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Cecelie Nightray

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a character in “Rising Moon”, as played by Bani


*First Name: Cecelie

*Last Name: Nightray

*Nickname(s): Elie, Cece.

*Age: 19

*Gender: Female.

*Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

*Appearance: Image

*Personality: Cecelie has nerves of steel, and is unusually retentive, committing every experience she has to her memory. She has an analytical mind, and pretends to be extremely tough, although when she is alone she usually drops the act. She has abandonment issues thanks to her parents, and suffers from bouts of insecurity as well as depression. She has a curious nature, but years on the street has taught her where to draw the line. She is honest and direct, but easily withholds information if she feels the need to manipulate someone, though not actually lying unless its imperative.
She also hates the use of force, but resorts to it when necessary. When she is feeling extremely depressed she displays sadistic tendencies, but that's rare.

*Likes: Books, rain, night, fresh air, plants, music.

*Dislikes: Being ordered around, being patronised, lying, depending on others.

*Occupation: Mercenary

*Transportation: A bike.

*Residence: A large underground room that she lovingly calls her 'den'.

*Skills: Knows several martial arts forms, as well as able to wield tonfas, throwing knives, gupti ( a blade hidden in a rod) and swords quite well. Makes up in her speed for the lack of immense physical strength. Can go days without eating after a big meal - a habit from the days she had to scrape together something to eat - and fall asleep anywhere, as well as nerves of steel and the ability to withstand more pain than most others.

*Family: None.

*Brief History: Born in an extremely poor family, Cecelie ran away from her home when her mother tried to sell her off to organ=traffickers. Since she was seven she has been alone, living in the streets. She became a mercenary when she was 14, thanks to an old man she met who recognised her as an eager student and took her in. Ever since the man died, she has been living on her own again.

*Extra: Cecelie likes dresses. As in, she never wears anything except dresses. Ever. Even though it sometimes gets in her way . She also loves tattoos, but only the temporary stick-on ones, since she hates unnecessary pain. She has a small white rabbit - the only thing ever gifted to her, and a pocket watch left behind by her mentor, and treasures them above anything else.

So begins...

Cecelie Nightray's Story


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#, as written by Bani
Cecelie was quite sure she would die of boredom if this went on any longer when she returned to her den.

She started by checking her e-mail and the messages on her phone. A few offers, nothing she could find interest in. She had had a good haul from the last job and so didn't need to take a job for simply money right now.

"Hmmm, what's this?" she mused as a piece of paper caught her eyes.

'500 West. Amusement Park.'

Cecelie narrowed her eyes.

While it might be a trap, why would anyone who knew where she lived bother with a trap in a public, crowded place? They could have just blown up her den with her in it.

"At any rate, this might alleviate some of the boredom." she muttered, quickly grabbing her gupti, tonfas and a couple of throwing knives, arranging them carefully inside her dress so she could whip them out at any given time. She hesitated a minute before strapping two guns to her thighs. Guns would stand a better chance against guns and other long-range weapons.

"Off to 500 West now~" she sang out. She was rather curious to see who this person was and why they had bothered to call her to 500 West even though they could just have met her here. Unfamiliar turf? That may be so.
Cece would show them why nobody ordered her around, after she had found out the reasons behind their behaviour, of course.