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Elouise Kasem

gamma gamma gamma pledge

0 · 441 views · located in Pierce, New York

a character in “rivalry”, as played by Limeaid



So begins...

Elouise Kasem's Story

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#, as written by Limeaid
xxxxxxxxxELLA KASEM
xxxxGamma Gamma Gamma Pledge - Freshman
xxxxx#8856A8 - Outfit - 11:18pm @Wildfire
(tw: alcohol/substance use. in italics)

Ella was sitting in the middle of her room surrounded by a sea of clothes desperately trying to find a suitable dress to pair with the accessories strewn across her bed. Arguably one of the most important nights on campus so far she needed to look perfect, heavenly, and of course desirable. The dress she was supposed to be wearing was one that was seemingly perfect for her standings in tri gamma. Eye catching but not enough to distract from the sisters or the president, was delayed and wouldn't be arriving until next Sunday. She took a deep breath to center herself, she couldn't afford showing up with puffy eyes and smudged makeup.

Ella grabbed her phone to see what time it was, 11:18. “Shit” she was now officially running late. She quickly sent a text to her chapter president Lily, “running a lil late fashion emergency will be there soon!” Then one to her boyfriend Roddy, “about to leave! dont have too much fun without me.” Ella looked around at what she had surrounding her and landed on a pink dress that she hoped would pass for cupid, then the rest of the costume. As she was about to put her phone in her purse it buzzed. She glanced at it hoping it was Roddy, but ended up just being her sister Ophelia telling her to have a good time. Shaking her head and stuffing it in her purse, Ella made her way to Wildfire.

Ella walked into Wildfire hit with the overwhelming smell of alcohol. Pushing her way through the mass students trying to talk over the music of doja cat, dancing, or already making out. She sat down at the bar and sent Roddy another text “Hey Im here! Where you at?” She slammed back two shots, already feeling behind. Getting her stuff she started to make her way up to VIP lounge, but was stopped by a tall guy, in a stained white sheet as makeshift toga grabbing her up arm. “Hey baby, seems I've gotten shot with your arrow. Let's dance.” Ella didn't have time to process before she was dragged out to the middle of the dance floor with this random man. “First Year?” he asked over the music. “Uh yeah.” Ella didn't want to be rude so she kept up the conversation. “You?” He shook his “Nah Junior.” After what felt like an hour of painfully dry back and forth he asked Ella if they wanted to go somewhere private. “Sorry but no, I'm looking for my boyfriend and should link back up with him” Ella said with a smile. The guy quickly turned sour “Fine! You’re not even one of the hottest girls here. Next time don't lead a guy on bitch.” He turned around flipping Ella off as he disappeared into the crowd.

Making her way out back for some fresh air with a new drink she looked at her phone to see if Roddy had responded, but nothing. “Please where are you?” Ella said under her breath. She downed her drink and turned to go inside when she heard the voice of someone she knew. She peered around the corner and Maya was there, laughing with some people as they shared a blunt. “Oh Ella Hey. Dude you look fucking great!” Maya said taking a drag “You look out of it, you good?” she questioned Ella.“Not really, I'm looking for Roddy. Been texting him but I don't think he's checking his phone.” Ella responded. “I haven’t sorry dude, Maybe check upstairs? I think that's where most of his bros are. If not, you're welcome to join us.” Maya said slightly waving the blunt around “Thanks Maya.” Ella smiled before leaving and making her way up to the VIP lounge to mingle with her sisters and friends.