Riverdale Asylum

Riverdale Asylum


It's just a place for the crazies...or is it?

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Riverdale Asylum is an old mental institute that has been around since the town was founded. It has always been a cheerful and welcoming place. Atleast it was up until a few years ago. After the founder of Riverdale Asylum passed away and his son took over, the asylum became a scary place and visitors were never allowed past the main lobby. Security was tripled and any "patient" who went in never came out. Patients are no longer crazy people. The patients are normal teens and young adults who are kidnapped and put to work for the owner, Jacob Riverdale. Not obeying the rules results in extreme punishments.

Riverdale's Rules
1. What he says, goes.
2. Curfew- 9:00 PM-7:00 AM (must be in room).
3. Lying is prohibited.
4. Any romantic display is prohibited.
5. No weapons.
6. Must wear uniform from 8:00 AM-8:00 PM.

Consequences (R1=C1, R2=C2, Ect.)
1. Hour alone with him for torture.
2. 30 mins of public torture.
3. No food for 24 hours.
4. Both will be publicly whipped for an hour and no food for 24 hours.
5. weapon taken and you are put in solitary confinement for 24 hours with no food.
6. public whipping for 30 mins.


-White button up t shirt (figure fitting)
-Black mini skirt (mid thigh)

-White button up t shirt
-Black pants


Jacob Riverdale - NPC
Age: 27
FC: Michael Fassbender
A lustful man, he takes what he want when he wants it. He has no boundaries.

Girl 1 - MiraMija
Age: 16
FC: Jodelle Ferland
A new entry who is confused, scared, and untrusting.

Girl 2 - HybridGurl
Age: 17
FC: Hailee Steinfeld
A shy girl with little fight left.

Girl 3 - HeyyItsAshley
Age: 18
FC: Amber Tamblyn
A rebel who refuses to be broken.

Guy 1 - Open
Age: 14-16
FC: Asa Butterfield
A geek who plans an escape and often stays in trouble.

Guy 2 - Open
Age: 16-18
FC: Steven McQueen
A protective guy who takes the blame for the girls.

Guy 3 - Open
Age: 18-20
FC: Austin Butler
A tough guy who follows Jacob like a puppy and joins in the "fun".

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Character Portrait: Becca Dawn
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"Please...Just finish me off quickly. I don't wanna hurt anymore."
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"I guess you'll have to kill me before I give in."


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Alright, awesome! Thank you so much! :)

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I'd like to reserve Female 3 if possible!

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