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"How do you do cutie?"

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a character in “Rishon: Vow”, as played by XDcakeXD



"Do you think I care about the traditions of those stinky Gar'agh? I hate the Gar'agh. I hate them, I hate Humans and I hate you. But why am I talking to you? Well, isn't it obvious? Cause I think you're cute. I'm not being contradictory. Cannot I not hate but think that what I'm hating is cute?"

Half Gar'agh
Being a half she has features of both of her race. She has cat-like claws and paws but a more human like body. She has a spray of beautiful dyed violet hair which she does a lot of work to upkeep. She has grey fur on her ears as well as her tail. One of the most prominent feature she has is her sharp ash grey eyes. She is thin and has the body of that who has done a lot of work of being agile and felxible, her skin is hardly blemished but if one were to look closely enough there would be small and barely visible leftover scars on her skin near her collarbone and her thighs.
Ardenia is a charming female who enjoys speaking with others. With a pretty little wink and a sparkling smile she likes to know everything about a person she's meeting as a trade partner or just a random delicious stranger on the streets that has caught her interest. She enjoys talking about nothing and hinting about certain subjects and forcibly making her target spill out all sorts of dirty secrets. She likes to make people feel welcome when she talks to them and she tends to get really close to them, constantly prodding and touching, she is a touchy person.

Ardenia is not afraid to get her hands dirty. It is because of her boldness and fearless nature that has allowed her to scale the ranks of her life. She prefers to do the work over letting other's handle her job, she is not afraid of combating others, killing, stealing and being morally degrading. The lady would not rather have it any other way, everything she knows or is getting delivered always goes through her first. That is not only how she is able to achieve a customer's trust but it also ensures that her payment does not get into the wrong type of hands.

She is distrustful of others. Having had not a single real person she could call a friend of her own, she tends to bottle up her emotions. When jobs do not go the way she wants she will explode and can be cruel as well as merciless to those who are at fault.

Attached to her thigh underneath her dress is a coiled up electric whip she uses to defend herself or punish others.
Trader and hosts a spy network

As a half breed child, Ardenia lived a harsh life as a toddler up until her teens. She was constantly frowned upon on the pride of the Gar'agh and she was an abomination in the eyes of humans. Her mother, the human, had died at child birth and her father disappeared soon after. The point of survival is even questionable, she was just a very lucky child even after all the neglect, from the tribe and the abuse from the other's around her age.

At around the age of ten she snuck on to a trader caravan that headed to the big cities from the smaller tribes. Thus making her less knowledgeable about her own tribe as she spent most of her time in the big city working desperately to survive on her own. That is when she met the saviour of her life, Madam Lovely- no one knew her real name- who had taken her in to her club right after the young feline female tried to pickpocket her.

Madam Lovely was a big woman of the city, she held a lot of control in the trading industry and she was the owner of one of the biggest night club's in the area, The Big Boom. She was a woman of great charisma and skilled manipulation; she was well known in the underworld. It was from her that Ardenia had learned most of her trade skills. However Madam Lovely was hardly a young woman. Around the time Ardenia had just turned 18, Madam Lovely retired from her business and rested easy over the country side. The young girl who had built up good connections at the time began her own trading business-some might say smuggling but business was business all the same.

The arrival of the strange monsters from afar can greatly change her business for better of worse.

So begins...

Ardenia's Story


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It is the night of the king's public service announcement regarding the recent "accidents" involving the strange creatures. People from all over gathered to watch and the media having cameras and reporters blinding him with their lights and camera flashes. He looks tense, dark rings around his gray eyes and his black hair and goatee marred with a few streaks of white, at times adjusting the collar of his dark blue suit, he's worried. He is looking over papers and fidgeting with the microphone, getting ready to choose his delivery then stands straight, takes a breath, and begins his speech.

"People of Mordania, my people, my brethren, I know..." He tries to speak with as much a strong and reassuring tone as he can, but pauses to clears his throat. "I know that some of you are worried, afraid of some prophecy from a time long ago, that these creatures may be the Nephilim, but I can assure you, the situation is being dealt with."

"Dealt with?" A voice cries out from the crowd, it is a reporter, one from a channel notorious for heavily criticizing Mordania's officials. "There are over forty dead, more wounded, bodies barely recognizable except through a long and thorough aether print, how do you plan to deal with this?"

"By upping vigilance through our trusted men in black, because of them it was just that many and not hundred or thousands."

"But why don't you make the call we are all waiting to hear, to hunt down these creatures and make sure there are no future incidents, you know, like a responsible leader." The reporter says, without subtlety in his tone. "After all, if they are Nephilim, then doomsday is around the corner."

"And begin another age of slayers... Hasn't history taught you anything at all?" Mordaine seems agitated, slamming his hand down on the podium. "This nation was founded on the principle that all people, regardless of race, deserve a chance, or are you suggesting we should also restart the hunts on our bigger-than-life brothers?"

"I'm not suggesting anything of the sort, what happened to the behemoth races was a mistake, but they didn't attack us first, these things did."

"Regardless..." He says, straightening his collar shifting his attention from the reporter. "There are reports from all around that sighting have occurred, the dark forest should be considered unsafe and be weary of wandering Hoffenheim at a night like this. And if anyone sees anything strange, anything at all, report it to your local station immediately."

