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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Mitsu Sazaki

"I-I'm so sorry! I'll pay for it! I promise!"

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a character in “Riverdell High School Host Club”, as played by Kaire23


Name: Mitsu Sazaki

Gender: Female

Year: Sophomore

Age: 15

Sexual Orientation: Unknown

Likes: Sweets, Music, Studying, Swimming.

Dislikes: Fire, Being picked on, Spicy foods.

What she looks like when her hair is long.

Personal Description: She has long black hair and big blue eyes but right before school, she cut her hair short and now can be mistaken for a boy. She is relatively thin and weighs 105 lbs and is 5'3" and has a fair complexion.

Personality: Mitsu is a sweet girl who can be a bit clumsy. She will always care about others before herself and tries to make everyone happy except herself.

History: Mitsu was always a smart kid but as soon as a fire destroyed her house and took her mom along with it, she's studied extra hard to make her proud. She's always been scared of fires after that incident.

Extra: She absolutely loves sweets but usually can't afford them. She's also deathly afraid of fire.

So begins...

Mitsu Sazaki's Story


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Koga seen Syaoran blush once in a while, but Koga didn't mind. He was timid and he was also homosexual, so Koga wouldn't let it get to him, because he knew that Syaoran would respect Koga's choices. But when he started getting nervous and sketchy around Koga, he sighed. When Syaoran scrambled to get his notebook, Koga waited for him to write was he was going to write.

Koga read the page and sighed in disappointment. He shot Syaoran a quick and simple, icy glare. "Whatever." Koga slid his hands into his pockets before storming off. Koga heard some commotion in the hallway, and knew that it was almost time to start, even considering the crappy mood he has just been put it. He walked over the a table and sat down. Koga pulled out his mini journal and a pen. He clicked to pen, and restarted.

Today is just as boring as all the other days. Everyone else may be getting ready for the girls to arrive, but I am already ready prepared.

Today was different.

He then thought about Mitsu, and how different she looked up close. He tapped his pen on the table, and continued thinking about her for a bit longer. He looked over at her, and he even noticed her beauty from afar, now that he knows she's a woman. Woman? More like... Little girl. Koga exhaled and rolled his eyes at himself. Just, shut up, Koga.


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Walker clapped his hands and stood up, looking at his watch.
"Well, I'd love for this heartwarming moment to continue, and yes, Rannie, adding the pieces to the chandelier could make for an inspiring piece, but the women outside might riot if we keep the doors closed for any longer, and that would reflect quite badly on all of us for driving the ladies to such a point. So without further ado-" he said, walking over to the door, "can someone sweep up the shards before one of the girls steps on something sharp and injures herself?"


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#, as written by Kaire23
"I- I will!" Mitsu said quickly as she quickly located the broom and dust pan. She felt really bad about breaking it so she felt it was her responsibility to clean it up.

Once positive all the shards of glass were gone, she dumped the pieces of glass into the bin and put them away. Mitsu smiled slightly as she finished the job. She still felt guilty but at least no one else would get hurt because of her.

((OOC: I'm so sorry guys! I had quarters and semesters at school. I should be able to post now if everyone is still here.))


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((OOC: I'm still here!))

Syaoran felt back for making Koga mad, but he didn't have time to worry about that right now. Walker asked someone to clean up the remaining shards of glass, the ones Syaoran didn't already pick up. The nickname Walker used made Syaoran's eye twitch though. He knew he was feminine looking, but that was taking it a tad too far. Mitsu beat Syaoran to doing the cleaning, mainly because she voiced she would do it. So with nothing else to do Syaoran moved over to his table and sat down. He turned to a clean page in the notebook and set it in front of himself. He watched Mitsu as she cleaned up the glass, realizing that he had been silly to think that she had been a he. He mentally scolded himself for not paying more attention.