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Risen Hell: Global Frost

Risen Hell: Global Frost


As Glacier obtains the throne, the Cryomancers obtain the upper hand....but there is far more than meets the eye. Can you help return balance and end this war? (This is Part 2 of a 3-part roleplay series)

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Here's the link for the 1st part of the roleplay if you want to get more background information on the roleplay

My father has been plotting our betrayal for far too long. At the moment of his last breath, I shall seize the throne and end this war once and for all, the Cryomancers victorious! - Glacier, Cryomancer King

It's been a year and a half since the arrival of Cinder, the long awaited prophecy of the fire mages, known as the Pyromancers. However, recently Pryce, the king of the ice mages, also known as the Cryomancers, has been plotting to surrender and to change his entire race into Pyromancers. His son, Glacier, on the other hand, was not too thrilled about the idea. After finding the surrender documents, he murdered his father and took control of the throne. From there, he managed to cast a horrible winter storm on the Earth, banishing it under a sheet of ice, in hopes of killing off the majority of the Pyromancers. This action has forced the Pyromancers to retreat underground, while managing to save numerous humans, who in return, willingly turned pyromancer to obtain their chance for revenge.

In terms of pyromancer happenings, Cinder, the prophecy, has been chosen to take over the throne of the Pyromancers. However, the current king, Blaze, used his twisted corruption to make Cinder look like he's committing treason. Therefore, Cinder is set to be executed. However, thanks to Ember and Inferno's help, he managed to escape and now roams alone on the frozen wasteland that is now the Earth. Having no other options, he seeks help from the Cryomancers to inflict his own revenge on Blaze in order to obtain the throne.

Throughout the storyline, a secret love of Glacier's is revealed. A long time ago, Glacier saved an opposing Pyromancer, Ember, from being killed. He tried his best to avoid her since then, but his curiosity always pushed him closer towards her. They secretly had a child, but this isn't discovered until the 3rd chapter of the roleplay series. Cinder, who is currently dating Ember, has no idea about Glacier and Ember's past relationship or their child. In fact, some rumors have passed that Glacier is attacking the Cryomancers as payback for Ember dumping him. Throughout the roleplay, however, Ember does occasionally sneak out to talk with Glacier about agreeing with his father about calling a truce.

* Character List / NPCs *

This is the list of characters who have not been taken already who are crucial to the storyline. The M or F stands for Male and Female. The P and C stand for Pyromancer and Cryomancer
  • Cinder (M, P)
  • Krystal (F, C)
  • Inferno (M, P)
  • Blizzard (M, C)
  • Frost (F, C)

If you have any more questions, feel free to message me or post in OOC

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Seated on the throne, Glacier let out a sigh as he placed his legs over the edge of the throne and looking upward. "How long does it take a guard to pass on a message?" Glacier asked himself, aggravation in his tone. It was his plan to pay off Simona, one of the top assassins of all the cryomancers, to assassinate Ember, his pyromancer ex-girlfriend. It's been almost 2 years since the incident and not much has changed....Glacier still hated her for what she did to him, but he still had deep affections for her. Looking out the window to his right, he looked out his kingdom below. "Hopefully she remembers to bring me the body...." he muttered, wanting to give her a proper burial when the deed is done.


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As Simona slipped on her mask, she stared in the mirror. Such events had occurred since the incidents of the freeze over. Regardless, her soul and fate was set in stone. She had to remain neutral and live off as a bounty hunter. Living in Italy was quite a life, but just not the one for her. People acted if everything was fine, but she concealed herself and showed her true colors. Nothing was ever going to be the same unless she did something. She exited the door into the frozen wonderland, locking it behind her. She walked down the street in the dawn. She had a new contract to perform. An officer of the cryomancers who had been terrorizing her hometown Venice for a while now. She checked her vials and needles and everything was in place. But as she walked, another man was approaching her on the street. Dressed in armor of the cryomancers, she hesitated walking and prepared to attack. But he seemed as if he had something to say. As he approached, he began to walk slowly until their eyes met. But Simona's eyes were concealed.

"Simona de Ventura?" he asked, quietly. As if he was trying to hide something. She nodded, and then the guard rumbled through his bag. He took out a letter in the cryomancer seal and handed it towards her. He looked behind his back.

"This is for you. Please comply to it immediately." he whispered, handing it to her. Simona only let out an expressionless gaze.

"The reward for this contract is three million gold." he responded.

Such a reward... Who could this be? Simona thought to herself. Simona nodded, and the guard stumbled back off. She sat on a nearby bench and then opened the letter. Her eyes skimmed the text, wondering who it was.

Simona De Ventura;
The task I present you today is one of no other. I have received knowledge on your abilities and your supreme skills in the art of assassination. Through your methods, we may remove the Queen of the Pyromancers, Ember, from the face of the Earth. Why I want you to do this is none of your business. However, if you are to kill her and carry out this task, the reward will be grand. And if you bring me her body, I shall double the payment presented to you by my courier. Killing her and the way you do it is up to you. Thank you.
Glacier; King of Cryomancers

Simona simply folded up the letter and placed it in her pocket.

