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River child

River child


Three youths travel too close to the water edge and discover that tales of something being in the water are no lie: How will they fair in the below water world with cannibals as their only guides...

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Dedicated Players required, preferably with an imagination.

Venture not so close to the river edge
It is tretcherous the elders haveth said.
Beneath the surface of silk like waters
Strange things await for sons and daughters.

Like wise is said to those below
Do not venture so close to the waters window.
Do not rise your head above
And meddle with those we should not speak of.

Now you're thinking- what the fig was that all about! Well I'll tell you ladies and gents.
For as far back as any member can remember there has been land above water...and land below it.
Those who live above and below the water do not meet, they do not see and they try their damn best not to acknowledge one another.

Things are about to change though...two youths from above...disgard the warnings of the elders and venture close to the prove that all tales are folklore and lies.

What happens when they discover that they are the wrong ones...


This is where the above people live. Their books tell of an evil presense below the water- they dont know what is it as they have never seen what has taken some of their youth over time. It is a feared presense but it stays beneath the water and so the people feel safe as long as they stay at a safe distance from the water edge. Some youths are fascinated by the elders tales of the 'myth' like beasts that could possibly reside in the waters around their home others are weary and afraid.

children of the above:
child #1 Reserved
child #2
child #3


This is where the below people live. Out of sight and known by no one they exist without hassle from the land above water. In their books those of the above are monstrous creatures who send sharp hooks and studded nets into the water in order to snag their swimming youth. They never succeed of course! As it is banned to swim in the water above the city. Sometimes members of the above find their way down into their midst which is a troublesome thing. They disguise themselves in similar skins to try and deceive the people. Most of them are excecuted and then sent back up to the top as a warning not to venture down again! (they don't eat them because they think they will be poisoness)

children of the below:
child #1
child #2
child #3 + more

-You see the thing is the above people think the below are monsters and the below people think the above people are monsters! All stirred from folklore and the elders. However that doesn't mean one or the other arent dangerous-

The above eat things like normal folk
Those below eat meat and its no joke.
Both eat meat from the waters inbetween
But below eat more than just marine.

Once again, What?!
Well what it's trying to say is that the above people each general food, vegetable, bacon, fish you know normal food.
On the other hand the below people eat MEAT! So they're all a bunch of cannibals!!!

Those below don't actually live underwater as in, ''in'' water they literally live ''below'' the water. The water exists/ hovers inbetween the two worlds.


The 3 children wonder near the water edge to prove that there is nothing in the water- at a similar time some children from below decide to swim up to the top for a dare to prove they are strong and fearless. Whilst up the top they see the above children near the edge and drag them down to their city as a survinior and to prove they actually went all the way. The below children are shocked, scared and run away on seeing the above children.
Now the above and below group of youths are stuck together in the below city.
How will things pan out?
Will they below children EAT the above children to dispprove another myth?
Will they find a strange friendship?
Will the above children be able to hide from the rest of the below society and somehow get back home or will they be trapped at the Below childrens 'pets' and eventually fall into execution!!

Toggle Rules


1) Character Skeletons, information, anything I've put here, on the Introduction or on the OOC I've put there for a reason. SO READ IT!

2) Sex isn't allowed to be described but in my Rp's you can hint at it but dont describe it.

3) Please be literate: Not five sentenses because I will literally spear you alive and wave my barbarian stick about :D
You know we need to be generous with our words and just cause I said no describing sex in great detail doesnt mean you can't describe literally everything else!!!

4) I will be posting first so if you follow my lead you'll know how much approximately to write.

5) Anything you want to know or ask or anything can go in the OOC!! Or Pm me you know whatever you prefer- We understand you may not completely get some of the ideas straight away but with some further explanation if you need it you probably will get it. Keep to the character Skeleton otherwise we can all go home now...I mean I didnt type it up for the hell of it!

6) If you have ideas you think will be good honestly just blurt them out on the OOC it'll be fine. Any questions about the ideas so far- they're brief but I can explain them more if you like- and once we're all posting it'll make a heck load more sense.

7) Dont join and then disppear off the radar I mean...really you mischeivious little gits!!

8) know fine..not alot of it..if your character stumbs his toes on the door he can scream blasphemy if he wants but not after every other word or i'll chuck something at you

Character Skeleton
Its pretty simple so write alot

Code: Select all
Image Please (not human)
Description: (anything missing from image- Below people have red eyes above people have blue)


Age: 15-18 (if you chose to be young be mature)

Sex: (female or male)


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