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A Gothi Renegade who devotes his life to serving the Dreaming Queen.

0 · 285 views · located in Fantasy

a character in “Rise of the Xindhi”, as played by Ninjasaur


Name: Osran

Race: Xindhi

Sex: Male

Standing at 6'2", Osran's body is covered entirely in the dark robes of the Gothi. A large hood shadows his face complimented by a black cloth wrapped around his head, hiding most of his features. Only a while glow and misty aura emit from his eyes can be properly identified. Dangling from his neck is a pendant of the Shining One to acknowledge his faith in Rhydderch. Most importantly, binding his cloak together on his left side is a pin that pledges his devotion to the Queen.

Role: Gothi Renegade

Predominately left handed, he wields a Katzbalger-like steel short sword. The blade is 26" long which thins out before it's inserted into the 6" hilt. The crossguard wraps around the hilt in several strands of twisted metal that completely protects the hand of the user, also making it impossible to wield right-handedly. A rune is etched into the pommel that resembles a skeletal hand gripping an inky orb. Osran sheathes his blade under his cloak to conceal it. With his right hand he wields an 80" long reinforced steel quarterstaff. Engraved in this staff is a amateur carving of his own: flames licking up a tree that eventually turns to ash.

Under his black cloak is lightly padded armor that provides decent protection without restricting his movements.

Osran has the standard abilities many Gothi are known to have. Along this these powers he was sent old Xindhi man to advance himself physically and mentally. The old man never mentioned his name during training with Osran, but taught him everything he knew about the art of swordplay. When his training was complete Osran questioned the mans motives. In the end the only thing that was demanded of him was to use his skill to serve the Queen best he could. To this day he honorably upholds this duty.

So begins...

Osran's Story