Forget the officer. A new task was at hand.


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Ember sat cross legged on the high backed chair, spinning a small ball of glowing flame in one slender hand. The snow was falling gently around her and it melted as it made contact with her skin and dark hair. Despite the cold she liked to sit outside in her frozen garden, the trees were coated in silver ice and snow and barren of leaves. The garden was silent, her guards had been instructed to wait inside, which they gladly did. Her dark red cloak stood out in the gloomy light and the snow dotted the fabric then quickly melted leaving darker patches here and there. No one had been near the palace in years and the guards were right through the door. she was certain she was safe in her frozen paradise.


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With the new task at hand, Simona wanted to get this job done quickly. Hopefully, now that the Pyromancers have been considerably weak for a while now that assassinating Ember would not be quite a challenge. Simona knew that getting close to her would be difficult. Therefore, simply trying to fly around the Pyromancer Palace in search of her would not be a good idea. Hopefully some event, or some sort of occurrence would lead Ember out of her safe haven or she would have to lure her out. Either way would work, but the latter would be last chance. She stood there in the dawn. People began to come out of their homes. Possibly getting this officer over with would be something to do. She needed the money to resupply on her poison outlet. The contact was a man who's family was constantly being beat on by this officer. Helping out civilians was one of Simona's favorite thing to do. But helping out the King of Cryomancers was a whole different story. After she had some research on the whereabouts of this man, she learned the officer was patrolling the west area of her district. As the transports began to come out, she decided to get there via stagecoach. Luckily people were arising from their homes. The local stagecoach driver was bringing out his horses. She approached the man. The snow crackled as her feet stepped upon it. She wished it would go away. She missed the old lush paradise her life once was. Or was it?

"Sir, are you operating yet?" Simona asked the man who was busy preparing his cavalry.

"Oh, yes. Yes, just a moment, please." He began to quickly assemble his things and then sat aboard the stagecoach. The crackling of old wood bent her ears.

"Where too, miss?" He asked with a smile. He held the reigns like an expert, hopefully he could get her there quickly enough.

"Take me to Trecantro, please." she responded. She stepped aboard the stagecoach.

"That'll be 30 coins, miss. But since you're my first customer, I'll do 25 just for you." He told her.

Prices are rising... I have to deal with Glacier or Ember... or both.

"Of course." Simona handed him a small bag. The man quickly checked to make sure the necessary funds were in there, then he began the journey. It was only about a twenty minute drive. Simona observed her surroundings as the daily lives of people began. Men and women and children from all professions and classes were scattered around the city. Crying quietly, she knew. Ever since the freezing, pain has only gotten worse. And before she knew it, they arrived at Trecantro. This area was known for the advanced tunnel system underground. Markets and homes were even underground. She noticed the stairs that lead into the dirt terrain. People seemed to be piling in and out of there. Hopefully the officer was in there. She took another look at the letter that was sent in the officer.

Miss Simona,
I understand you are an expert bounty hunter, I would like to use your services. I am willing to pay you 2,350 coins if you bring me the head of Silvestro Ignacio, an officer stationed in Trecantro district. I will increase the pay to 3,000 if you can show proof of his death. Please, he has caused my family much harm.
From Leyman Sherry

She enclosed it in her pocket and then descended into the underground marketplace. It was crowded. She didn't like crowded areas, but it made kills easier. In the distance, she could make out three figures. All were on horses. That had to be them. She slowly made her way through the diverse community of Trecantro. The officers in the distance stared out on the people.

Corrupt cryomancers... she moaned in her head. She was tired of the same type of people. Hopefully this Ember assignment would be a bit of variety. She began to approach the officers. However, she did not want to arise any suspicion. But, they were deep in the crowd. No one would notice. She slowly went with the flow of the crowd, approaching Silvestro Ignacio. She could now hear his horse clanking in the crowd. She looked down and prepared her needle. She didn't want it to be too fast, nor too slow. The problem would be dealing with the guards after he collapses. Perhaps a minute would do, so she could escape the area and then return after she could deal with the guards. As she discreetly poisoned her needle, she continued to walk alongside the man. She heard the click, and it was ready. She began to walk closer, and slowly, but surely, deposited the needle into the side of his waist. He did not notice, and she quickly removed her hand. Then, she began to slowly walk the opposite way.

The deed was done. Now she had to collect her evidence. She walked to the edge of the market, and sat on a bench. She looked at the horses and the men on them. After a few seconds, the symptoms were beginning to take place in Silvestro. He began to cough and wheeze. More time passed. He appeared bloated, and dizzy. Simona smiled. The other guards took no notice in how he was acting. Then, he collapsed. The horse rose its front hooves, and dashed out of the scene, trampling many people. Most of them seemed alright, despite being injured. Silvestro was dead cold, on the ground. The crowd dispersed around him, leaving him in the open scene. The two guards dismounted their horses and then approached the man.

