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Vampire violence

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::Kureha Kito is the princess, and soon to be queen of the Chi-Shi (Blood Death) clan of vampires. Kureha is soon going to be the queen, but before that can happen she has to complete her vamp training, and have killed 100 werewolves and 50 humans. She has killed 50 humans already, but has only killed 80 werewolves .Kureha was born an only child in the 1800s, however she looks as if she is only 17. Her appearance is eye catching with her multi colored hair and, having half her body colored gray down the middle, and the other side a cream peach color. Her eyes were no different, one eyes was pink and the other, yellow. She has a soft personality at times, caring for those she cares for, but she has a low tolerance for idiotic people, and will not hesitate to kill them.


An uncomfortable icy wind blew through the trees under the full moon and bright stars. The beam from the moon light would not be enough for human eyes, but for creatures of the night, such as vampires, and werewolves the glow was not a necessity. Beneath the shrubbery and oaks a vampire woman named Kureha was running at an unimaginably speed that made her body look like a colorful blur. In the direction the female was heading was a werewolf, who was also running at an incredible speed. Soon the chase reached a clearing surrounded by trees, and a cave. The female vamp closed in on the snarling dog between some boulders that were off to the side of the caves opening. A devious smirk widened across the vampires facade as she leaped toward the wolf and ripped out its throat with her fangs killing it. After killing the wolf she stood up straight and wiped he blood from her mouth with the back of her hand, while staring up at the moon and heading back into civilization which was only a few miles away. Kureha had been living in a hotel in a human populated town, which was not much of a problem since she had already killed enough humans to become queen of her clan. A deep breath filled her chest while she walked through the forest, hoping nothing else was going to keep her up much longer. However off in the distance hidden in the trees there was a pack of werewolves watching her every move::

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Character Portrait: Kureha Kito


Character Portrait: Kureha Kito
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