Minako Makuda

A girl who loves her father, but is now a walking target thanks to him. She secretly wishes to be free of her family name & all the crimes tied to it, but at the same time can't envision her future without it.

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a character in “Rising Sun: Criminal Romance”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!


Role: Makuda's Daughter.

Name: Minako Makuda

Alias: Tsudzureya Kobayashi (Classmates and Teachers often call her "Reya")

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height = 5'11
Weight = 125lbs
Eyes = A light Grey, that looks almost clear in bright lights.
Hair = Auburnish-Red, and reaches to the end of her back when out.
Body-Art = A belly button piercing, plus two lobe piercings, one cartilage piercing, and one industrial piercing, in BOTH ears.


- Learned basic swordsman skills at age five.
- Has been a practitioner of Combat Jujitsu since she was seven, and began to study Krav Maga on her own at thirteen.
- Has an IQ of 147
- Pianist.
- Ballet(and Modern) Dancer, with acrobatic training.
- Can hold her breath under water for a long time. Her longest time being five minutes.

Weapons and Equipment: Reya detest violence....however if need be, she prefers to use her hands, not weaponry. But she, like her brother(she assumes), does have a traditional 3-piece samurai sword set handed down to her from her father.

Personality: Reya is sweet caring girl., who much rather spend her day at the beach, or goofing off underneath Sakura trees or in a field of Sunflowers vs.fighting or arguing. She loves to help people who are in need, and often spends time volunteering, now that she's not so consumed in her fathers world.

Reya is also personable beyond belief, and often finds herself being dragged into peoples conversations at school......however if she can manage it, she actually likes being either by herself, or alone with Adam. But being popular in her grade, and a natural social-butterfly, she doesn't always get that chance during the week.......and looks forward to the weekends with a passion.
History: Movies often glamorize the life of mobsters....but Reya knows all too well that there is nothing "cool" about living with one of the most powerful and dangerous men in Tokyo, who just so happens to have many targets on his head.

Her parents showered her with love and shielded her from their true selves.......until she turned five, the age of the families initiation process of sorts.
At first she took her and her brothers sudden lessons in traditional swordsmanship as a new fun endeavor, but she quickly realized that this was not meant to just be some hobby.....and that nothing more than perfection was expected from her and her brother, by a mother who would run her ragged until every technique was perfect.........something she wasn't able to accomplish until age seven. Reya was then thrust into the world of Combat Jujitsu, courtesy of her father. He had a far more gentle hand with Reya than her mother......but the ultimate goal of perfection was still the same. So she had little social life growing up, and spent most of her time either performing on stage in piano concerts and dancing competitions, or practicing inside her familys dojo.
However, when the hit was put out on her head and she had to completely change her identity, the one benefit that came with it was a social life. She no longer was at home perfecting violent skills she rather forget she had, she no longer was surrounded by crime dealings, and she was no longer consumed with piano concerts and dance performances to impress her family and their associates...........it was a fresh new start, something that she was scared of at first, but quickly learned to embrace.

Over the last year in public school, Reya has been setup in a nice studio apartment on the outskirts of downtown Tokyo, that she stays in by herself during the week. Her contact with her family is limited, but daily......and her friends simply think she's from the countryside, and that her parents sent her into the city alone for a better education, and THAT'S why she stays in a studio without a family.
Other: Reya has a male black & white husky puppy named Bimo, two female Siberian kittens named Sparks & Yarn, an adult Iguana, and a large fish tank full of random fish species.

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