"Who did this? You shall pay!" He yelled. Simona remained cool. They could not detect her. The crowd began to slowly come back to their business, but the guards remained worried.

"Come back! I want an answer!" He yelled, his face turning red. The guards began to run around the market, hoping to spot their target. They eventually took our random people and accused them. They then turned around to Simona's area. The man sitting next to her was grabbed and thrown onto the ground.

"Someone has to of seen something!" he continued to yell. The guard behind him just contained himself and watched. The guards then turned their attention to Simona. She looked up at them, remaining with an expressionless gaze. The guard then approached her and then acted as if he was going to attack.

"Take off the mask, woman." he yelled. Simona did nothing, just stood there.

"I said take it off!" he yelled. He drew his sword from his belt and held it up to her neck.

"If you don't take it off, then my blade will." he said. Simona closed her eyes for a moment. The guard behind him was watching intently. Simona arose her hands as if she was going to take off the mask, but she turned to her side and the hand reached for her dagger. Risen, as quick as ever, the dagger arose and she stabbed the guard in his stomach. She quickly retrieved her weapon and then spun to stab the other man. She had formed another crowd. Simply a pile of blood was all she had achieved. She had to quickly escape the area. She ran out of the marketplace stairs, and looked down the street. Guards were coming. She ran the opposite direction and then went inside a nearby saloon. Men of all sorts were lined up around the bar. She took a seat, hoping to blend in. A guard ran in and pointed his gun and the people. But as soon as he realized he could not find his target, he left. She waited a bit, and the commotion on the street appeared to of died down. She accomplished her task. Now to retrieve her evidence. She went back into the marketplace, where everything was seeming to be fine. She approached where the body was, however nothing was left. Except his officer's badge.

Perfect, she thought. What better evidence is there then his own badge?

She picked it up and then left the scene. She would consult the man who sent him this letter after she dealt with this Oh-so-magnificent Ember. However, she could not simply infiltrate the palace. That was simply not her way.


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Ember found herself outside of the palace this day. The snow had stopped and although she thought it was pretty she was ready for it to go away. Followed by her entourage of guards and assistants she made her way through the town purchasing various items. The ensemble remained silent as they followed Ember though the crowds of people. The group was situated at a stand selling bits of shining gems and jewelry when she noticed a commotion across the way. A man had fallen, he looked like an officer of some sort, he had fallen from his horse. It was clearly not a natural action as his comrades were running around frantically to find someone to blame for the officer's fatal fall. She paid them no attention as she examined the wares of the stand, but several minutes later she heard another commotion. She looked across the way to see a small crowd had formed. She couldn't make out what was happening but there was shouting and a woman wearing a mask broke from the group and ran down an alley, several officers followed her.

Ember made to move towards the crowd but her arm was grasped tightly by one of her guards. "Madam I think we best be going. This is not a safe place for you."

She hated being called 'madam' It made her feel old, older than she needed to feel anyway. She gave the guard a hard glare that made his look of stern concern falter, but only for a moment. She knew his look and he truly believed her life to be in danger. She looked at the rest of her small group. The servants averted their eyes, the guards kept their eyes on Ember though.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. Turning to see the officer's body being carried away before allowing herself to be escorted towards an awaiting carriage.

She was on her way out of the market when she took a last look out the window and glimpsed the masked woman, she appeared to be picking something from the ground, but Ember couldn't quite make out what it was.


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Simona slowly walked away from the scene until she looked behind her.

In the distance, several guards were tailing her.

She looked forward and pretended as if she had no idea of their presence. She then walked into Trecantro's square, where it was busy in the higher marketplace, where the more wealthy purchased goods and luxuries. However, many of the residents were preparing for the local Carnivale. Although not as exquisite as the large Venice's, it was a popular attraction. Men and women bearing many different masks were approaching.


Simona thought this was perfect. This would get the guards off her back. She approached the area as the jugglers were performing with fire and the other men and women's expressions hidden behind their masks. She knew of the secret pain they all suffered. Snow outlined the edges of the area, the same that had been there since the event. Regardless, she had to lay low until she was undetected again. Then she could simply slip on a different mask the next day and reset the notoriety she gained the day before. The guards approached the area and gave a sigh.

They knew her plan, but with no idea on how to counter it.


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Ever since the murder in the marketplace Ember's guards had taken to following her everywhere she went and they insisted it was for her own protection. Several times she dismissed them only to find more lurking nearby. The only place she could really be alone was her icy garden. She sat for hours imagining the snow being gone, the guards lurking just within the doorway, confident that she was safe behind the stone garden walls.

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