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Aziel Nuroy

Smirks* if you want me to fix that for you its goanna cost ya something

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a character in “Rising Moon”, as played by Lolkatlove


*First Name: Aziel
*Last Name: Nuroy
*Nickname(s): Aze - Nuroy
*Age: 21
*Gender: Male
*Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Aziel is never consistent; he likes to keep a fixed smile with a playful attitude acting as though he never takes things seriously always messing around. However under that when it comes to business he can change face within an instant making him one of the scariest men to trade with, because of his knowledge with mechanics you never know what weapon he has hiding under his sleeve and could destroy a building with one shot from a number of his devices. Yet that side of him is rarely seen, normally he is like a kid joking around and not seeming to care about the important things blowing them off as nothing whilst secretly devising his own plans. Thats just how he works.
He has a dog however called Fu’fu. Its a cute name but does not suit the dog, Fu’fu is vicious and tries to attack everyone that walks into his garage friend or foe spit dripping from her mouth chained to the wall. She terrifies most. Yet Aziel always talks cutesy to her even when she barks at him, however she does follow Aziel’s commands, only his though.

Old relics from the past (collects them)
Random junk
Strawberries when he can get his hands on them
His mental dog Fu’fu
Getting ridiculous bargains on things
Haggling cheap objects to sell at higher prices

The law (cops)
Informatives – (he has to be careful considering he deals on the black market)
Moaning women (just irritates him)
Grade 1 robotics – (such a piece of crap design ;D)

*Occupation: Professional Mechanic on front appearance, however secretly a Black Market trader of all materials.

*Transportation: A rusty old hover bike (if allowed?)

*Residence: A crappy garage with two rooms upstairs, a bedroom and bathroom. However the garage is stashed full of mechanical parts, metal hanging from the ceiling rusted and brand new, objects on shelves with no value on personal meaning to his collection. You can’t step anywhere without being careful to avoid something the floor scattered with random mechanical things. Where he keeps the valuable goods and materials which isn’t mechanical is a secret which he never tells to avoid people wanting to attempt to rob him not that they would succeed with all of his booby traps.
Downstairs - garage

Mechanics – can fix nearly anything if he has the right parts and tools
*Family: Nobody Knows it’s a mystery.
*Brief History:: It’s a mystery
Image*Extra: A picture of his dog Fu’fu which is scary with his mental barking and vicious temper to anyone but Aziel


So begins...

Aziel Nuroy's Story


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Character Portrait: Aziel Nuroy
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Clouds hung whispery thin in the afternoon sky the noise of cars, bikes, people walking, robots chattering and general buzzing of the city humming loudly over anything that nature could have produced. A man leaned out of his car during a rather muffled traffic jam his hand in a fist as abuse left his vile plump lips directed at no one in particular as the cause of the hold up was currently unknown so he had no one to argue with.

"unintelligent pig" a hushed tone was uttered so quiet only the owner could have heard it over the sudden sound of bursting smoke that crackled with a bang the machiene quivering for a moment before steadying itself to its previous condition. The sound drew the attention of heads on the side walk their eyebrows raising when they saw the old brown heap that was casually hovering with a little difficultly, sat amongst the traffic jam, comfortable in its current place.

Moving his hand a man that sat on the noisy machiene fiddled with something near the handles, an open panel already revealing a series of wires only the capable could understand. Once he was done he smiled befitting his face of acheivement in hushing the machiene with a wave to his spectators before moving the thing forward to keep up with the traffic flow. Aziel was never a man to shy away from a crowd, if anything he loved to put on a show, even if it meant he recieved strange looks for riding a very old and worn hover bike which was probably on its last days, if not for Aziel's handy work it would have died years ago.

It wasn't lonog before the traffic cleared out and Aziel's tuning came into view, with a thrust to the speed he quickly swept to the side of the queue illegally driving on the pavement causing a number of cries of distress from the pedestrians. However before anyone could report anything he had already turned down another street returning to an open road moving at a speed so fast only a maniac would drive at on his rusty hover bike. He looked back at his work with a cheeky smile humming a song to himself as he drifted down the road and through streets that twisted in all directions.

Eventually he stopped upon a regular looking house the same as its twins either side of it, except this house had its bottom garage open at a constant basis a sign painted in chiped red reading "Nuroy Mechanics!". Turning off his hover bike, Aziel hopped out and fetched a large brown sack from the back of it swinging it over his shoulder as he strolled into the garage. As he did a familiar sound of barking crept up his spine reminding him of his demon dog 'Fu'fu's presence as she ran at him on alert her chain stopping her from leaving the garage. She was there to mak sure no one tried to steal anything when he was away, or at least warn him someone was around so he could be aware of his possible traps for theives going off.
"hush Fu'fu its only me" he gave her a wink as she still growled but calmed down a lot more at seeing him, throwing her a treat from the back pocket of his baggy jeans he then noticed a small shadow of a man standing at the corner of his driveway. Narrowing his eyes he inspected him before changing his entire facial expression to one of welcome.
"Come in! come in!" he chourted dropping the sake as it made a strange noise almost like grain was inside.
"M-my order?" the man was short and wore a pair of thick black glasses matching his attire of a white shirt and trousers, he was an office worker, they were very strickly bound to doing only a few things which made it a job not worth having as it as known to send some people insane.
"It's all here just got it in fresh!" Aziel smiled triumphly, he had his contacts.
"R-right. H-here' the cash." the man practicaly darted towards Aziel his eyes locked on Fu'fu and her overbearing teeth with fear as he nervousy shook handing him the cash.
Aziel didnt react at all, he simply kept that smile which made him sort of creepy at how little he cared couting the notes now within his hands. "Great thats all of it! I hope you enjoy your product sir" he nodded tucking the cash in his pocket as suddenly his face changed. It was as though he had never smiled for ten years his eyes weary and accusing as he grabbed the mans shirt making him yelp. "The rule is, if you tell anyone who shouldnt know about me what just happened here today, maybe at night possibly, maybe even during the day at work, someone may pay you a visit, im not sure what you'll think to them. But trust me" he paused with a deadly look "They will be the last person you ever see" his voice toned down to something cruel releasing the mans shirt.

The man nodded vibrantly as he fell to the floor pathetically quickly grabbing the sack before crawling, then running away from "Nuroys Mechanics!"

(sorry for spelling/grammer mistakes laptop slow and in a hurry!"