"Everyone will bow before the King of Cold"

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a character in “Risen Hell: Global Frost”, as played by Nemmy826


Glacier is the typical badass that most people would try and avoid. Before he murdered his father and became king, Glacier wasn't really interested in becoming the king. The reason behind this was that it prevented him from fighting and his more favorite habit, killing. If Glacier wasn't at the base, he was amongst the humans, killing them off one by one. Once he found out about his father's plans for surrender, he became enraged and killed his own father with Frostbite, his fabled blue-bladed weapon. After killing his father, he burned all the evidence of a surrender treaty and took control of the throne.



Glacier is egotistical and a total cool guy. He never tends to show a soft side or any sense of doubt or guilt from his actions, therefore renouncing himself as the ultimate assassin. Since discovering that his father was planning to surrender to the Pyromancers, nothing much has changed with Glacier's treatment of things, however his motivation was shifted. He took the throne and wanted to win the war for the Cryomancers. However, some rumors have been passed around that he's eliminating the Pyromancers as revenge for Ember dumping him.


Glacier doesn't carry much around since he has his cryomancy magic. He also wields a custom-designed sword with a blue blade. Its nickname is Frostbite



Glacier grew up just the same as every other Cryomancer, except he lived the life of royalty. Born as the son of Pryce and Candice, the former queen of the Cryomancers, Glacier grew up to understand and follow the rules and regulations of his people. However, all his emotions and thoughts went rotten. When The Great War began, it wasn't long before the Pyromancers attacked. Glacier was only 13 when he watched his mother be murdered. His anger drove him to chase the Pyromancers, but his father held him back. This action turned Glacier into an evil child, soon enough killing off innocent mortals. However, for the sake of staying in Cryomancer grounds, as well as pleasing his father, he obeyed all the 'other' rules. Once he found out that his father was planning to surrender in hopes of ending the war, Glacier lost his temper as opposed to what happened to his mother. He killed his own father and burned all the evidence of such actions and took control of the throne. From there, he led the rebellious battle tactics of the Cryomancers, in hopes of decimating every Pyromancer.

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