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Finnegan Young

an anonymous source

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a character in “rivalry”, as played by faceclaim



So begins...

Finnegan Young's Story

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ImageWildfire was crowded and rowdy on any normal night, but when the Greeks threw a party, it was downright chaotic. Finn picked up a bartending job the moment he turned eighteen as an easy way to pay his bills and stay in school, and he’d formed a close enough bond with the owner that he didn’t mind if Finn snuck a few shots on his shift if he did his job right and got home safe.

The job helped him with his bills for an off-campus apartment, but after the incident with the Omega brothers, it was now the best place to gather dirt for the anonymous drama account that he made on Twitter. With that, he also had two people within Greek life that were giving him dirt from the inside: Yanni Santos and Tania Nehru. Finn wasn’t close with Tania really, but Yanni had been his roommate for a while now, and though he rarely admitted it, the two were good friends. Yanni pushed him into wilder, less careful choices, and Tania was fuel to the fire. The three of them could truly wreck the Greek life system - all for their own reasons. It didn’t matter to Finn what the others wanted, so long as he was able to expose everyone that had done him dirty.

As soon as Yanni was in sight, he made sure to make the first comment. “I’m not giving you any free drinks tonight, Yanni,” Finn shouts to the other man, working on what had to be the tenth vodka cranberry of the night.

Yanni was always told college was nothing like what was seen on television. His uncle was one of the first to tell him this. Greek life was exaggerated, he claimed. The drama seen on screen was never real. If there was one thing Yanni had learned during the short period of time he’d been associated with the Greek society, it was that his uncle couldn’t be more mistaken. The fraternities and sororities alike were stacked to the brim with snobby rich kids who fully believed they were better than everyone, homophobic assholes ready to rip you intro shreds, gold diggers pretending to like you for perks, and the works. Getting into Omega Chi had been an impulsive decision on Yanni’s part. He didn’t know how being a part of the oh so famous fraternity would benefit his plans, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt. Little did he know, it would be his most important tool.

His eyes scanned the sea of students, most of them already waisted out of their wits. Truth be told, if there wasn’t so much at stake, Yanni would probably be among them. He’d already downed a few shots beforehand in an effort to save face. Luckily, he was exceptionally skilled at holding his liquor. Which meant he could probably afford to have a couple more. His search finally came to an end when his gaze landed on the bar, and more specifically, the bartender behind it. The mischievous smirk that so often graced Yanni’s face naturally fell into place as he grew closer to Finn. His eyes did a somersault in response to Finn’s comment, elbows resting on the counter as he leaned forward. “You really think I’d ask you to do such a thing?”

He settled into a stool, eyes scanning the bottles behind Finn as he decided on what would be worth taking his last shots for. “Besides, how am I supposed to throw away my family’s money by asking for free stuff?” At this point in their friendship, Finn knew enough about Yanni to know that anything he could do to get his revenge on his family he would, that included throwing away the money they sent him as a way to keep him quiet. “I’ll take your most expensive drink”

Finn had no idea how he’d gotten so close with Yanni to the point that the other man would be seeking him out. There were plenty of things that annoyed him when it came to Yanni, but on the same note, there were plenty of reasons to be friends with him - aside from the gossip he could provide from inside of Omega Chi. And he knew him well enough to guess the dramatic response he received after accusing Yanni of trying to get a free drink. He did have a point, Yanni preferred to spend more money than less, but it wouldn’t have surprised him if he had asked just to see if Finn would do it. “I never know what you’re going to try to make me do next, mate,” Finn grunts back, but starts grabbing at some of the top shelf liquor to make Yanni’s drink.

He’d inherited a passion for bartending from his father, mixing cocktails before he was even out of high school. Making special drinks was especially fun, when he was given leeway to make whatever drink he wanted. Finn knew what Yanni liked after practicing mixology at their apartment plenty of times, and handed over the heavy drink in a few minutes flat. He was one of four bartenders manning the huge bar in Wildfire, so he had a little time to converse with Yanni. He looked Yanni over as he passed the drink, snorting at the costume. “You really decided to dress up?” Finn asked, working on other drinks while trying to make conversation. “If you get pissed tonight, I’m not taking you home,” Finn added, knowing full well that he wouldn’t leave Yanni without a ride home if he got too drunk.

The noise of the crowd behind them only grew louder by the minute and Yanni didn’t falter from keeping his eyes open for Tania, or Clara. Truth be told, Clara was more present in his mind than anything else at the moment. Not a good sign for him in the slightest, so he’d set out to focus on gathering any and all the dirt he could and a possible intimate after-party back at his and Finn’s apartment. The drink that was slipped towards him did not come without a teasing comment, one that Yanni decided to entertain. “Oh, did you conveniently forget I’m keeping appearances up for both of us?” He takes a sip of the mixture, just enough to gauge whether he liked it or not. He nods once for approval before allowing a flirtatious smile to grace his features. “Besides, this costume is way faster to take off than my usual clothes.”

His relationship with Finn was a…strange one. Considering the only reason they met was due to Yanni’s flirtatious nature leading to Finn's curiosity. They certainly hadn’t planned to fall into a roommates with benefits situation, but that’s where they were now and Yanni wasn’t about to give up one of his only distractions from whatever feelings were forming for Clara. Their arrangement was their little secret that not even Tania knew, and if Yanni could help it, it would stay that way.

It didn’t take long for Finn to be reminded of the other side of their relationship. Finn didn’t date much, aside from his long term relationship with his best friend Astraea Davis, so he’d never really thought about his sexuality until he went to college. And, having a roommate that was hot and flirty practically all the time, it didn’t take long for his curiosity to get the best of him. That one-time curiosity turned into a casual “roommates-with-benefits”, and truthfully it wasn’t a one-sided situation. Both of the boys had continued their hooking up on various occasions, but thankfully it was clear to the both of them that it wouldn’t become more. Finn hadn’t thought about anyone romantically since Star broke up with him, and Yanni was the only person he’d been with sexually.

Still, he was glad for the low lights in the bar because his face went bright red the moment Yanni mentioned that his costume would be easy to take off. From him, that was always an invitation to do just that once they were both home. “You’re insufferable, Yanni,” Finn groaned, but he did look over Yanni’s costume once again. He did look really good, he was one of those people that could make such corny costumes work.

The smirk never left Yanni’s face. The liquid poison dancing in the cup between his fingers. He didn’t need bright lights to know that Finn’s face was redder than the bottles of premium wine behind him. “But you love me” he stated, not asked. Perhaps in another life, the two boys would have evolved past secret hook ups, but both of their attention was focused elsewhere, no matter how adamantly Yanni tried to deny it.

By this point, the drink had all but vanished. Normally, he would’ve gone for a refill, but the mix of the pregame liquor with the specialty cocktail was beginning to warm his cheeks, and he didn’t miss the incoming text from Tania. He pushed the empty glass towards Finn, a flirty grin still in place. “Actually I’ll save the next drink for tonight. See you then, roomie.”