichios, Zeus Chthonios, Katachthonios, Plousios, Trephonius, Zeus Hospites, Zeus Philoxenon, Olumpios, Astrapios, Bronitos, Kasios, and Ithomatas.

Basic Appearance Zeus tends to dwarf the other gods as he stands like a mountain with flowing hair as white as the clouds and a full stach and beard. He wears no armor but the armguards upon his forearms which assist in his ability to produce lightning from his hands. He wears flowing battle skirt and sandals that weave up his solid calves. He resembles the father and king he is always protrayed to be, and eminates a presence of power, fear, and divinity. His hair and body bears a gentle celestial glow and his eyes are pure white and will often crackle with electricity.

Background: [nutshell] Brother to those above, father to those below, victorious in the Titanomachy and Gigantomachy, slayer of several giants and people, punisher, man whore, and is now King of the Gods because of a pulling of straws. Zeus assigned the various gods their roles.

Personality: Zeus, if ever needing to be in god form is often serious and warm. He is easy to befriend and also easy to offend. He demands respect from everyone and everything, and he always enjoys his women. Whenever important matters need to be discussed, he'll summon all the gods of Olympus to meet with him whether for ceremonies, marriages, or war. When in battle he is ruthless, taking his fights seriously, and vigorous with determination. His relationship with his children goes: He gets along with everyone even though Ares is the oddball and often disliked. He sympathises with his son and can always come talk to "dear old, Dad." The other oddball god, his brother, Hades he doesn't see much but when he does, he's always glad to see him despite his cold and reserved attitude. He loves all the gods (especially Aphrodite, ssh.)
Most Prized Possessions: Thunderbolt and the throne of Olympus.
Possessions: Thunderbolt, bronze chariot, throne of Olympus.
Patrons Cronus and Rhea
Other Patrons Amalthea, Adamanthea, Cynosura, Melissa, and a shepherd family.
Wives Aega, Aegina, Ananke, Antiope, Callisto, Carme, Danae, Demeter, etc. TOO DAMN MANY!
Siblings Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, and Hestia.
Offspring Aphrodite (or in some cases no), Apollo, Ares, Athena, Artemis, Dionysus, Hebe, Helen, Hephaestus, Heracles, Hermes, Minos, the Muses, Persephone and Perseus. Also, TOO DAMN MANY!
Symbols Thunderbolt, eagle, bull, oak, and scepter.
Domain Mt. Olympus

Weapon(s): Thunderbolt and Brute Strength
  • Lightning - he controls anything that has to do with lightning including, electricity, static electricity, electromagnetism, etc. This also include machines and anything electrical.
  • Thunder - pretty much the control of sound, where he can make thunder claps whose waves and vibrations can destroy anything in its path and cause warriors to shit their pants.
  • Strength - He is the epitome of strength. He gave birth to it. His godly prowess is near boundless.
  • Cloud & Wind Manipulation He can draw the clouds together to generate rain, fog, or mist. He can call upon the winds to amplify the ferocity of the storms he brings.


Human Form

Name: Brandon Stone
Role: Head of an Electric Company
Age: 32
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs.
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Status: Always Married to Someone
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Zeus is quite the handsome man when in his human form, which may be why he has had luck in all his numerous love affairs. He has been in People's magazine a few times as Sexist Man of the Year, beating numerous stars and models. When on business, he dresses in his business attire: suit, polished shoes, well-groomed hair, etc. Off-duty, he wears down-to-earth attire: jeans, t-shirts, etc. Whatever he can find and likes.
Human Personality: Zeus is a businessman and believes that there should be justice behind everything. He dislikes cheaters, lawbreakers, and criminals, and if they have anything to do with him, his family, or his business, he'll exact justice through someone: either Hades or Ares. He can't afford to have his reputation sullied by such dark things. He is kind, easy to befriend, and has a healthy sense of humor. He wants the other gods to succeed in everything they do and is often times the mediator between certain situations (pretty much the father they all run to when shit hits the fan).

One of Zeus's flaws is that he is sexually promiscious. He is quite the sex addict, and if he sees a good-looking woman, he will "tap that." This often gets him in trouble with Hera--his scorned wife. He honestly doesn't like when people bring up his past affairs. He finds it embarrassing actually and will often try and make it seem like not so much as a big deal. He seems kind of timid whenever Hera or Demeter are angry with him for he doesn't like to be in the wrong with any of the gods, but ah well, what can he do?

Zeus is the leader of the pack and when something goes down he'll often call a meeting in Pegasus Manor to discuss any important situations. He'll even have them eat in the same banquet room so that they can discuss anything that might have happened to them that day. He is quite the family man, and despite his issues, he knows his god family still loves him and he won't hesitate to back them up.
Weapon(s): Same powers as in his god form just kept low key.


  • Olympia - Electric Company (monopoly)

Family Business

  • Helps pay for Aphrodite's college and photo shoots.
  • Will often send Ares or Hades to bring him justice through silent executions of unjust businessmen, criminals, etc.
  • Helps pay for Athena's education.

Theme Songs
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So begins...

Zeus's Story