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Henrick Mordaine VI

"Long drawn-out speech time has passed... get crazy and I'll go with you."

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a character in “Rishon: Vow”, as played by MartinVole


Age: 36
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affinity: Darklight
Personality: Charismatic and unorthodox yet an effective leader known for his unusual pep speeches. Though
Gear: Aethertech armor designed to protect him from both magical and non-magical injury, and an aethertech blade empowered by darklight, able to project it like a gun and focus it to increase the blade's effectiveness.
Occupation/Skills: King of Mordania skilled in a number of techniques passed down through generations that he now trains into his specialized peace force, the Black Knights, these include standard sword techniques combines with magical honing as well as disciplines in judging when to aim for a kill, or to aim for disablement.

Background: He was wild and rambunctious in his youth leaving many worried of his ability to lead, his father was even having second thoughts about his son and considered passing the crown down to one of his cousins. However he took a life-threatening beating, leaving him hospitalized for several weeks, his father at first, disappointed that he's taken this route learned that he took it for a lowly Mud who had simply walked in the bar and was bound to be killed.

"At first, I admit, I thought he was some kid that stumbled in," he said. "Not that it changed anything upon learning it, he had as much right being there as I did."

He then vowed to continue the Mordaine mission to unify all people, despite some minor brain damage.

So begins...

Henrick Mordaine VI's Story


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It is the night of the king's public service announcement regarding the recent "accidents" involving the strange creatures. People from all over gathered to watch and the media having cameras and reporters blinding him with their lights and camera flashes. He looks tense, dark rings around his gray eyes and his black hair and goatee marred with a few streaks of white, at times adjusting the collar of his dark blue suit, he's worried. He is looking over papers and fidgeting with the microphone, getting ready to choose his delivery then stands straight, takes a breath, and begins his speech.

"People of Mordania, my people, my brethren, I know..." He tries to speak with as much a strong and reassuring tone as he can, but pauses to clears his throat. "I know that some of you are worried, afraid of some prophecy from a time long ago, that these creatures may be the Nephilim, but I can assure you, the situation is being dealt with."

"Dealt with?" A voice cries out from the crowd, it is a reporter, one from a channel notorious for heavily criticizing Mordania's officials. "There are over forty dead, more wounded, bodies barely recognizable except through a long and thorough aether print, how do you plan to deal with this?"

"By upping vigilance through our trusted men in black, because of them it was just that many and not hundred or thousands."

"But why don't you make the call we are all waiting to hear, to hunt down these creatures and make sure there are no future incidents, you know, like a responsible leader." The reporter says, without subtlety in his tone. "After all, if they are Nephilim, then doomsday is around the corner."

"And begin another age of slayers... Hasn't history taught you anything at all?" Mordaine seems agitated, slamming his hand down on the podium. "This nation was founded on the principle that all people, regardless of race, deserve a chance, or are you suggesting we should also restart the hunts on our bigger-than-life brothers?"

"I'm not suggesting anything of the sort, what happened to the behemoth races was a mistake, but they didn't attack us first, these things did."

"Regardless..." He says, straightening his collar shifting his attention from the reporter. "There are reports from all around that sighting have occurred, the dark forest should be considered unsafe and be weary of wandering Hoffenheim at a night like this. And if anyone sees anything strange, anything at all, report it to your local station immediately."

A man walks up next to the king, clad in sturdy yet flexible white and red armor, a helmet covering his head and a glowing visor obscuring his eyes, he looks somewhere between a paladin and a cop, armed with an aethertech blade sheathed at his hip. Tthe crowd hisses and boos the man but Mordaine waves them to calm. It was an Enforcer from the neighboring country of Elsland, a Kritarchy, or government of law run by judges. They are notorious for their strict laws and harsh methods of dealing with disputes. In the past Elsland and Mordania had several violent conflicts up until peace was made between Mordaine III and the High Judge and have worked together since.

"Our Elsland brothers have offered some of their men in order to help us, and have agreed to handle things under the Mordanian way." He says presenting the man. "Do show them respect, we may have had our differences but more than once they've assisted us even when they had no reason to, after all, their only crime is in being passionate."

Mordaine chuckles patting the man on the shoulder who fails to react in any way causing the king to awkwardly back off and the enforcer walks off from the stage.

"So do not worry, we will handle this in the best way we can... remember, be careful at night and stay away from the forest, that is all for now." He says, finality in his voice. "Keep safe, and keep each other safe."

King Mordaine waves at everyone then walks into his castle-made-mansion. Reporters hounding him the entire way to his door before being escorted away by authorities. The crowd begins to disperse and many head home but there is still a high level of tension and uncertainty in the air.