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Hahaha! I won! heh now wheres the bomb I expected~

0 · 315 views · located in High School

a character in “Rise of The Zodiacs”, as played by Luna Star


Code: American Tragedy
Character Name: Izaya [Yea baby the original! XD]
DOB: May 4th
Age: He claims to be 21 forever.
Gender: male
Zodiac : Torso
Character Position: Black Zodiac

Character Personality: Izaya has the appearance and expression of one who is extremely crafty,charming and confident, an appearance which he lives up to. He claims to love humanity, and greatly enjoys putting people in miserable or chaotic situations in order to observe their reactions. Though he doesnt really know his limits very well. With a thorough understanding of human behavior and tendencies, he is able to determine people's thoughts and predict their reactions with high accuracy. He claims to love all humanity but he may just be joking around. But because of this joke, he is thought to be a bit of a psycho which he kind of is.

Character Appearance [You can also provide an image ALONG with the description. If you are a Sentinel, you may pick a uniform as well.]:

Height- around 5'7
Hair color- Black
Hair Style- His hair is rather messy and looks like he only brushes it once every week. His bangs separate over his right eye. His hair is short and very ruffled up.
Eye color- Auburn but sometimes seems to be red.
Build- Lanky but when shirt off, he has a nice build, nothing too bulky though.
Clothing- He usually wears casual clothing, like skinny jeans, a black short sleeve and a black jacket which has a fur hoody.
Any visible piercings or tattoos- none at the moment

Abilities :
1. He can look into others desires and secrets and trick them with a very strong illusion. Though because of his behavior if there isn't much of a reaction from the victim, he'll let go of the illusion and allow the other to attack.
2. He can control you with the look of his eyes, but the attack doesnt last as long as he thought it will. He can only control the same person a couple of times before their body adapts to the power. He is also able to control others with his voice, but he is still working on that.
3. He can see through anything and can predict many wins in games,such as cards, board games, and even clothing, but not in a perverted way of course. The drawback is that, this drains his energy as well and gives him a huge headache if this is activated for a while. Thats why he'll make the game quick and easy.

Attacks : He is flexible and well balanced in battle in battle, and can run very quickly.

Weapon(s): A flick blade, dagger, bombs. Anything fun to play around with is something he'll use.

Character History: Izaya was a straight a student and was good in almost every activity out there. His family name was good, and many females fell for him, making life rather sweet. But..after awhile Izaya realized he was sick of this sweet tasting life and wanted something different. So he began to play around with others for his amusement. Thats when he realized his power, soon he heard rumors of the black zodiac. This caused him to stir a bit, wanting another tasting life, he join the black zodiacs. And it was just for fun.

Other: Because of his "love" for humanity he knows how to win many games out there such as checkers, chest, omako, and even fishing! He is very smart because of his past and can rummage many secret files and secrets of others.



[copy right goes to the original artiest of durarara]

So begins...

Izaya's Story