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Christian Kimber

Lieutenant Marshal of the Legions, sponsored by House Montclair, and friend of Her Majesty

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a character in “Ríše: Within the Empire”, as played by Chuckles


Name: – Lieutenant Marshal, Christian Kimber
Age: – 30
Gender: – Male
Title(s): – Lieutenant Marshal
Style: – the Rank of Lieutenant Marshal comes with many addresses, Higher Ranking officers simply refer to them as "Marshal" or "Lieutenant" while "Marshal, Sir" is how they would address the Grand Marshal. Lower Ranking officers are bound to "Lieutenant Marshal, Sir." which is used at any and every passing, weather in communication or not. In each case (lower and higher) they are always addressed one of the three, with out exception or addition, and never by name. Soldiers simply salute, and use "Lieutenant Marshal, Sir" when addressing or in "direct communicable eye contact".

Out side of the rank and file the title "Marshal" is customary in both formal address and introduction.

Physical Description: – Christian is a fine example of an Officer of Rise. Strong, tall, and despite his years of service rather handsome. He keeps himself extremely well kept as is required by his station. He bears the tattoo of a viper under his left eye, one of the symbols of Saris, the goddess and protector of the legions.

He wears the uniform of a High Officer of Rise, A red tunic under a sturdy leather breast piece dyed white with the triple head emblem stamped on the front, a crimson cloak that hangs from his left shoulder down to his feet and then up to a buckle on his left bracer, and a skirt of white leather "feathers". Three cords cross from his right shoulder down under his left arm, one crimson and two silver. His shoulders are covered with silver pauldrons that are bound by leather straps which cross under his breast plate. His helmet, which is kept with him at all times while in uniform, is polished silver and capped in a fan of white that runs front to back. He wears sandals that wrap up to his mid shin and silver shin guards. These colors represent his Rank, the Crimson of a High Officer and the White leather and cords are specific to the "Marshal" ranks, (though the Grand Marshal wears a white cloak and gold as opposed to silver)

Out side of formal events he wears the same casual clothing as any Rusean soldiery, loose fitting light colored shirts and trousers. He does maintain the cloak as is customary of all Officers which is attached to the same silver bracer. The bracer and his officers ring are the only pieces of jewelry he wears.


Christian is a grateful man, he remembers were he came from. Being someone who wasn’t born into high society Christian has a certain air of simplicity about his manner, which tends to sit well with the people he has found himself around, especially the Military Elite who are used to seeing officers born and breed into money. He has a soft tongue, is quick to listen and slow to speak, but the confidence he has when he speaks demands respect. Socially he separates the necessity of his duty from the responsibility, he honors the officers uniform but he does ‘bring work home with him’ as they say.


As do all soldiers Christian carries a sword, as is required of him, at all times. Out side of that he keeps little with him, a money pouch and his officers ring are enough to grant him access to almost any part of the city, the ring more often than the pouch.


Christian came from a run of the mill upper middle class family in a secondary city in the home country of Rise. His family moved to the Capital when he was very young. His father’s cunning for business made them enough to send Christian to be schooled privately, which is where he made his first brush with the Montclair family. He impressed Lieutenant Marshal Titus Marcello Montclair (one of four Montclair’s to hold the rank since it’s creation) and was taken under wing as a pupil. At first he was tutored by Titus’ wife who also by chance tutored the current Empress for some time during which the two became some what friends. She (being four years his elder) claimed him playfully as her little brother and though she soon moved on to other teachers and training they remained friends for some time though as duty called they grew apart.

Christian stumbled upon his fortunate circumstances because he excelled at theorizing strategy. Once old enough he was guided by Titus Montclair. He spent countless house in the Montclair Palace learning all that Titus could teach him. It was during this time that he made his mark in the Montclair family as a whole, coming to know many of the nobles of the house. He was finally sponsored by Titus into the Officers College at the College of War. After years proving himself, with many long term posts commanding in the Northern Territory and never a bitter word about it, his name was eventually submitted to the College for the rank of Lieutenant Marshal. Titus had been retired for nine years from position, though he still taught at the College. With his history, a slight nudge from his sponsor and rumor has it a word from her Majesty, he was accepted. Sadly the acceptance arrived along with a letter informing him that Titus Montclair was taken ill, and might not live to see his return.

Faction(s): – House Montclair, College of War
Profession: – Soldier, Lieutenant Marshal. “The Lieutenant Marshals are aids to Grand Marshal Imperialis. Tactical advisors first, and serving in administrative positions in the College of War. However, the rank of Lieutenant Marshal is not limited to administrative, it is a commanding rank. Though rarely dispatched to the actual battle field, it is not uncommon to be ordered to war theaters to oversee and advise, or command as necessary. The position is a powerful one and as such candidates are scrutinized to the highest level before being promoted to this rank.”

Quirks and Other Information: – Christian has a certain charm and is always welcome at parties and events, he knows how to enjoy life and people like that about him. He is some what of a romantic though his constant absence from society has kept him from finding a relationship. He has also heard the ideals of this new religion that is showing itself, it interests him, though for the moment purely out of curiosity.

So begins...

Christian Kimber's Story