A man walks up next to the king, clad in sturdy yet flexible white and red armor, a helmet covering his head and a glowing visor obscuring his eyes, he looks somewhere between a paladin and a cop, armed with an aethertech blade sheathed at his hip. Tthe crowd hisses and boos the man but Mordaine waves them to calm. It was an Enforcer from the neighboring country of Elsland, a Kritarchy, or government of law run by judges. They are notorious for their strict laws and harsh methods of dealing with disputes. In the past Elsland and Mordania had several violent conflicts up until peace was made between Mordaine III and the High Judge and have worked together since.

"Our Elsland brothers have offered some of their men in order to help us, and have agreed to handle things under the Mordanian way." He says presenting the man. "Do show them respect, we may have had our differences but more than once they've assisted us even when they had no reason to, after all, their only crime is in being passionate."

Mordaine chuckles patting the man on the shoulder who fails to react in any way causing the king to awkwardly back off and the enforcer walks off from the stage.

"So do not worry, we will handle this in the best way we can... remember, be careful at night and stay away from the forest, that is all for now." He says, finality in his voice. "Keep safe, and keep each other safe."

King Mordaine waves at everyone then walks into his castle-made-mansion. Reporters hounding him the entire way to his door before being escorted away by authorities. The crowd begins to disperse and many head home but there is still a high level of tension and uncertainty in the air.

The setting changes from Stulhelm to Abaranne's Cradle

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The setting changes from Abaranne's Cradle to Stulhelm


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The music softly echoed against the dim twinkling crystals of the chandeliers that hung above the giant grand piano. There was a rather romantic empty atmosphere as most of the patrons had gone out to see the verdict of his majesty's speech in regards to the new species that had landed on their fair lands. A light static of sound fizzled as the bored bar tender stared at the mirage of images on the television screen.

The clink of ice made him turn to one of his few customers. Seated closest to him was a female; she could have been called human if it were not for her fur lined paws and feline ears atop her head, sensitive to every bit of noise. She was looking at him.

β€œAnother Moscow Mule please,”her eyes twinkled with youthful giddiness. The bar tender nodded and turned towards his stock of alcohol on the shelves.

Crossing her legs, the feline female could feel her tail loosely swaying back in forth. Her hands on her cheek and her loose fitting dress hinting at cleavage. Anyone that watched her could tell that she was happy, and why would she not be? Sure there was the whole violent invasion of the unknown species but for anyone that knew her, she was a business woman, a Jack-of-All-trades type of business woman.

The recent announcement that finished on the television screen would have worked both ways. If the king had decided to fight off the invaders then she would have sold them the weapons, but since he refuses to take action she could find business with those who did want to fight. The difference would be that she found the mind heightening exhilaration of her job as she once again would smuggle out the weapons. She had a good many contacts that would benefit greatly from the deals done.

The bartender placed the drink in front of her. It reflected the sparkle in her eyes with the large uneven lumps of ice and the thick slice of lime that floated half way within the glass making it glow with a gold-like essence.

Ardenia was hardly inhumane in to encouraging the people to rise up and fight as well as hunt the strange intruders, mostly she looked out for herself and those that followed her. A few of her little men had been lost to this lack of action by their king and it was honestly going to become worse as more time passed all she was doing was giving the people some way of working themselves out, defending themselves.

Her glass was half empty when she felt a relaxing vibration around her leg. Her fuzzy grey tail wrapped around the device in her pocket flicking the ringing phone into her slender claws. β€œVergan how's it going,” she stood up from her seat sliding some bills on to the counter.

Preparations were complete. Naturally any of the weapons she sells, she ensures that none of the evidence would lead back to her. She was being bold and cautious at the same time. Jail time was not something she wanted to spend business high time hours or cash in. Pressing the red button on her phone she disconnected the line, making her way out of the door to find a cool draft against her face. A purr escaped the thins of her pink dabbed lips.

β€œWhat a beautiful night.”


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What were they expecting to happen? The female patter her wet hair as she thought back to the news. Were they actually expecting these new creatures to sit back like pebbles? It was almost funny how careless some people were towards a new species-nothing but invasive. She landed herself on the black leather couch, slinging her towel across the arm of the chair.

Her paw reached out on to the coffee table where she retrieved a small nail filer and began to get rid of the extra kinks and nicks in her claws. Her television in front of her flickered on, her eyes narrowed allowing the call to be accessed through the screen. A black silhouette appeared with a call timer at the bottom. β€œYes Vergan dear,” she purred almost sarcastically.

β€œLast night's news was not the only report of the assumed nephilim attack. It seems Zagura and a few of the other men have disappeared after they delivered the cache yesterday. I haven't been able to get in contact with any of them,”she shook her head at the news a frown already replacing her charming playful features, rather than a nephilim attack the first thing that half felin'es thought was that they had stolen from her. What better way to get away with free high quality weapons than to base it off an attack and then ship themselves to another area. If they thought she was that stupid then they needed a new job.

With a sigh she tossed the filer behind her. β€œWhat a pain,” she spat. β€œVergan I want you to get your men and search the outer areas, near the forest. Their probably smuggling the goods somewhere.” The silhouette nodded without hesitation which was not surprising. The minion was a smart one and loyal. He knew what she wanted.

The screen flickered off at the snap of her claws. There would be serious teachings to be made if she really did find them alive and well in her city. They might need more prayers. Flinging her robe off she entered the next room where her wardrobe sat and her whip ready to strangle someone.